not snow? - fox probably
What imgur looks like with SkullPoopL only a week away
Ghost riding the whip
This is the best one yet
MRW I Leave The Club With A Hottie’s Number
It’s just another clue
MRW I have really good memory and I can make really cool handshakes with my teammates.
Boop the snoot
Steve messes with the wrong panda. (long gif)
It’s not that simple as you think
a star wars animation
When I have to go to a supermark after leaving the pub
MRW my vegan boyfriend forces me to adopt his diet
Oh No What Have I Done
Steve Irwin was the realest motherfucker in the game.
A cocktail INSIDE of an ice ball
When theres no substitute for a nice sharp knife
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
Chair Lifts Assist The Elderly’s Descent
V For Vendetta Face
City life
The neighbours puppy makes old fella act like a kid again, adorable.
Slomo Dogo Sneeze
Before computers and smartphones, we spent considerably less time on the toilet....
Australian Magpie
Artificial Skin, Integra
So cute it hurts
When the drugs kick in.
When you get challenged to a Super Smash Tournament during LNI.
Chocolate dessert using only four ingredients
A Deer Wrecked This Empty House and Left It Like a Murder Scene
Archer / Magnum P.I. Side by Side GIF
Look i’m a tiger shark
3...2...1.... WOOOOO oh crap oh crap oh crap
A Force Awakens speedrun
Believe it or not, I’m walking on air...
To the asshole who made fun of me yesterday evening while I was running
You May Not Know - How They Made A Great Pics
Toucan: A long-beaked cat
As a philosophy professor working on my doctorate: he’s not wrong.
The Trouble With Paper
Grandpa’s Breakdance Battle
US economy in a nutshell?
Just gonna leave this right here...
This looked so much better in my imagination
Hey guys, does this water effect look okay?
Sneaking a friend into a movie theater while dressed as one person
Puppy leap
When she touches me in the No-No zone
Lexi is such a gentle waker-upper.
As requested by @halfcubanemancipator
How I’ve been spending my Sunday
Go On Crab, You Can Do It!
Stunning see-through ice found in Slovakian mountains
Shh, no pain, only dreams now
Мальчик с клюшкой
My lawyer just called to tell me I’m bankrupt, there’s only one right thing to do.
U having a giggle ther m8?
"no no no ... yeeeeeeeah!!!!!"
Wow That’s unbelievably deep
when mom says dinner is ready
MRW I look down and see that a comnemt got more points than my actual post.
Camera inside a water bottle
I’M DROWNING, I’M DROWNI... oh, my feet can touch the bottom
Finding inspiration for my duties when sick with flu is a difficult job to do.....
Dog drive a car
Wild deer copies woman
Wakey, wakey, baby bakey.
Shooting Titanic must have been terrifying
When I tell my IT supervisor that I can’t turn on a computer and he says "Have you tried talking dirty to it?"
MRW I am at work doing man-stuff and I remember that my toenails are all blue and sparkly because my GF painted them last night.
Who came first the girl or the skyline?
Wait....where am I going ??
Party without uninvited guests.
Cats taking down small children.
Building swoop!
All the single ladies (All the single ladies) All the single ladies (All the single ladies) All the single ladies (All the single ladies)
So you think that you have a sharp knife?
Crowd control at comicbook convention in Japan.
Morning after a one-night stand
Bet you cant...
MRW I got to the front page 5 times in less than a week with mostly Nick Frost "Shame" gifs.
High Ho Silver, AWAY!!!!!
Gymnast Gets Some Help From The Dark Side Of The Force
Dad instincts in 3... 2.. 1...
Woman Rescues Kitten in Storm Drain
Austin, TX Lightsaber Duel
My best friend sent me this video of her dog’s reaction to her new hairspray.
I heard Imgur likes games
Tian Tian the Panda at the National Zoo in DC during the blizzard
You can always count on dad
This Simulates A Thunderstorm Both In Light And Sound
Based on Her Report Card Remarks, This Girl Might Be The Heir to Slytherin
Rubber ducky you’re the one
Wife catches hubby in bed with another blonde.
A Patch of happiness.
Happy little loaf
MRW my friend is doing a crossword puzzle, and asks for five letters across "synonym for humiliation" while I’m trying to clean my gun up
How to wrap up your hands
Never too old to be a brat.
When your SO says she’s not hungry but then asks for a bite of your food.
Blink quickly
When my little brother tries to take the Player 1 controller.
Some Say She’s Still Holding Onto That Tub Of Paint Even Today
I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky!
"This is mine now peasant"
As someone who has never played DnD...
Whenever you get caught doing something bad
Sooo yeah, you’re my girlfriend now .
Havent Seen This Recently
He Hates People Sometimes...
You’re too old for this shit...
Can i join you ?
The future has arrived
Waddle, Waddle, Quack, Quack, Quack!!
Have you ever been that drunk?
ABS failure
Taking an animation class an elective. Pretty proud of my first assignment considering I’m a Finance major.
At first I was afraid...
I Hope You’re As Uncomfortable As I Am.
Jimmy Hoffa died for your sins
MRW Nobody makes a SFM gif of Hot Fuzz
Dad, here... Its Mom!
MRW I’m passed out on the couch and my brother says he is the best at Smash Bros
dem eyes
MRW My girlfriend says I’m better than her ex in bed, because his "D" was too big.
Bernie Sanders and his new scare tactics
MRW my boyfriend asks if we can do it outdoors
MRW I ask someone to repeat what they said a second time and I still have no idea what in the holy hell they said
When I try introduce my real life friends to Imgur.
Pup comes running to see his owner.
Cosplay done well
MRW My Gf Tries To Hide From A Butt Slap.
Dath Right Mothafucka
Quadcopter obstacle course
My wife handed my 2-year-old a cup of juice. He chugged it, slammed the cup upside down on the table, and said, "Like Daddy."
Children are imbeciles
The white kid’s reaction after getting roasted in class
A No-bullshit Type Of Guy
What are you lookin’ at? Back off!
"I’m ok, yea, I’m good, I’ll just walk it off... fuck"
Here we have the majestic Basset Hound; note how agile and full of grace this magnificent beast is!
(OC) My cousin trusts me more than I trust me.
MRW people ask why I like Bernie Sanders
Imperfect loop.
Long live the king.
"come with me " he said, "i know a shortcut" he said
even the color of the wall matches
When you wake up with a wiener on your face
11 weeks Left until the next Game of Thrones Season
My friend just used this gif to insult my height
When your father wants you to become a referee but you can’t forget your real passion.
Kylo Ren’s present to Darth Vader
This box?
I was raised to do one thing. But I’ve got nothing to fight for.
Water makes him catatonic.
Richmond Thrash Metal Icons Municipal Waste Took the Trump Hatred Next Level
You’ve came to the wrong neighborhood
Thanks Obama!
Monkey in a snowsuit eating snow
How to pass a breathalyzer test
No no nooo NOOOOOooooo!
Help kid take off boots
Aboard the Falcon
Yesterday my buddy got neutered, should i fear this?
eat eat eat BREATHE eat eat eat BREATHE
I could watch this for hours.
Just making a delivery to usersub...
Do me a favor and buzz off.
Elegant Lasagna Cups
Breaking Bad is pure genius
It’s magic
Chicken Teriyaki Tacos
MRW I’m Donald Trump and my LSD trip goes bad, making me believe that the Y2K bug transformed me into an infant/primate hybrid trapped in a Mexican daycare center
MRW I bought $10 in lottery tickets and won $4 and $7
But What Happened To The 8th Slice Of Cake
Happens In Every Class
5 Creative Lamps Which Can Light Your Inspirations Right Away.
MRW she says her parents aren’t home
Actual footage of trump’s hair running away from his bullshit
Korean women try American BBQ
The fuck just breezed my tail?
Little girl wasn’t about to wait one minute longer
When I want to finish my TV show and she wants to have that talk.
A 4-cyl pickup truck floors it up to climb a giant sand dune
MRW I first got glasses
Reignition By Smoke
Where Do I Invest
I’m Too Busy To Notice
Guy catches squirrel in the house and attempts to release it outside
I heard you guys like this stuff.
When i check my text messages in the middle of the night.
This is a GOOD prank
bringing this back
Level 20 Sneak Attack
hey, hey, hey, hey, wake up, hey. Oh good your awake, lets play!
That Moment When Your Family Vacation is Going to Include a Talk About the Birds & the Bees
This Brilliant Aussie is Finally Putting Hoverboards to Good Use
13 inches of snow vs. 12 inches of corgi
300 fps bowser in a cat suit
New Civil War trailer shows epic fight between Spider-man and Ant-man
First thing I favorited, it’s epic!
When I think I’ve gotten my shit together in life
Student makes a User Interface on par with Sword Art Online
MRW didn’t want to go to the club but my jam comes on
Kids these days and their technology
The Commonwealth Grand Slam
The cutest of thieves.
When I tell my co-worker to shake it like a Polaroid picture and her response is "whats that?"
When you’re in a good mood and nothing gets you down!
This has to be worth at least 10 points
Puppy tickles!
How I envision my upstairs neighbors
As A White Guy... The Struggle Is Real
Engage Thrusters
Everytime My Girlfriend Sits Down To Relax
How To Win Blackjack Using Mathematics!
Get ready kids It’s time for...
imgur wanted some gif combination
MRW a really fat guy at the gym today asked me if he could train with me as he is new
You all like cats right?
I love usersub
We need to talk about Kylo Ren’s wound.
Balley Ball?
Running over a lit cigarette butt with a vacuum cleaner full of gunpowder
Life is an Everyday Struggle
Appropriate reaction
Seeing a group of teenagers at the mall wearing my little pony shirts and tails hanging from their pants
When I forget I’m browsing random and make a funny comment on a post that’s 2yrs old.
From the credits in Brother Bear (One of the most underrated Disney movies ever)
Kid’s got serious game.
Give Me A Kiss
Hillary Clinton Says Aliens Might’ve Already Visited Us
Poor Raccoons Just Can’t Get a Handle on Cotton Candy
I’m gonna get up and do something productive today.
Kill those Nasty Resolutions with one meal!!
MFW my gf suggests we go on a diet and i’m looking at the salad bar like "what the fuck is kale?"
everyone needs a puppy break
When you’re done, but she isn’t
Confidence is key
I hear you like the Republic
Breaking up fights
MRW I’m watching lesbian porn & the cameraman starts talking
Red Solo cupped.
Texting and walking is dangerous too
A clear sign you are losing badly.
happy paws
The one can find you
I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance
This corgi has mastered the subtle art of not giving a fuck.
I hear crows are among the smartest of birds
Just Need A Little Nudge To Get Started...
Bearly Escaped!
His Balls Though
So That’s Where I Left It
Deaf Husband Finds Out Wife is Pregnant
I Feel You Izzy
old white man, young black girl, dancing like no one is watching, we need more of this
This is MRW I find a $500 book I need for college in PDF form online
"I need to poo" is probably not what you wanna hear during your vows
Man and bear startle each other
Even TR-8R wore his costume to practise, that’s LOYALTY
Swedish Police doing parkour to keep warm
When I make a wrong turn at Albuquerque and accidentally drive through hell on Earth.
MRW My Professor asks how I got my code to run
When 9 puppies are let out of their box
"Hey, I love you."
Posing for pictures
Good guy biker spreads Christmas cheer.
"Allow me to demonstrate, Tiny human!"
MRW I realized imgur is back to being funny again
I give you concrete 3D printer
Your best friend will always help you
Working hard in the laboratory like...
Christmas Selfies
MRW the selfies won’t stop and I just want the lols
Scrolling through Imgur selfies today be like
All the guys on Imgur today
Don’t Do Stupid Pranks
Diamonds Are A Girls Bestfriend!
What 2015 Is Evolving!
U wot m8 I otta mess you up!
Dog is happy to be rescued
OC my nephew chasing my dog
John Cena is just a big kid in cargo shorts
(° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °)
The Star Wars you haven’t seen
I don’t like your kiss
Using mamma’s ear as a blanket
I don’t understand. When I put them in the pot they were straight

Mosesing along
Just Wave The Sticks Around, We’ll Try To Fix It
Mmm like a glove - OC
Time-lapse footage of the earth as seen from the International Space Station
Never turn your back on big cats
Disney’s Accounting department walking in Monday Morning
Sorry ’bout that...
Christmas Penguins
Perfect action
When you’re high in public trying to act normal
Earthquake Bed!
A Posh-Sounding British-Accented Donald Trump is Honestly the Most Confusing Sounding Thing You’ll Hear Today
Harrison Ford signs a fan’s Lego Millennium Falcon...
How I Picture Imgur Whores
Admire the jumphorse!
My son’s RW I wake him up at 11:30 pm to take him to the midnight showing of The Force Awakens(he had no idea we were going)
How It Feels When Your Leg Falls Alseep...
Mom shoots half court shot to win daughter half-priced tuition
Terminator Dog
Probably the saddest advertisement I’ve seen...
Browsing imgur and then stumbling onto a sob story
MRW I realize all the Travolta posts have been replaced with Star Wars
This was a very proud / satisfying moment in my life
That Bastard...
The new T-1000 model isn’t what anybody could have imagined
My puppys reaction when I’m going down the stairs
200-year old giant salamander discovered outside a cave in China
No mercy.
MRW A girl throws me on the bed and says she wants to sit on my face
MRW a girl who is way out of my league keeps responding to texts and says yes to a second date
MRW I get on this website for the first time.
President Obama presents his ID before voting in 2012.
Right Way To Cure A Hangover
What Adulthood Is Really All About
Women...Am I right guys
Oreo Rice Pudding
awesome cookie art
Benny the Bull loves his job
Awesome Lock
Go waste your time!
Parent of the year award
Big Floof Being Smothered By Alot Of Tiny Floofs
When You Pool Fightin’ Bae For Fun But She Been Reading Your Texts
So Many Regrets
The great tumbleweed migration of 2015
MRW my GF comes out of the bedroom wearing new lingerie and asks if I’m a good boy
Good guy cop returns shopping cart
Middle Eastern rape victim gets revenge in broad daylight.
My favorite soccer celebration
Anyone else’s GF do this?
"I’ll just squeeze right through here..."
Possibly useful gif
Try to refrain from Drooling on your screen or keyboard
recently happened to me
Entertaining An Orangutan
Incredibly well trained dog
Oh that was close
Entering the next dimension
Ever wonder how oranges get their skin?
There is no such thing as too much sugar !
Trolling a teacher
Oh, That’s Terrifying
The fox walked right up to them for help
When you serving the country, but still gotta be fresh AF
Mother snow leopard also wants to play with the ball.
Mama cat brings her kittens to meet her best friend.
When the cat is better than me..
Ladies and Mentlegent, i present to you. "One of Us"
Girl that used to play rugby thinks she can take down college linebacker
Adorably Derpy Golden Retriever
MRW I am confronted by responsibility
Most peoples reaction when them stumble into usersub, newest first.
Mirror maze
Gravity is nothing to this man
Toss me a cold one
So uh...who’s gonna cook this for everyone?
Gandeezy... I told you I don’t want to get krunk
Dis is my spot now.
I have no idea how to get to the FP. Here’s a farting iguana.
The Truth About Why The War On Drugs Will Never Be Won
Masterful lettering
The only use for a portal gun.
Honestly, she fucking gift wrapped that for him.
You missed a spot.
I am......THE NIGHT!
*’rawr’ in tiny letters*
My keyboard is not pretty, but it is to me.
"Oh, are you having trouble in that suit ...let me help you out"
Simplified tax system in the U.S.
Don’t break the chain
I’m just gonna leave this here
This Powerful Display of Masculinity Will Have You Asking Yourself, "What Did I Just Watch?"
How To Make A Mii
How to correctly place bottles in Fallout 4
Remember, God is listening
Do you ever look at someone and wonder what’s going in their head?
The Cure For ADHD
I get by with a little help from my friends
jumpy hugs?
I’m so happy now!
Who Put A Buffalo Dicken Finger on the Menu?
When you see a dumb-ass comment and want to respond tactfully.
"Many of the local strays have learned to use the pedestrian crossing areas. Drivers always respect them."
I’m 29 years old, and this is still an accurate representation of what happens
Dog reunited with her owner who just came home from her tour of duty.
Americans... Amirite!?
Two Guys went Skiing in the Pitch Dark Wearing LED Suits.
Meanwhile on the subway...
A pediatrician shows how to calm a crying baby
Goofy Animated ’The Force Awakens’ Poster
MRW my friends are really good at hide and seek
He may need new pants.
MRW my SO thoughtfully cooked me an entire pack of bacon and placed it in front of me this morning.
How to conceal the perfect gift
I never would have guessed they were actually friends!
Time for a baby hippo
This is too cute. I can’t handle it.
Censorship of the Day: This Terrifying Clown Poster Was Banned for Being Too Spooky for the Children
Benedict Cumberbatch attacking a bear
When someone tells you you’re too old for something..."No I ain’t, watch me!"
Thanksgiving News of The Day: Twitter Has All The "Clapbacks" You’ll Need For Turkey Dinner
Being Constipated Like
This Bread Will Be Mine
That Is So Mean, I Love It...
Best Backflip Attempt I’ve Seen
The Look Of Pure Satisfaction.
Good morning stranger
It’s some paranormal black-tivity
Never Thought Child Abuse Would Be Funny. I’m Going To Hell.
Prepare Your Anus!
Do you have the heart?
This kitty loves to snuggle...
Hassleback Apples (Trust me! Make Twice As Many So You Can Have It In The Morning!)
Damn, That Was Close!
Kids, remember to use condoms.
Eggs In The Clouds
When I get invited to dinner but they don’t recognize me
Trunk Feels
Dr. Hammond spared no expense on his comedy lessons (OC)
Constantly vigilant
Recipes of The Day: Here’s How You Can Make an Entire Cannabis Thanksgiving Meal
Epic High School Fight *(Very Graphic)*
Where’d you go?
Black Ice Matters
Harrison Ford surprises Star Wars fans
Add lightsabers to ALL your memories
Slow motion heavy weapons
Nicely done !
Morgan Freeman doesn’t need a stunt double
This.....this made my MANmry glands explode.
New 3x3 Rubik’s Cube World Record - 4.90 seconds
The Front Page
Aww yisss, Brushie Brushie.
MRW I go to the future to save myself but I’m too late
MRW I get pushed over the edge on this site
MRW I click on a link at work and Internet Explorer starts booting up
Kelly Bundy
Looks way to real
I’m sorry, I need affirmative consent.
"men have emptied entire clips at them and hit nothing but air"
MRW I’m in Excel
Tony Hawk is 47 years old
How to park someone else’s car
There’s a fox in the hen house
Science of The Day: Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains How to Have Sex in Space
Lone Hero of The Day: Woman Arrested After Throwing Eggs at Kylie and Kendall Jenner
Khloé Kardashian’s Patience Snaps After Tweeting a Supportive Message About Boyfriend James Harden’s Basketball Game
MRW I Find Out What My Gf REALLY Meant By Let’s Try Anal
All Employees Must Wash Hands
White trash name
Golden Love.
How I feel browsing Imgur lately
MRW my enemy leaves before I can confront him
Good Girl recognizing the neighbors dog while on a walk, Buddies.
Everything is about tactics ;)
Just some work of a 19-Year-Old Kid
Good Boy is trying so hard to get kitty to play with him without scaring her.
Cat Snake Mom doesn’t know the difference between a hand and one of her kits!
Friendship Goals.
Talk shit...
Tired of your crap Chuck
Snow Fortress
Awkard moment at work today
Catching a wild shit
When you can’t find your seat
MRW I come out of the shower and guests have arrived
Fighting off sleep
Puppy Doge Gives a High Five
Cucumber Ross
Smile :)
When you’re sick and tired of the latest Imgur bandwagon
I lost a best friend.
MRW every other post on Imgur is Travolta
Liquid Dissolution
Paris is strong
How it feels to study Computer Science
Awww, who’s the cutest little future killing machine?
When imgurians use reddit
MRW Someone asks if I would take part in an over used gif trend
"The cop in Paris who immediately ran back towards the gunfire, all alone, has not gotten enough credit." by mkarolian in gifs
Got Ya Bitch
Cook your girl a grilled pizza sandwich
This right here is why I’m OK with her getting her ass kicked
Sneaky Paws.
MRW my GF said she was cleaning earlier and threw out some old dusty binder full of weird animal cards.
Ronda Rousey 10 years after getting knocked out by Holly Holm
Like a ton of bricks!
Puppycat is convinced she is just a small Husky.
I moved to China four months ago. I finally got IMGUR to work on the bullshit internet here. I have missed you people.
Oh no you didn’t!!
Whole Chicken Slow Cooked With Veggies
Russia? Russia...
"A glowing orb of electricity"
Scritchy Scritchy
Where’s your France-filter?
When everyone changes their FB picture to include a flag
Two in a hole
Kitties vs Cucumbers!
Girl using bionic arm for the first time. The dad’s reaction, no words...
Really guys? (oc)
MRW I change my Facebook picture in order to stop terrorism in Paris
Little Boy Has the Best Day Ever at Hockey Game
Am I not Turtlely enough for the Turtle Club?
First time seeing 20/20
When you ask your parents if your friend can sleep over
She goes nowhere without her new best friend, adorable.
The patience of a dog.
We get it vape
Fuck the terrorism. Enjoy swimming puppies.
Harvey the Boxer puppy gets confused by hearing his owner on the phone
Take On Me
Survivor says he was saved by his phone
Ultimate Car Theft Protection
Just while we wait...
Yes, good feels for everyone.
Conan nailed it!
You familiar with that face.
Hands Down, my favourite episode of Pingu
Fishing level: 1000
I’m not that hungry, I’ll just have a sliver
We all have that one classmate
Too much fun.
Start your day off right ...
Return of the Jedi
Perfect magnets
awww yes, motherfucking papertowel
Beautiful dress
Evolution of the Human Face
While everyone is busy playing Fallout 4, I have a chance to sneak to the front page.
Austrian ski resort has live webcams..
Big Lebowski Door Scene
Someone had to do it so I gave it a try
Shocking footage of the UFO over L.A.
Straus - yes-no
Hi Mickey!
Into the Stargate
The wind is a dick
Science of The Day: Coyotes and Wolves Are Mating to Create The ’Coywolf’
Someone’s passionate about her music.
Dance off bro!
Is that even allowed?
Hey! that’s my little brother...
Next day delivery
You Know What You Are?
When It’s not fire.
Favorite & forget until you get the munchies.
Dr Phil with the dialogue removed
Chaplin’s movie Shoulder Arms
Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos
Astronaut explains docking procedure before he’s gotten used to gravity
Homemade Jet Ski.
I’m 37 weeks pregnant and caught my husband cheating yesterday
MRW it now gets dark by 5PM because of daylight savings time
Well shit. Now I have to move to the coast.
MRW I ask my daughter what she wants for Christmas and she says, "A doll.".
i’ll take an order of savage with a side of no chill
Bear playing tetherball
Puppy and kitten in epic tug-of-war match.
Don’t taunt Ronda Rousey. (OC)
Bluescreen Is The Worst Thing Ever
Fawn reunited with the man that saved its life
Starbucks Drive-Thru accepts orders with American Sign Language
Can you watch my child for two seconds?
MRW the senate wants to cut my budget
MRW a college classmate starts texting me about things not class-related
Sit n spin
You always have that one weird friend
Hug me Elmo vs. Jet Engine
When My Friend Is Backing Up His Car, But He’s Still Got Plenty Of Room
Weeellll Two Can Play This Game!!!!
Silly Nelly
Driver was color blind and didn’t see the light
Remember to teabag away from the enemy
my friend calls this "BARKOUR"
This Bob Ross painting has a satisfying twist.
The most protected little girl on the planet.
Strange new underground creature found in rural New Zealand
It’s sleepy time!
This Clown is the Only Thing to Give Florida Man Nightmares
Growing Up With A Younger Brother...
Too Proud For Words
That’s why you shouldn’t wear GREEN to Work
You guys wanted it. Here it is.
I VIOLENTLY Lick You Because I Love You
Seriously Adorable!
Doesn’t Work, Trust Me
Showing how Ice crystals form on a soap bubble When its below -30c
Bubble freezing instantly in the Calgary winter
Wait for it...Gotcha!
Eject, eject!
Gym Class Without A Teacher
Still the best Halloween costume
I needed a Halloween costume... So I made an Arc Reactor!
Get your free brolly!
MRW: I walk in and see my drunk friends making out...with each others wives
To all of the other fellow Imgurian losers who are staying in tonight because they weren’t invited to any parties or just don’t feel like going out
I actually like watching him do this.
This is a break from all the Halloween posts
When The Whole Squads Outfits Are On Point...but you didn’t get the message
Snow Day!
Who would watch the complete googly eyed remaster of StarWars?
Guy dresses up as Alladin and ’flies’ around on his magic carpet!
"This was mine, but you need it more than me "
*singing* Felines... got a boxsled team!
Just another day at the office.
My little brothers ask me for help beating a game they’re stuck on
"What did you just say?...That’s what I thought..."
Bigger human, I request your assistance.
Do you want to count shoulders ?
The daily grind...
I want to do this one year on halloween
Am I too late for cat day? Here’s my kitty
Dog arrives at his new home and notices the swimming pool
Baby Rhino can’t find mom
My contribution to cat day.
When I walked in on my parents having sex
Gondor Calls For Aid!
Flavor Town of The Day: Supermodel Chrissy Tiegen Dressed as Guy Fieri for Halloween
He’s The One.
Rwanda Rousey
Husky attempts to bridge body-language barrier by mimicking cat’s behavior
"No no no, I fits here so I sits here!"
Caught between a floof and a hard place.
Trying To Defeat The Final Boss
Pumpkins make him smile.
"daddy.. I can do it"
This Is Perfect
This Post Is A Beauty
MRW The Uber Driver Is Making Small Talk And I’m About To Poop Myself
The Discovery Of Cow’s Milk
MRW I call a repairman to fix my sewing machine.
Leave mew alone
MRW my friend tells me I am so addicted to cigarettes I will light up another one in next 15 seconds
A monkey jumping around in snow
Getting My Wisdom Teeth Removed-This Is My Main Concern
Fail of The Day: Dynamic Duo Steals Jewelry From Art Gallery, Leaves Name And Number in Guest Book
When 5000 duckings go for a swim
Raw footage of someone getting hit by a bazooka
Trolling a kitty. Part 2
Get well soon.
Removing the dried paint from a bucket. Peels good, man.
Fallout 4 - Deathclaw dodging gunfire
Oh shi he’s g... wait wha...? Oh... DAYUM!
The Dark Humor Rises
I Dont Need To Say Anything
Hide And Seek With The Dog
You Can Change The Direction Of The Train If You Really Concentrate
The satisfying feeling of finally finding a comfy position in bed
Favorite and move on
M(friends)RW I’m introducing him to metal
How to protect your self when someone attaks you with a knife
Dog’s mind versus cat’s mind
You’ll wan to favorite this for later
Grabby flappy jumpy floofs
This is oddly satisfying...
MFW my boyfriend say’s he wouldn’t need me for blowjob’s if he had a portal gun.
Good morning! I love you!
Whenever you scratch our cat’s butt, she uncontrollably licks whatever is in front of her. The other day she discovered she can scratch her butt for herself. Here is the result.
What Really Happened.
10 Outta 10 Would Cry Every Tim
A Canadian guy has invented a hoverboard that actually flies
Foam plane roulette
Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that this was done by Jeff Bridges and not by a double
A cheap cure for ADHD.
Star Wars x Portal
The next box-office hit
Nah Brah, I Got This
Look at it. LOOK AT IT!!
I give you...MEOW
Dachshund Special Olympics.
High School kid kicks 51 yard Field Goal with nobody holding the ball
Next time on "Dragon Brawl Z"
GF called me from the kitchen to come cut some beef
MRW My Roommate Catches Me Playing With Myself
How To Easily Peel Potatoes
Cold Blooded
This is the cutest thing ever !
When Your Ex Is Choking...
The Fear !
Wipe That Stupid Grin Off Your Face
Oh Florida...
MRW My Friend Starts Talking About Illegal Shit We Did Around My Parents
Sup Brah
Cat Fetch Malfunction
Water balloon drop
the first thing I ever favorited on this site.
Hero shark tows stranded boater to shore.
Messing about with a few effects for my game, how do they look?
Removing moles from the golf course
Some day Leo, some day..
By request... Probably my longest GIF yet
I dont know when to use this, but I want to
Study Buddy
Sciency Gif
Every Time My Sister Is Driving
Screw It, I Guess This Is My Life Now
Hey Look, Daddy’s Home!
A Royals Grounds Crew Member Was Eaten Alive by a Tarp Today
Watch Until the End To See Why These Girls Were in Such a Rush
Am I still in the water? Swimming or running?...Swimming?...Running?...
this is the gif that made me laugh like a lunatic infront of my boss
Happy end
MRW I’m holding a lightly fried fish filet cooking contest with my wife at 1:15 am and hers is obviously better
Dad is given tickets to his first ever Mexico soccer game
Maintain eye contact
If life had lag like a video game
Tortoise Brotherhood
When my comment is -7 and another person is brave enough to comment that they agree with me.
When I hear a girl say, "Steve Buscemi is such an underrated actor"
Tea Making Skills!
And The James Bond Theme Music Starts To Play
So a friend of mine got bored and programmed Snake into his bookshelf LEDs
Everybody down!!!
Completely speechless
Go hard or go extinct
Surprise! I Was Here The Whole Time! - Golden Deceiver
When i am showing to my GF, how to unlock my phone.
The True Army Experience
I Just Want To Watch The World Burn.
20 minutes into Updoot and Chill, and he does this...
Best. Day. EVER.
Does going through backwards make stuff bigger?
My manager and I when the new intern showed up for work and she wasn’t wearing a bra
Effective and quick way to put out a grease fire.
When your basement girlfriend has gotten out of her cage, and all you want to do is cuddle.
Original Cut of Gravity
DIY fog machine for Halloween.
Flying dog
Calculating Clearances...
A Genius Way To Deal With Slow Walkers
The Funniest Response I’ve Ever Heard
Baby Girl Hilariously Scares Her Dad By Pretending To Scream In Pain When He Tries To Trim Her Nails
Makeup Business Is Really Cut-throat These Days
Where body builders go to make themselves look bigger
When your friend is having fun but you aren’t
Ever Been So Scared You Create A New Dance
How to set your house on fire in five easy steps
Waking up a sleeping otter
The Iranian sports channel ladies and gentlemen
Just accept it.
Tired of your shit, Venus
Pencil tip carving
MRW receiving a trophy/achievement in-game
When your balls are too big for a motorcycle.
The day I discovered Imgur
Justin Bieber Chugs Hennessy On Stage And Immediately Regrets It
This Cockatoo Happily Destroyed a Cup Tower, And He’d Do It Again Too
This Adorable Two-Legged Kitten Beat the Odds and Survived
Two guys try to rob an elderly man
when you hear your teammates are russian
MRW I try to have sex with my pregnant wife.
Brazilian Party
Some hero strapped a GoPro to an eagle in the French Alps
Bill Murray falling off a chair is still cooler than anything I’ve done all month
When the going gets tough...
Neat Little Animation Of Our Solar System In Action
So I Watched Men In Black Again. Thought I Would Try This.
No Matter Your Taste, This Was Made For You
Katy Perry Gets More Than She Bargained For With This Neck-Kissing Fan
Pedestrian street crossing lights
Shitty Move Man..
I Was Groot
MRW I’m driving with the wife and kids and I accidentally run over an animal.
"The cheese of truth... immigrants cause cancer"
I have no words for how happy this makes me
Randy Orton Strikes Back.
DIY books
Just Tasting You For Later
What an incerable disguise!
Haven’t seen this on here before.
The blood moon eclipse for any of you who have missed it
Best Exit Ever
Bored schoolboy
Never Be The Cellist In A Marching Band
Chair Vs Cable
How To Terrify Your Child With Snapchat
The Shotgun Bayonet When A Shotgun Just Isn’t Enough
The way this honey coils
This is how long it’s been since I’ve posted this Gif.
Some holes are just not big enough
Two kinds of dog
Just a happy day at the beach when suddenly....
when you’re just trying to help film a rap music video
Now that I am Global, I can reveal my top secret Dust 2 long pop flash.
I understand imgur likes The Incredibles. Settle in, this is a long one.
Victory Dance
Two boards being joined together
MRW a university vehicle comes speeding towards me while I’m in the crosswalk and I owe the school thousands in tuition.
Maintain eye contact, establish dominance
MRW my phone isn’t advanced enough for the Snapchat Update
Careful !
Stealth Mode enabled
Here’s John
No...shhh no bite *furiously pets*
Crossfitters be like
A managers reaction when his substitute scores 5 goals in 9 minutes
After some scientific analysis, I have located the soda.
Jump! Jump!
Lion sneezes while being petted
MRW I’m a garbage man and a curse turns me into a bear, but I can’t afford to miss work tonight.
No. You tell him!
✝Pope Francis stops motorcade to bless disabled kid.
Night Train
Oh, fer feck sake!
Keloid: The hard Sci-fi robut movie we don’t deserve.
I’d Probably Do The Same
Why Bearded Lizards Are Awesome
Nely is attention w****
When you’re trying to be polite to the person talking to you, but you overhear your name in a different conversation
56 Quadcopters Flying in Formation
“These Crocks Are Made For Walking...”
Cat continuously startled by a metronome but it is determined to stop the metronome.
MRW when I work colleague starts texting me about things other than work
Everybody gangsta until the cockroach starts flying
Fuck Your Garbage!
Introducing a friend to Imgur today.
﹡ᴮᶫᶦᶰᵏ﹡ ﹡ᴮᶫᶦᶰᵏ﹡
Natural Reflex
The Old Monkey Giving A Bj Trick Play
Oh. That’s what you meant.
Meet Oscar, the first bionic cat!
Successfully logging into friends PC and changing his wallpaper to a giant dick.
This Is Why You Don’t Teach Your Cat Tae Kwon Do
Let Me Help!
What A Dive!
My Reaction to the Yakuza Announcements
MRW my ex send death threats but dating her already made me emotionally dead
Immediately regrets that decision
MRW I have an argument with my GF and she’s not talking to me, but the jar she’s trying to open is too tight
Consulting the squad whether I should post or nah
Celebrating 30 years Mario!
José Mujica: The world’s most humble president
"Don’t worry big bro. I got this"
When im super stoned and someone offers me more food
Hydrographic flames applied to a helmet
MRW someone randomly sticks a microphone in my mouth
MRW I Pick The Heavy Class In Any Game
Wars have been started for less...
MFW i’m busy and hear someone speaking my name
Draw Race, 3...2... Ooops
not how i expected it to end..
Well shit.
What the hell kind of workout is this?
lick lick - twitch twitch
Here is an extremely handy gif I never knew existed, I think it will be very useful Monday morning
What I imagine having kids is like
HRW we finally get intimate and she sees what I’m packing
A message from the kittens that die in usersub...
I told the girl i like that I’d add her on Twitter. She replied, "I don’t use Twitter. Do you have a Steam account?"
Oh right... the murders
’Water sliding’
No More Mr. Knife Guy...
Just Do It, You Won’t Regret
Ta Daaaaa - Oh Crap
That Face At The End Gets Me Everytime!
Majestic As Puck
Just do it, you won’t regret
Puppy ran out of energy
MRW my laptop dies in the middle of masturbaning
Dean’s List Bound
MRW I´m the only one who upvotes a funny post
My brother said he makes all the hot chicks wet. This is all I could think of.
I can has the thing?
MRW I want to watch a Youtube video in fullscreen, but Youtube is starving for attention.
The key to stalking is to not be obvious.
Stop It Elsa
Shia LaBeouf has it all figured out.
What I imagine people who downvote without commenting are like.
He keeps kicking himself.
MRW I remember that awkward thing i did 7 years ago.
when I see my wife pull up with takeout and beer
Horse Brings His Girlfriend A Snack
Holding Hands With Bae
A Journey To The Top
Thai Hand Dance
Escape Artist!
Maisie Williams new youtube channel is promising
Where do i buy one?
I wish I was this smooth just one time in my life, he is a legend.
Previously on AMC’s Baking Bread
Ooo Its So Cold Out There
Maybe tomorrow will be better. Here’s to anyone else who isn’t really depressed, but just feels kind of empty right now.
I told my friends I had a date with a really attractive girl...they told me she was imaginary, but the jokes on them, because they are too.
Accidentally typing vogue instead of vague
Today is the 14th anniversary of the Spongebob episode "Band Geeks."
MRW I want to criticize this new wave of "FP=send nudes" but.. what if *I* ever hit FP?
I don’t talk during movies. I interact.
Canadian boys fighting over a hockey puck
"Stealth is optional for this mission"
Drip Drip Drip
It Works With Bugs Too
Dude Crushing It At The Gym
I didn’t say u could put me down.
Maybe I’m just a little b*tch...
Dad cat notices his kittens roughhousing...
HRW I tell her not to spit OR swallow
Murica, thats why
Ballin so hard
When your Fitbit says 10,000 steps but you haven’t been outside today.
It’s that time of year again!
How the World Imagines America
’Tiger Cub Swimming For The First Time’
I share with you, one of my favourite gifs
Monster Hunting
Cat noodles in ball pit
You brought him here to kill me.
She won’t share her toy with her brother...
Maggie Simpson Everyone
Look at this baby donkey! JUST LOOK AT IT! THE TAIL WAG!!!!!!!
MRW my husband gets into an argument in a grocery store
Free websites you’ll love
The First Few Weeks of Life Can Be Scary, But These Tiger Cubs Are Fearless
Celebrity Guest of the Day: Bill Nye Appears on ’Whose Line is it Anyway’
But R2 Wants The D2
The Friendship Noodle
Snow Leopards Can Jump 9 Meters That’s 30 Feet.
This Bed Is All Mine, Oh No
Smart Crow
MRW My Balls Are Stuck To My Leg
When you come in drunk and your dad is lecturing you, but you don’t want to give away how drunk you are.
Kentucky clerk ordered to jail fo..ARGHH..
MRW I see a good OC post in usersub at -6 points
When you wake up and don’t know who’s sleeping next to you
Imgur once told me to not let this gif disappear in the sands of time...
довольно круто
Ice cream vending machine
Floating cards
Kid Notices Eyebrows For The First Time
’Adorable confused puppy’
Kings don’t get away with everything
You know the relationships in trouble when your SO packs a baby killer in your lunchbox
Thief Skills
Tricks For My Food Forget It
Being The Third Wheel And They Start Saying Cute Shit
MRW I move up from Accepted to Trusted
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Latte Art Tutorial
MRW I’m stuck behind a slow walker
This is how fast the space probe is
Don’t move. He can’t see us if we don’t move. (OC)
This was the first gif I ever Favorited on Imgur. WTF?
Fixed the gif from the front page (OC)
The Best McDonald’s Toy Ever
He’s teething.
give me a boost ...
Sword + Pepsi + Mentos
She Was Too Noble For Them Anyway
MRW a hot girl way out of my league is hitting on me but I’m not sure if she is trolling or serious
Player 3 has joined the game.
This me when im playing online game.
The Moment You Realize You Messed With The Wrong Guy
MRW my cousin told me she was pregnant but I needed to act as though I didn’t hear about it beforehand
The best McDonald’s toy ever?