Start Your Monday Getting Pumped Up With This Twerking Turtle
Fruity helmets.. safety first!
Schoolyard Fight
You Will Regret This, Human!
when people share something racist against black people on the internet with you assuming you’re white but you aren’t
thought you may like this
Press B to crouch
Popping someone’s bubble of ignorance and forcing them to deal with reality.
A really sweet nurse at my local clinic had a black eye. MFW I finally see her with her last name changed on her tag, no wedding ring and laughing with the other nurses
Go hard or go home!
For future use.
Jesus Deer
What, This Works!
One of the events from the FireFighter Olympics
I can’t think of a good title this time of day
Long story short...
Still my favorite gif on the internet
When someone makes fun of my tin can hat.
The Secret Fomuler For a Frontpage Post
mrw my little brother tries to fight me
MRW I’m being interviewed and see my would-be assassin in the reflection of the camera lens and use the force to remove the threat.
Marry The Shit Outta That Bitch
yeah, fuck yeah, marry the shit outta that bitch
Hey kids, wanna see a magic trick?
After a week with a stomach virus, I’m proud to say I farted today without shitting myself.
What happens when I try to get off Imgur
extrovert vs. introvert
Old guy and his little friend.
No one is safe
I found out the most disturbing news today...
Ants put together a gecko from scratch
Delete the cringe, keep the wins.
[CS:GO] I’m going mid
Epic stop motion parkour fight
MFW I arrive at the Halloween party and see someone wearing a better Cap’n Crunch costume than me
MFW I’m an exchange student in Germany and the teacher says something too fast and everyone starts to write
Computer simulations that teach themselves to walk.
Wasted You Ask? No , Not Today Bitch....
A Hair Raising Experience
Testing A New Airbag
Run For Your Life Human!
Everyday On Vacation
after three years of being on the site I just looked at a picture I posted and see that it got 64 points
When you try to downvote something but forgot to log in.
I don’t know what I expected.
take them all
Down the stairs
A waffle falling off a spinning melon
When the beat is better than the lyrics.
Oh God It Hurts To Watch
Inverted Color Trick
This Is The Definitive Cure For Depression
Fuck you, Imgur
MRW I find something better after I cum.
Feeding the wild Teddy Bears
I am a transwoman. MRW guys send me unsolicited dick pics.
Ukrainian rebel gives interview while bombs fly
MRW my little brother crashes through the front door and tells me he is cancer free for the first time in five years.
When someone blantantly reposts from the Front Page.
Hi Ho Silver, Away!!!!
Best "Deal with it" Gif I’ve ever came across so far.
What I hope won’t happen in Dallas
MRW I bite into a chocolate chip cookie that turns out to be a raisin cookie.
MFW my ex drunkenly brags about the size of my penis at a party.
Girls give me poo brain
The new champ!
I don’t like this ride!!!
LSD is one hell of a drug
You Got To Love New Features
Finally can post a big gif I made
My family has weird dinner conversations, today’s topic, Tapir Wangs.
You can hear it
Dance like no one is advice ever
Throw some money at the problem
Hawk takes down drone
MRW my Tropic Thunder gif doesn’t make the FP
MRW I’m sound asleep and I get awoken by a "Moo" in the middle of the night. I don’t live on a farm and I only have a dog and a cat.
"I’ve made a huge mistake"
3 months cigarette free because of this gif. Reposting with the hope that it will help someone else. :D
MRW I come across a comment with over -100 points.
How Paper Clips Are Made
This very cool...
MRW I make Viral 4 times all with Sgt. Osiris gifs and somebody tells me that they’ve never liked RDJ’s acting.
Electrifying work of art
Was searching google for gifs. I honestly have no idea
Someone Watched Too Much Bugs Bunny
When Pranks Backfire
Why We Shouldn’t Travel To Other Planets
MRW I’m At A Train Station After Watching Harry Potter
Rotate The Juice Carton For Less Splash
Well trained dog
Bilbo Fucking Baggins
POV Footage of a Guy Riding His Bike over a Bridge’s Arch Beam
Gotta check the pits.
i’ve been waiting to upload this... now I can.
Baby Paranormal Activity
Kawhi Leonard Playing With Giant Hands
Nazis make the best game shows.
Nyan Cat Bike Wheels
The newest sex position
I think I finally figured out how diseases mutate
Grandpa and his creepy tricks
MRW my bf finally joined imgur and his first post was downvoted to oblivion
Previously on imgur...
MRW my crush kisses me
Poor guy making it rain [oc]
MRW my girlfriend calls me downstairs to discuss strange websites she found on my internet history
How the city plans roadways.
My girlfriend cheated. This was my response when she told me today that she still loves me
The new reaction gif for every occasion.
Just little Sip at once. Meoww
growing up as a male
MRW people ask if my username works
MRW somebody asks me if I’m good at making gifs
My wife one week after our wedding.
Крепость/Fortress - short film
Studies show that 1 in 3 birds are metal as fuck
Alien Deja-Vu
Thats exactly how it happens
The Carlton Dance is back
MRW my 28 year old neighbor and his 20 year old girlfriend tell me it’s their 8th anniversary.
I just need to vent.
My lovely lovely horse
A Brush With The Law
The Fastest Way To Convince A Kid To Fasten The Seatbelt
Cheetah And Hyena Fight Over A Dead Deer, Until
Poor Sleepy Girl
Reverse Jesus
Pump Action Bike
I Am The Danger!
Trying to get friends together as an adult
Dog playing with a deer
"How to wake up a lazy co-worker"
MRW when a college classmate starts texting me about things other than school
When I try to do enough damage to a pokemon to capture it, but it instead I kill it
MRW a drunk girl at the bar propositions my girl and I for a threesome
Attack and a hasty retreat
I was having a shitty day.. and then.. Colony of penguins chasing a butterfly.
Missed them by that much
Fuckin Turtle
The cutest perfect loop you’ll ever see.
When some nice Imgurian comments "This is going to the front page!" when my post is clearly going nowhere
for my cakeday i present my all time favorite gif, enjoy
What The BOULDER thinks of most every sob story
Some people say cats don’t love, well I say they love on a different level but they love.
Today is the first day in 50 years that there are no Saturday morning Cartoons.
This is your phone’s entire life.
The more you look at this gif the more it moves
When a girl says "You understand why I’m upset, right?"
So incredibly beautiful
Oh Japan, You Never Disappoint
So Much Disappointment
I’m Going To Need Backup
Not Bad For A Road Bike
When A Girl Says ’You Understand Why I’m Upset, Right’
Baby Elephant Takes A Tumble, Help Arrives
Animator Vs Animated
Toothless is not impressed.
You’re commenting too fast! Try again in 1 second.
Zombieland 2 has been announced.
Trick shot
Ebola Scientist In Texas fighting the Disease
When a girl says "You understand why I’m upset, right?"
Not bad for a road bike...
As a mobile user, when someone mentions tags.
So beauti…
Paper Clip Machine
I want to do this to people sometimes so badly.
Ok, I’m outta here
Iphone 1000!!!
Sticking tape on frosted glass makes it See-through.
When You Get Too Addicted To Nutella
Cheerleading, Level Asian
He Plays Call Of Duty
Nokia Bend Test
Barman, I’m Gonna Need Two More Beers Please
The road to Karl’s house
When mom catches me and my buddy making food at 7 am, and it’s obvious we’re still drunk.
When the smart guy in my class said "shit" when he looked at our test.
Being forced to go to Church as a kid
So beauti...
How to do homework in college
Doggy Devito
When I think up a witty comment for an image, but see someone else has already posted it.
My salsa lid flipping in the sink.
Being Sociable
Just A Choose A Bottle Already!
Mean People On Dating Sites
This About Sums It Up
Man Trying To Return A Dog’s Toy Gets Tricked Into Playing Fetch
How My Punches Feel In My Dreams
When GF is on her period and i’m trying to comfort her
MRW a mates accidentally butt dials me, and I’m the topic of their conversation
PC Gaming??
MRW my nephew hands me the controller to help him past a level he’s perpetually stuck on.
Ewan McGregor and a puppy
When she lets you stay in the room while she changes clothes.
Good Guy Canadian Security Officer
rotation wave
What a thrilling chase!
My girlfriend didnt text me for a few days because she said she’d be busy studying for an exam, before I went to bed last night I got a text from her saying "Goodnight Daniel :) <3" My name is Joseph. Needless to say, she’s my ex-
Cheerleading, level : Asian
Friend asks our waitress "What time do you get off?" She replies "Usually just after I climb into bed" then walks away.
I was told by my little sister to put this on ’that funny giraffe website’
Happy Birthday, ass face.
Thanks, Human.
Saving a homeless injured dog and her puppies
Best Costume Ever....
Customer Service Still Exists.
Phew, That Was Close!
I Swear To God Hooman
MRW old Scooby Doo cartoons come on TV
"Honey does this dress make me look fat?"
I got denied an interview for an unpaid graphic design internship because I don’t have any experience.
Sail !
My brother and I have been mowing my elderly neighbors yard, shoveling her driveway and bringing
just roll with it
MRW the song in my car matches tempo with the turn signal.
When you’re playing charades and get "Mr. Fantastic escaping from being tied to a chair."
I swear to god hooman... Touch me again.... I dare you
Do you mind if I sleep here, bro?
A man save a kitty!
When my gf told me she loves to give me bjs......because it doesn’t hit the back of her throat...
Flo from Progressive is getting a little pushy.
U Wot?
My reaction when I accidently sext my roommate and she says she’ll be home in 5
Golden Retrievers Are Actually Canadians!
POW! Right In The Kisser!
wanker tossing
Does anyone else remember playing music in Real One Player and just sitting there and watching this for like two hours
When a program I didn’t launch runs on startup and asks me to sign in
Mantis fly swatter
Meerkat uses cameraman’s head as a vantage point to scan the area.
MRW I view half of user sub
Hold 0 for rave
Phew. That was a close one.
Case study bitch: The Final Chapter
MRW I see huge wall of text
RIP, little friend
MRW/HRW I accidently sext my roommate and she says she’ll be home in 5
I heard my mom was wailing outside my door. When I went out to check up on her she had told me my brother had called letting her know he was going to kill himself tonight.
When You’re Washing The Dishes And Someone Adds A Dish
My Life As A College Student
Dude, I said stop following so close
MRW there are no points showing in usersub
Got glorious without getting a post to the front page
’This way, we’re both happy’
That’s my fish!
When He Plays With The Beef Curtains
I’m sorry
Thumbs, Finger and Eye
MRW my devout Christian, conservative mother realises that one of our rugs is an Islamic prayer rug and points it towards Meca out of respect for the culture that the rug came from.
The Youngest Seeker in a Century
walking into costco
MRW she told me it was gonna be $115 to get her hair done.
I’m working with idiots’
Carol knew that wearing the skin of her latest victim could always brighten her day.
Hold "0" for a seizure. Be sure to cancel you’re upvote afterwards
When you’re washing the dishes and someone adds a dish.
MRW I See A Good Looking Girl In Yoga Pants
Accident Waiting To Happen
Is this how Death works?
Welding metal with friction
Lemurs love lollipops
My mother deployed today
So… Class dismissed?
Was asked my main ambition in life, replied "not die alone" MRW everyone laughed.
My first reaction gif! Yay!
I thought this was cool
Dog gets told to get off the couch
MRW one of my students told me that Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Pitbull "are some of the most talented lyrical writers of all time."
A man was in court for stealing a bag, took just 3 minutes to get sentenced, it was a briefcase
MRW my mom and little sister get in a argument about my little sister getting a dildo for her b-day by some friends, and she says "Why is this a problem? I’ve already tried yours"
I’m blind! I can see! I’m blind!
Is this what usersub wants?
Conducting The Orchestra Before His Meal
Criminal Saves Homeless Man From An Exploding ATM
Map: Most Popular Female Names by State
A dog and a water fountain
MRW the guy interviewing me for a job introduces himself as Eaton D. Cox
You don’t need to see this
My Useless Talent
I’m autistic and in college. MRW I get an amazing grade on something I worked hard on, and
So Much Better!
Evolution Of The Bike
Black Magic!
When the software I just pirated makes me promise I won’t pirate the software
Every morning like clockwork.
Multi-flame candle on a wax wall
Japanese Tourists Prank
My bet is on the hamster
MRW my wife comes home from visiting family and asks if i’ve just been "sitting there playing video games all day?"
When you’re shown even a little bit of affection
So... Class dismissed?
Now You Want Pizza
Logged Out
How To Pick Up A Guy
Payday Vs Rest Of The Month
The Best Dog Reveal You’ll Watch All Year
Warm Your Heart Watching This Rescued Boston Terrier Meet His Forever Family
I’ll Save You M’lady
Racing The Train From One Station To The Next
NASA Mr. steal your parking space
My favorite LNI. Enjoy.
My girlfriend bought a maid outfit and surprised me by welcoming me home in it.
This is @AnthonyCapo during the Danquan saga
Kinesin (a motor protein) pulling a vesicle along cytoskeletal filament
Mike Tyson defense + offense
I’m a delivery dude for JimmyJohns. Last night I made a delivery and I could tell some bad shit was brewing. MRW
MRW I want to practice the tuba but my mom comes to my room and said no.
How to frontpage.
When I See People Spamming UserSub with Danquan.
MRW when my friend says "Why are they making a second Zoolander movie? The first one wasn’t even that good."

MRW my 17 year old boyfriend proposes to me
MRW I’m wearing my batman costume to masturbate in front of my neighbors sprinklers at 3:32am and I’m interrupted by the sound of a teen pregnancy next door.

MRW I deliver Jimmy Johns and they’re all yelling at eachother over teen pregnancy
Pretty amazing. What a thought looks like in the brain
Out of all the Japanese game show pranks, this one by far is my favorite
Human attacks!
The thieves were highly trained. Breaking in silently, stealing what wouldn’t be noticed as missing and leaving no trace of their crime.
Payday / rest of the month
Don’t make eye contact!
My shitty fucking boss who has been ruining my life for the last six months got fired today.
Second day on Imgur, still haven’t run
Dog Shits While Running
How to cheer up a grumpy Kanye
When My 16 Year Old Sister Tells My Mom, "I want to move in with my boyfriend" at dinner.
Thor receives the longest twizzler in Asgard
When someone tries to stop dickbutt.
As a 24 year old kissless virgin whose never had a gf, MRW my 12 year old brother says "I know how you feel".
The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology
MRW I caught my daughter making fun of another kid on food stamps
MFW I’m horseback riding with a friend and a bug flies into my eye but then I see a beautiful bird in the distance and point it out to my friend
When I do something stupid I act so proud of.
Time for me to fly
MRW I’ve recently had neck surgery and my wife asks if I need more pain killers.
Alligator gets a taste of stupid
First Day At A New Job And Your Boss Asks You If Everything’s Fine
MRW when my friend’s GF starts saying bad things about me and my friend says "You never talk to him like that or we’re done"
Daddy would be proud
→ ←
Motorcycle Dirt Bike Jump Gone Wrong
Mind Trick Illusion - Room Perpective
I fixed it.
9 out of 10 Submissions
Haha! I got away you motherf-ahahhagl;hag;lhag;lhafu
Kid gets a banana as a prank gift from his parents on his birthday. Look at his excitement. This kid is my hero.
Goalie guessed wrong, but then wouldn’t give up
How to make a .gif
Oh nature...
How to break the ice.
"Here take this towel"… "Oh, okay, sorry :
Hey Ma!
Fuckin’ deserved.
I’ll save him! Uhh guys?
The longest straight line - you could sail 20000 miles in a straight line from Pakistan to Russia.
FREEDOM! Coming soon, to a planet near you
Me trying to use my phone in bed.
So long Imgur, thanks for everything.
MFW faith in humanity restored
Like a dog, but not.
How To Break The Ice
MRW some random dude laughs at an obscure imgur reference I made.
The way she catches it at the end is priceless.
MRW ISIS says they’re going to invade America
Walking To The Toilet After He Nuts Inside You
Oh! So Close
Ostracod, An Unique Fish That Shoots Lasers.
How an ambulance gets through traffic to the scene of an accident
Little brother gets more defensive than a religious person standing up for his beliefs when I show him this.
I haven’t seen this in gif form yet, so I made it.
mom, mom?
My reaction when President Obama says ‘When you threaten America, you will find no safe haven’
Classic dad.
Awkward Spiderman restroom
When I get a message from bae
You See This? Acting
The Perfect Bush.
After years of constant itching, Jane has finally found relief
MRW girls wear flavored chapstick
MRW I go from neutral to accepted
When you are drunk and try to go to sleep
Kenny G intensifies
Now With More Biden
Told my boyfriend he was the love of my life, he replied But what if I’m just a group of badgers inside of a corpse
This woodworking gif...
It’s me, Mario
This, “OH SHIT”, moment is brought to you by the deity of your choice
Good for you little girl.
Welcome to the Internet.
Getting Things Done As A Team
Just Saw This Drawer Open
Texting In Class Like A Boss
I have been peeling kiwi wrong whole life!
It’s a bee! GET IT OFF!
Activate Swag In: 3..2..1...
When you’re out with your friends, and someone really hot walks by.
The most satisfying slo-mo gif.
Extreme collie
Sometimes I feel like the odd man out on this site because I don’t suffer from social anxiety or a mental illness nor do I have a depressing past.
Guys...I took the first step today to feel COMPLETELY better.
Attack on Titan is so brutal.
MRW i realize i can change my username to Whatever the hell I want...
Me eating in public vs. me eating at home
Fat Penguin Faceplants
"What’s everyone laughing at?"
A bubble freezing.
Good thing he won;t be able to have children
MRW I travel to Canada and hear people actually say "Eh" in everyday conversation
Official gameplay footage of the newest Super Smash Bros game.
I don’t even know why I made this
MRW I realize I have been browsing Imgur at home for an hour, using mobile data instead of wifi
when my gf asks what fisting is
We Have A Hero Right Here
How To Get Rid Of Bugs
Well Done, Sir
The New Avengers Sitcom
He’s allergic to cats
Train Wash
Come On Barbie Lets Go Party
Dog Pile
Just Justin Bieber Sleeping?
Fate was on his side that day
Shut up and take my money ception.
Why I oughta...
Well... shit
My Reaction When Someone Puts A Newborn On My Lap
Husband just stands there like ‘whoa!’
Dog is not ready to take it to the next level.
Uploading so we never forget Cat-Snake
MRW I come home after a long day and see my bf watching TV on the couch.
Eruption of Mount Tavurvur caught on tape
Remembering Joan Rivers on Louie
In 5 days…
Welcome to The Society of Uncompromising Men.
She figured she could make the jump to avoid getting her shoes wet
Because this is a good idea…
You Messed With The Wrong Guys!
Helping the vertically challenged
Michael Strahan reads a tweet about himself
Started engineering school, turns out I’m the only girl at the moment...
Surrendered to the cuddle huddle..
Upvote whore GIF for future use
MRW my friend tells me to take off my crown at Burger King cause he feels embarrassed
Mongoose has no fear!
My professor’s reaction when he asked "How did slaves get from Africa to America?" and a girl answers: The Underground Railroad.
MRW a new coworker comes out to me and assumes I’m straight
I spent 8 hours making a "twerknado". What am i doing with my life..
Derp the dog
Its Working!!
The FIB right now
This Dog Just Cant Wait To Go Swimming
Good Guy Boat Does His Thing
James Cagney Being Super Smooth In Yankee Doodle Dandy
The Look On His Face Is Priceless
MRW I accidentally fart near a cute girl, and she smiles at me and farts back
Peeing after hours of holding it in.
The Best Mixture Of Disgusting Relief You’ll Ever Feel
Car explodes in L.A. Firefighters face, he doesn’t even flinch
7 Week Old Boy Tries Hearing Aids For The First Time
My Turn! My Turn!
We Together Now
Flawless divide
MRW there are just too many hot chicks in the local bath house.
A Definitely Unique Ring Box. The Clifton Engagement Ring Box.
Best way to tie a tie
When tapping the keg goes wrong
But can it twerk
This is why you won’t be getting a real gun.
Painting a bus stop
This is why you won’t be getting a real gun.
When your post doesn’t quite make it out of User Submitted, but is decently popular
MFW I know I have no chance
One of the best scenes from Super Troopers, but I could never find a gif with the text, so I decided to make one. Enjoy!
Good Guy Boat does his thing.
MRW my calculus professor asks if anyone is stuck.
This girl cares for her brother
If I fits, I... wait... if I... sec please...
When my gf tries to put her finger up my ass during sex
Hold My Mountain Dew And Watch This
Come On Boy, You’re Almost There
Car explodes in L.A. Firefighters face, he doesn’t even flinch
Octopus hiding from fisherman.
Pole dancing is an art form
With ease
The NOPE Workout
My reaction when I help 2 of my friends get girlfriends in 1 week and I’ve never had a date my whole life
Recent Repost: removedThis Way Little Human
Not anymore
I don’t know why I made this
MRW I’m adding Dickbutt to gifs [OC]
How I imagine Putin will be coming through the EU Summit.
Fits are overrated...
The longest Simpsons couch gag is actually pretty dark
This is the manliest way to put the tire on the rim I have ever seen
5 Plank Fence
They Have Such Great Chemistry
Fuck It Burn Her Too
Overly Protective Cat
No tail so she makes do by using her whole rear
Shake what your momma gave you
How hundreds of cherries are harvested in seconds -neat
Dealing pot in public
Trolley feed track used in the assembly of the Bugatti Veyron
The Red Panda, a fierce predator.
Going through my favourites and found this gem, thought people needed to see it again
As a single mother of two still in diapers, I am one extremely happy lady!
Me and My Shadows
How to exit the back of a pickup truck
Surprise Motherfucker!
No matter my mood, this always makes me laugh uncontrollably
He’s a big guy, but this is still pretty impressive
This is how we get rid of bugs
How to cross a puddle
I’ll just pet this penguin in my wedding stress. WCGW?
You guy’s have got to try this.
Chill chihuahua puppy enjoys a neck massage
"Ah fuck it, I tried."
I could have sworn it was there before
Active military. MRW I call home and mum calls me by my first name.
Attempting to cook, while my girlfriend is out of town
A child’s imagination
what it felt like to move out of my parent’s house
how to NOT do the ice bucket challenge
That’s a beautiful rainbow
I have to work for the next 9 hours.
"Me... ME! Its me! I want it. I WANT IT!"
MRW my brother and his gf are going to different colleges as freshmen and he asks me, "We’ll be fine right?"
Twitch streamer Kootra gets swatted on stream
Just As Planned
Oculus Rift Lightsabre Demo
When I’m not in the mood but my bf wants head.
That’s a beautiful rainbow
huh.....didn’t see that coming
Job done
The most hardcore handshake of all time.
Meanwhile at work
Starry Night.
Extreme Push-up.
Dumbest car crash scene
I’ll use a tractor to complete the ice bucket challenge, what could go wrong?
I’m convinced this is how Russians are born.
Waiting for the acid to kick in
Did somebody say puppies?
Was about to ask a girl out, but a coworker beat me to it. 3 weeks later I’ve found that he’s caught genital herpes.
A Father Secretly Films His Daughter’s Selfie Session
How I assume it feels being on the front page
They Are After Me .... QUICK!!!
Satan’s Little Helper
Forgot To Bring Knife, No Problem
The Little Engine That Could Not
Fuck your death trap, I’m a cat
I said no recording!
Let’s take a selfie! — no
Youtube be like
Have a quick look around
MRW my husband says he doesn’t like pork chops (because of how his mother made them growing up), then I get him to eat them by calling them "pork medallions" and he says how good they are.
Good guy cockatoo
Check this out. I’m jump right through this thing
The Real Mr. Smooth
A machine that produces paper planes.
Check this out. I’m jump right through this thing
Always Wanted To Have A Green Lawn, Now You Can!
FIFA Glitch Cosplay
Every Cat Owner Knows It’s True
Here Is A Kitten Eating A Watermelon
I’m 5’4’’ and my boyfriend is 6’5’’ this describes my sex life!
My favorite Simpsons intro
When I find the perfect rock on the ground to add to my rock collection
Rude Goldberg Machine
Photo shoot with a snake, what could go wrong?
That Was Pretty Damn Convincing
How I receive compliments
FIFA glitch cosplay.
If i were a nun I would wear heelies and glide everywhere just to fuck with people
How it felt turning in my iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy today...
Always wanted to have a green lawn? Now you can!
MRW I just got in the shower and the water is super cold
MRW my wife says she needs help in the shower
Dance brought them together, Society kept them apart.
Deadpool cosplay means you are wearing a suit that let you do pretty much anything you want !!!
MFW my dog leans in for a nose boop and I shock him with static electricity.
Just Justin Bieber sleeping… Wait, what??
I don’t think you know how anchors work
You’re probably having a better day than this guy.
Jean Claude Van Damme’s daughter does it Van Damme style
My Tinder experience so far.
Infinitely exploding watermelon.
Fuck your picture
Dog in shower.
Taking sorcery to the next level...
The FXX marathon is making me isolated and weeiiird.
Glorious Cheesy Pizza
Do a backfli......OH
What Was The Goalkeeper Trying To Do
Windows Firewall
MRW My Ex Texts Me About Anything
Not sure what was going in this Disney episode, but the logo is justified.
"Be yourself" is not the best solution
Cyclists it could save your life
MRW I try to hug some old friends I’ve just run into at a convention for people with poor depth perception
Heeeeeeeeeee Heeeeeeee
I Wish For A ...
Will Smith recognizes a cameraman
French bulldog puppy jumps into his owner’s arms. Shows no hesitation second time around.
Verne is the man.
You came to the wrong neighborhood mother fu..
The Face Break Challenge
You free later
Young Jennifer Lawrence
Gentle Giant Tibetan Mastiff
I’m sorry in advance, I know imgur frowns upon sob stories...
Russian dashcam – A whole new meaning to "crash landing"
MRW I Finish Watching A Video On Pornhub And Then See A Better One
It was only a boop
Pug climbing stairs.
Russian dashcam - A whole new meaning to "crash landing"
That’s An Angry, Angry Hippo
Ice Bucket Wasted!
When Crabs Invent The Car
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beer Holder
I think she’s a transformer (Mark Wahlberg voice)
Tumbleweed fire tornado, just needs sharks I guess
Ninja Sword
Corgi rodeo
New battery drill! Recharge by simply focusing your disapproval!
MRW when someone fucks up the titel of a post.
Charlie Sheen - Ice Bucket Challenge
It’s all a matter of perspective.
Take a look at the bearded guy in the background
Go To A Gym
What Amy Poehler really is
Messing with kids at the baseball game
Mammal centipede
Wait… This isn’t water…
Fat woman swimming
Skipity bopity boo I got the paper for you
Video for the night
The dog that deserves an Oscar.
He Strikes Again!
Meanwhile At Your Local Welfare Office
Table Saw Cutting Wood
Dog has skills!
Yep, it’s a medicine ball
My Life Has Completed
Satan’s little helper.
It’s avant garde dontcha know?
Trying to get my wife to come to bed while she’s watching TV
If Tetris tiles were made of pillows.
…that was close.
Jennifer Lawrence spills her mints
MRW I meet a WWII veteran and my coworker says “who cares"
By popular demand (all right one of you asked)
Upvotes. Amidoingitright?
Horse (vs) Dirtbike Race
You must be joking, I’m a lady. I’m not getting my paws wet.
Coach Takes Out Frustration On Bag Of Soccer Balls
Humans Without Sex
Hmm, What Could It Be
Yoshi And Mario Are Best Friends
I heard the way to get to the front page is to post a ’behind-the-Jif’
MRW my crush invites me to her birthday party
The first time I masturbated
If Tetris are made of pillows.
Yoshi and Mario are best friends. Except they’re not, because Mario is a jerk.
There is always that one friend…
Ummm, what are you doing?
Oops… I missed.
when the artist you hate releases a catchy song
Equality for women and men. A Romanian teacher being accused of abusing children is being investigated and asked to go with police she slaps the policeman, who is simply carrying his duty, in the face. Then the officer responds with one of his own, in ret
My reaction when I’m watching basketball and then a bunch of invisible gremlins start attacking my nuts
Spider eats prey during newscast
Choose your grind
Clark Kent is a dick sometimes
My favorite onscreen couple
Ice Bucket Challenge
Ha You Little Shit, You Ain’t Getting Through This Door
That Kid Got Rekted
Whenever People Tell Me To Calm My Tits
Hot Winter
Wheee!! I’m So Bored!
I Ain’t Sayin She’s A Gold Digger
They See Me Rollin, They Hatin
I Want What He’s Having
Dog Doesn’t Want Fish To Die
Dumping Paper Airplanes
Fixing my mom’s computer and she says it’s probably a hacker that did it.
MFW my little cousin asks me how to nod
My kind of glory hole
I ain’t sayin she’s a gold digger....buuuuut
Tiger Sniff
Fish playing with his owner
How to wake up a cat
Best Anti Theft Protection Ever!
Trying To Post Something About Robin Williams Right Now
I support equality for women and men.
Marmot pays tribute on photographer’s timelapse shoot.
Oops... I missed.
Turns out the latest dance move to go viral wasn’t all it was cracked up to be
I have been on imgur for six months today, I still have no idea why some posts do well.
Macklin, you son of a bitch.
Marine Worm
Record Deadlift
MRW I turned 18 and my long dormant powers of white male privilege came to fruition
How to open a beer with a banana
This guy’s nuts.
Grandad receives puppy for company shortly after losing grandma
Of all the things I’ve seen posted about Robin Williams today, this got to me the most
Mobile trash can
Kung fuck you
How it felt entering User Sub without knowing Robin WIlliams died today.
MRW I meet other Imgurians in real life.
Rest In Peace, you beautiful bastard
MRW a girl says her 18-year-old BF never jerks off because their sex is so good.
You really are free now
My reaction when I am talking and realise no one is listening nor cares
Jägerbomb bartrick at Heidis
Clark Kent is a dick to astronauts
ᴵ ᵍᵒᵗᵗᵃ ᵏᵉᵉᵖ ᵐʸ ᵉʸᵉ ᵒᶰ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵃᶫᶫ ᵒᶰ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵃᶫᶫ ᵒᶰ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵃᶫᶫ ᵒᶰ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵃᶫᶫ ᵒᶰ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵃᶫᶫ
This guy wins best cosplay forever
Catapult Bitch
Dat Skill Dough!
Hey, light my chest on fire
Australian sports stars…
That hurts to watch
Olivia Wilde is so damn gorgeous
Hold my beer while I dismount from this swing
Dog vs Baby.
No means no.
Let’s not forget that this happened.
My reaction when i cant decide what category of porn i wanna watch
Satan’s In Da House
Acid Gifdump, August
Did I Just
Mad Basketball Skillz
Darwin approves
The Never Ending Aisle Prank
New Favorite Internet Cat
Horror Movies These Days
Lets Ride
Evilest Prank
Memory Foam Pillow
Making sense of infomercials: Janice needed a catchy title for her new
This is why we say "cat like reflexes"
Nothing like a good old game of dodge the tire
Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger
Obviously, that was supposed to happen
Oh no you don’t touch me I touch you bitch.
Password length vs Average time to crack using Brute Force Hacking.
I didn’t know Van Damme had a daughter…
Spyro is a Radical Dude
Me when i’m drunk and I feel badass
I’m done with imgur today, I’m going outside today. enjoy this comic you ass holes.
When you’re with your girlfriend and she runs into her friend.
This little guy would make me proud as a parent
Inner self highfive
He’s got the remote to her vibrating panties
Screw my current job. I want to be a professional Japanese game show contestant!
Someone made this cute lil guy in Spore.
Cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat
You don’t see this shit everyday...
I am Groot.
Who needs oil nowadays?
Round of Applause for Adult Swim
Drink milk!
Here you go User Sub, have some OC and my last fuck as it flies away.
Clever Distraction
How to pack for 1 night
Not the usual Chatroulette.
Pow…right in the pisser
Not All Heroes Wear Capes
The Shot Machine
Man’s Greatest Invention
She Likes To Jump Like A Horse
Straight Lines
Hold my beer, then light me on fire and watch this
I am at full capacity, sorry.
It’s-A-Me, Mario!
If anyone needs for the furture
MRW he brings up trying anal, but doesn’t know that I like to peg guys.
These two men are about to beat the piss out of each other.
Creepy black bear walking on two legs
No fear of grizzly bears
Humans aren’t supposed to bend like that
Miley Cyrus Crashes Professor’s Physics Lesson
MRW I Wake Up From A Nightmare Only To Realize My Life Is Still A Nightmare
See This Why You Don’t Live With White People
High quality animation to celebrate the success of box duck
MRW I never get top comments and get two in one week
See this why you don’t live with white people
It’s like the cutest vortex ever.
What Would I Do Without Grandma
Bear Rescues A Drowning Crow
Minieval Times
Natural Selection in action
Grandma got tired of your BS
Because the guy in the back was totally allright
Rope jumping bridge stunt
MRW I learned how to make Gifs.
A better caption.
Baby’s first Christmas
My friend captured this lightning in Copenhagen
"Clean my Paws…."
Fuck this.
Nothing is faster than a man almost getting caught
"Bring it here!"
As an addict in recovery, mrw I make eye contact with the only other sober guy at the party
Sloth Disney Princess
Let Me Watch That Again
2 Dogs, 1 Slide
Romantic Night Struggle.
He’s Wheely Done It, This Time
Damn Elevator Isn’t Working Again
That’s So Metal
This Will Impress Her!
And I Thought To Myself Yes, It’s Time To Clean My Pc
MRW my new job has me sign a form for a dental plan
When I finish reading an e-book
"Clean my Paws...."
On the edge of a lava ocean
High sodium in soy sauce causes dead cuttlefish’s nerves to become active and spasm.
A toast, upon this night, to my fellow Imgurians...
Tinder doesn’t stand a chance against me now
I spent 4 years of my life trying a 540 frontflip on a pogostick, finally did it this year.
Favorite this so you can not do it later.
My uncle said he would bring his girlfriend to family dinner tonight...
Share The Load
Please Don’t Hurt Me!
My Workout Schedule
are you not entertained ?!
Throwing Punches !!!
What imgur is all about
MRW I’m at a family gathering and somebody asks me "Why don’t you play the piano for us?" Unbeknownst to them that I’m shitfaced.
She isn’t all right anymore, but gotta hand it too her for using what is left.
Bats illuminated by lightning
My friend just became a licensed OB/GYN. This is what he sent me when he got certified.
Fuck you… fuck you… and fuck you!
Oh God, He Heard Me
When I try to be scary.
This will impress her.
Hula hoop.
Just click the Link, you won’t regret it
The Majestic Bumblebee
What Are You Doing Out Running In Snow?
When Your Balls Are Stuck To Your Leg
“I’ll save you!”
Saw this gif the other day, decided to caption it
When my gf says she hasn’t gotten her period and might be pregnant.
MFW I’m crowned King of the Galaxy for taking a swing at the Biebs.
MRW I hear that Hilary Duff just released a new single
The day after the warranty expires on my laptop
My reaction when I’m watching porn and they show the guys face at the wrong time.
Bird: I eat things your size, but not like you. Cat: I eat things like you, but not your size.
He’s wheely done it, this time.
Guy gets pulled over for speeding. As he anxiously awaits his ticket – this happens. His reaction is priceless.
The air picking powers are strong with this one.
Oh helll no
She Has The Power
Truck Sharp U-turn
Bikers Cage A Car And Then Assault Driver
If only frail old Douglas had know that his fireplace was connected to the burning gates of hell itself
When a girl starts talking to me instead of my much cooler, hotter friend.
MRW I’m watching porn and they show the guys face at the wrong time.
My new fav cat gif
Plasic surgeon
Crow asks for water
Every Boy’s Dream
So he said no..
Mildly interesting
Spider Vs Wasp
I’m amazed at how good vine people are at telling stories in 6 goddam seconds
not tipping b/c of lack of ’enthusiasm’ just means you’re a bitch, tbh
Comic-Con Weapons Check
Pacific Rim 2
Child Deathgrip
Fully Commit, Or Eat Shit
The Original Pokemon
Wrong Hand
I Know That Feel, Little Bird
Sooo I was a beast at 3 years old…
Crushing a car with water!
Breaking into a car...
mrw someone makes a joke that hits a little too close to the truth.
First gif that got the big 0 from me
MRW a boy pushed my 3 year-old daughter down a slide and she waited for him at the bottom and then pushed him over.
Please help me........
Unsatisfiable Hunger
Fishing Piranhas
If Imgur could stop logging me out all the time, that would be nice.
You know what that means? It’s Latin. Means "Know Thyself."
Reason i usually dont upload pictures/gifs is because i always get paranoid wether they are already here or not.
My gf’s response during an argument on the hiking trail. I couldn’t help laughing as I remembered this gif!
MRW my boyfriend started making me jewelry
Firin mah kitty lazer!
I like to jump like a horse
Smashed potatoes
12 seconds, 1 prey, 110kph
This dude knows how to festival
Hey! We’re not finished here…
Kiss cam everybody
When performance is measured by plates washed per minute
I’ll show them a flying squirrel.
If you get scooter’d in an attack by a triple amputee, you fucked up somehow.
He never stops
Every day, on user submitted
I thought you guys might enjoy my new desk I built...
The threat was clear. Timmy knew what the consequences would be if he snitched on his mom.
"Playin’ my way downtown..."
I know that feel, little bird. ˡ ᵏᶰᵒʷ ᵗʰᵅᵗ ᶠᵉᵉᶫ
MRW I realize I’m out of toilet paper.
When my GF asks if it hurt when I smashed my pinky toe on the coffee table during the family gathering
Samba in a mechanical leg
That’s a neat trick
Fully commit, or eat shit…
So this dude creates a tool to fill up 100 water balloon a minute…
First time through a car wash
Canada during The Purge.
"Hello! We received your application and would like you to come in for an interview."
Best football goal celebration ever.
Hey Gurl
The Most Satisfying Thing Ever
The Umbilical Brothers!
Come On, Don’t Just Stand There, Fight Me
This Goat Shreds
Using a skydiving simulator like a boss!
So this dude creates a tool to fill up 100 water balloon a minute...
Heartbroken dog mourns owner.
Satisfying: Dots in a straight line
Still not sure what you all want, so here is an elephant having a good time.
ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ
skater cat
You got to be shitting me.
Wind Sculpture
Submarine-launched cruise missile
Even a man receive the highest military honor has a dirty little mind..
That grin
Armadillo playing
Make a wish...
When my nephew invites me to his birthday Mario Kart party.
I can’t be worried about that shit. Life goes on, man.
Destined for greatness...
When I like the post next to mine
When I’m high as f**k in the woods and my friend asks me, "Dude, did you just eat a leaf off that tree?"
ALL of the Anime!
There is a metaphor for modern life in there somewhere
On my way to fuck yo bitch
My physics professor shows this followed by, ‘this is how the universe works’.
Truck driver gives no fucks
Real-time translation
Firecracker, metal bowl and an idiot… what could go wrong?
Learn this technique. It can save your life.
I got this and I will hold my own beer thanks
Oh, it’s a marine turtle.
My first sexual experience as a horny teenager
Oh jebus
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
My face when I whisper a joke to a classmate, and she blurts it out to the whole class and gets a huge laugh.
It’s finally fucking Friday!
Flies Drone To Film Fireworks Show.
Filming a rainbow, when all of a sudden...
Friends :)
I wish more people would realize this...
MRW my girlfriend finally decides where she wants to go for dinner
My dad’s yelling at my little brother for sexting and I’m just standing there like...
5’9" Dudi Sela grabbing a chair for a boost to hug 6’11" Ivo Karlovic after their match
Fight Fire With Fire
Pocket Sand!!
Please Use Other Door