Let the peasants have their ‘thigh gaps’
I tried to get some photos of an octopus, but it grabbed the camera and got some of me instead!
The Missus saw a raccoon crossing the road this morning, so she slowed to let it pass… Then she lost track of it. Here’s where it ended up.
Curtain from a smokers apartment, after being dunked in a bathtub
Not sure if I agree with the third one
Me in real life
The most badass guy you will see today while eating biscuits
Racial Slurs
I was at the train station last week crying because my boyfriend had just told me he was going to join the army.
Recently a 7th grade girls parents got killed in a freak shooting.
Kind People GMH
A smile a day keeps the fear away.
Turtle and a Pancake
You want this cat?
Cool touch clock displays time in an elegant way.
Traveling in Australia? Don’t forget to take a cute Quokka selfie.
Drink Delicious Coffee In Edible Coffee Cups.
Baby Weasel Takes A Once-in-a-life-time Ride On Woodpecker’s Back.
An end to hipsters?
May The
I Kissed Chuck Norris
What $500 Can Get You on Magic (Stress Testing the SMS Delivery Startup)
One of my favorite commercials that my teenager doesn’t get
Deadpool and Spiderman
The death of Tinder
These two women are twins; biological sisters parented by white father and half-Jamaican mother.
Chill, I Got This
Did You Expect More?
Hard To Be A Pokemon Trainer Nowadays
When You Find The One
Jake’s Ex Girlfriend
What Things Looks Like To Dogs
Helmets Save Your Life
Long Live Punk
Chandler Was The Best
A Clear Example Of Karma
Swirl Faucet
Kids today..
‘Oh this again..’
He wants you, ladies. The psychology of guys checking out girls.
Titanic Conspiracy
Hear me roar
STOP. Sync your breathing with this. Relax.
What working at customer service has done to me
Marilyn Manson’s Dad surprised him at his recent photo shoot with Terry Richardson. Proof that its a Father’s duty to embarrass your children as much as humanly possible.
This was necessary
Today I found out that Yoko Ono used John Lennon’s blood stained glasses from the day he was shot as a prop for her album art.
Geico’s commercial rewards you for not skipping after the first 5 seconds.
Scamming a scam company that target the elderly online
Guy makes résumé using Snapchat to get job at Snapchat.
Thanks Andy!
So this is an intersection in my city
Damn I’m good
Extreme Jenga
Mondays aren’t so bad…
This is what a photographic memory looks like [:49]
Guy pretends to have won an Oscar, walks around Hollywood reaping the benefits
When you have impressionable white friends…
I’ve heard of "painting yourself into a corner" but my wife took it a step further. I don’t even know…
Bi-racial twins
Demon Possessed Singing Trout, still gets me after all these years
The most motivational thing I have heard today
I attached some fireworks to my drone to see what would happen
Hmm interesting.
Arrows Warning
Coolest guy at the boat ramp
This happening now. Missoula, Montana police baffled.
Dodger’s Million Dollar Idea
Good Time
Hmm... it’s as if
Drone + Lava = Awesome
Not one of my finer moments...
Vicious animal attack
This is too good.
Never thought of it like that.
Looks like one of our volcanos decided to wake up tonight. Villarica Volcano in Chile
when your life is falling apart and you pretend everything is all good.
There was freezing rain in Maryland yesterday
MRW my buddy’s idiot girlfriend lectures me on how coffee is bad for my "acid-alkaline balance" after a 16 hour shift in the ER
"It’s just a fad" - 13 Tech Prediction Failures
I basically need this to happen before I realize a woman is flirting with me.
Playing with wooden blocks as a kid
When the cop pulls you over and asks if you’ve been drinking..
Something Borrowed
What’s Hidden in Facebook Stickers
Picture fail!
Tasty Bitch
Pull The Lever, Kronk
Alison Brie is Sexy In GQ
Husky Love
Right foot red
Of course i do
Brace Yourselves;
Yes Because Every Kid
This Is So
A cheerleader at my school passed away in a car crash on her way to school last October.
tom hiddlestonovsky
One year ago I joined Imgur to favorite this gif...
I’m not sure who did this but if you’re on here thank you
I had to.
My girlfriend ran out of the car to snap this while waiting in traffic yesterday. [OC]
Its a start
The Fortress of Solitude
Nick Offerman dropping think bombs
Must be a defective cat
The Shadow!
Ayyub Khalaf, the Iraqi policeman who threw his arms around a suicide bomber to save others
Damn I’m good
Steve Busce,GG and just awesome
I’ve started the masquerade, but can I change my mask?
Germans know how to insult
Someone really didn’t think this out at the JFK memorial.
Well color me impressed.
Marilyn Manson’s Dad surprised him at his recent photo shoot with Terry Richardson. Proof that its a Father’s duty to embarrass your children as much as humanly possible.
My heart hurts, Mr. Spock.
They thought it was a camera… :D
Jackie Chan giving a tour of his secret home.
I received a birthday card. Thanks ‘grampa’
The Red Green Show, a Canadian comedy show, ran for 15 years. This is the full episode "Rent a Wreck" 22:38
Chris Pratt gets pranked
Someone really didn’t think this out at the JFK memorial.
Tell me, Sir Mittens
My failed panorama came out looking like that scene from Inception
A father’s love
So poor they couldn’t even afford a car with 4 seats
That’s one pimping kid on the right
Man VS pregnant woman. I don’t recommend this
I did a half face comparison of myself and my daughter today, it’s kind of freaky
How did I not realise that…
MMA Fighter Jason Miller goes nuts after seeing his virtual player’s stats in a new EA sports MMA game
I’m not a smart man, but I know what love is
My friend moved to Tokyo and is working ~80 hours a week as a "salary man", here’s a video log of his entire life this week
What a delightful conversation with god
You still get tired at work? See how they work in China.
Driving all day in the freezing rain.
To those freaking out about SNL’s ISIS sketch
Got a new travel wallet and I found this in the back of the notebook that came with it
Leo’s most prestigious award
FML(Sorry if it sucks, kinda new at this)
forever a onion
I was hungry
Bus seating
Sneezing In Class
Dog Shaped Cloud
Empty Space
Best Birthday Candle In The World
It Looks Like It Travelled Here From The Future
How They Come Up With All Those Pokemon Names
Rihanna’s Secret
Very Suspicious Indeed
The Difference Braces Can Make
A dragon lizard giving himself a relaxing day in Indonesia.
The Best Question
Me And My Friend’s Face
Go To School!
can’t imagine why.
Killer guard dog chases down a person trespassing on private property
My sisters attempting to pump gas
She’s wood, sculpture/carving, By Peter Demetz
Trashy. Are you fucking kidding me?
I am aware of the irony that I photographed them.
Hundreds of people dropping mentos in diet coke all at once
So this asshole was holding up traffic this morning
Classes At Navy
This living fossil is 200 million years older than the oldest dinosaurs, its been on the planet for longer than there have been trees. A true wonder of the natural world.
Home made Batman suit blocks multiple punches
Talking to the devil
Who thought this was a good idea?
A microscopic image of a human tongue
bitch I’m dying
Looking Sad
Awesome camera work on James Golding’s Dunlop V8 Supercar Crash – Clipsal 2015
The ultimate dick pic guide!
A year of stirring in my favorite mug
My wife and I wanted to redo our 1920s bathroom with more time-appropriate hexagon tile. An hour in, I see this.
This was flying around Comcast’s headquarters in Philadelphia yesterday
This bottle has a pear grown inside it before the alcohol is added
I made a luge track at my house. It’s nothing spectacular but my kids love it.
I microwaved soap and it looks like bread
David Fincher’s Advice to Young Filmmakers
Not your standard break dancer
I USE a modified version of this by pouring whiskey on the ice cube in a glass and drink it.
I’m going to have to put you on howl-d.
A friend of mine photoshopped a giant snow man next to his house. A local news truck was seen driving around looking for it, and a national paper published an article about it.
I spilled a bunch of parmesan cheese when making breakfast this morning. Let the race begin!
The purge
Witnessed 2 generations collide today.
Woke up early, don’t think the hubby realizes I’m gone.
These sinks are tires
Guy has a seizure while skydiving
Delivering pizzas at 2am and this just scared the shit out of me…
No chill
Cat Gets it’s Teeth Brushed
Its raining a little bit in Florida… Thats a bullshark in a front yard.
Small World at Disneyland is on fire
Sikh boy records being bullied by racists on school bus
"Angie is a therapy dog who comes into the library and lets kids read to her so that kids who are struggling with reading can gain confidence. Every time I’ve seen her in the library she’s always wagging her tail for the kids and is very attentiv
Cosplay Photography in a Nutshell
But, really though. Sundays are such sad reminders.
Canadian parties
Never Realized This Before
Someone Help Him
Iggy Azalea’s In A Bikini
Let Me Call Annie Wilkes
I’m Liking These New Book Store Sections
You Just Need One Shade
The Ghetto Hikes
Birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa.
A pair of evil slippers.
2015 resolutions checked: Volkswagen Camper Van Tent
Extremely Cool Animal Chairs With The Exact Size Of The Animals.
Magic Icy Bumper Shells Made By Crazy Ice Storm.
Lovely pillows chosen by cute kittens.
I had my first seizure at the age of 18
The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Is About To Start
Am I Late Or Early?
This Is Extremely Satisfying To Watch
The Greatest Mouse Trap
First Planet Problems
Oh, Kids Grow Up So Fast
Creepy Japanese Piggy Bank
When Life Gets You Down, Use Photoshop
Music Suddenly Turns Dark And Dramatic
Kid Is Really Hungry
I Would Definitely Watch
That’s A Shame
Amazing Ancient Doll
This Girl Really Amazes Me
Pizza Store Got The Engineers
Don’t Stab Him!
Whenever I wash socks
To the beautiful lady sitting in the 4th pew on the right side of Memorial Baptist Church in Greenville, NC as of 8:19 AM ET,
Imgur, Imgur, bo-bimgur, banana fana, fo-fimgur, mi-ma-mo-mimgur, Iiiiiimgur!
Incredible archery shot
Tiger Dentist
The bin in my hotel room
Jumping the Lift
Simon Pegg on playing Scotty
UFC 184
Royal Flycatcher
The truth about cheese
White Privilege
Watching the credits for Star Wars Episode 1, I noticed this clever joke.
Fuckin’ nailed it!
You got baby mama drama
This is a nanoinjector, a microscopic machine used to inject cells with DNA
How do you take your tea, Natalie?
Old-school trolling from 1930
I received a birthday card. Thanks ’grampa’
The Little Grumpy Cat
it’s the devil inside
What’s That, Mom?
Umm… I Love You, Too
Tickle, Tickle
Wacky Work Schedule
Bra Delivery
In our church, there is a boy with autism.
Ender’s Game
Then You Spit It Out
Damn It Clock!
Taste of Awsome
Wow! Incredible Luck!
Weigh-In Selfie
Well Deserved Face Of Pride
Thy Will, My Lord, Not Mine
Remember About This
AirBoard Self-Balancing Board, I Want One
We Should Make A Name For Our Moon
The Aiming Is Impeccable
Humans And Their Money
Question To Self
Italian Ice Cream
Before And After You Squat
Brick Road Mystery Solved
Canadian Music
The Ultimate Parent Troll
Just Making Sure It’s Still Alive
Tattoo With A True Meaning, Respect
Totally Worth The Wait
Jesus Take The Mic
Men And Women Are Like Technology
I Wish People Would Understand This!
Check The Seat Belt Twice
The Taste Is Better
That Friend We All Have
He’s In A Better Place Now
Never Break Their Heart
Trust In Your Gut Instincts
Why Is Coke Not Funding This?
I Didn’t Choose The Doodly Life, The Doodly Life Chose Me
That’s The True Reason
They’re Coming Back For More
Where Kittens Come From
Satan’s Coming to Dinner
Fifty Shades of Lent
Did it Use the Crosswalk?
Topless Pizza
Big Pimpin’
Today I went a gas station to get a little treat for my brother with the change I had.
Today, my best friend told me that I make him smile.
Today at a baseball game, a lady had a seisure and hit her head.
A while back I saw a veteran on the bus.
The ultimate stealth takedown
My son is a ridiculous little person.
Nearly fainted when I saw this
When I knocked the ’G’ off the graveyard sign
I like the part where the glowing Rod starts speaking Russian then shits itself.
And they say kindness is it’s own reward...
When queen finished this part of Bohemian Rhapsody.
I must go. My people need me
Hulk Cosplay – Nailed It
Today, some trains might be delayed in Dortmund
Minnesota Timberwolves just released the best crowd video from a game I’ve ever seen
When life gives you bananas…
As a grown-up and movie-fan, I really appreciated this running gag in "Penguins of Madagascar."
Someone put a chain across a popular bike trail. It was unmarked and done intentionally. My father, the other biker in this video wound up with a broken vertebra.
This is how gerrymandering works
What $0.09 a month gets you in Detroit.
At my favorite Burrito place…
Leonard Nimoy’s last tweet
How does someone like this get a job modeling underwear?
Well fuck you too fortune cookie
Florida sewer Rat.
"Angie is a therapy dog who comes into the library and lets kids read to her so that kids who are struggling with reading can gain confidence. Every time I’ve seen her in the library she’s always wagging her tail for the kids and is very attentiv
What $487 a month gets you in Hong Kong.
The Florida Man, in his native habitat, trying to survive.
Pretty sure the Discovery Channel used the screaming goat as a sound effect for a Native American scream.
Paid $18 for this from a used book seller on Amazon. They left their price tag on it.
Hard work is so over.
Epic Mom
Flour on Orphans
Drama boy.
Keep The Bees Alive
I Didn’t Choose The Doodly Life, The Doodly Life Chose Me
Fashion Or Apocalypse?
Trying To Be Sneaky And Failing
This Is A Tricky One
“The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. It’s by giving those people a service that’s better than what they’re receiving from the pirates.” - Gabe Newell
The Flash from the current TV series is hugely underrated
MRW my brother comes home from the pants store.
My favorite finishing move.
Just click that damn link
Life of a single father
Today is the 2nd anniverary I’ve spent with you wankers, have whatever the fuck this is
How to keep your cat busy for a while.
At my favorite Burrito place...
Ran into Alec Baldwin at an airport restaurant in Newark International. We just graduated from Navy boot camp yesterday, and he bought us all breakfast. Thanks Alec!
Note: Spaghetti fits perfectly in a Pringles can...
Hand stand
Troll Camera
Grizzly takes on four wolves for a meal
It always bothered me that the dog got more detail than the man, so I removed it. I guess I get it now.
So I’ve been watching "Vikings" lately and Bjorn looked oddly familiar… I figured it out.
Car cuts off cyclist and goes into full road rage asshole.
George Takei’s Gay Test
So I work on the 13th floor, looked out the window at the top of the parking garage, and had an idea. This is the result…
Namibians answer what they like most about living in Namibia
When meeting an Olympian
Couple Recreates same pose 50 years later
Answer on an English Exam paper
Meet my roommate… She said this after she woke up hungover from a big drunk night out and smelled her hand while drinking the coffee I gave her….(yep she’s single!)
My friend got so drunk he caught two possums
A Cat Walks Into A Bar
People From Massachusetts Will Understand
Did You Mean The Barking Dead?
If You Admire Him, Prove It
Existentialism Trolling
Vampires Vs. Sparkly Crap
What Kind Of Sick Person Watches The Rest
is it blue and black or white and gold?
Cool Old Man
How To Win A Nobel Prize
Do You Even Like Starbucks?
Poor girls... Nobody should ever have to go to prom alone
Greek Economics Explained
White Power
Snu Snu
Grenade Fishing Fail
The Birth Of Steam
The Power Of Prayer
Definition Of Swole
Social Networks Today
And life is a flat circle
One time my mom gave me $20 and I bought my neighbours ice cream with it. That was in 2001. I’m still not over it.
Highway is faster
Jimmy Kimmel – A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement
Thank heaven for puberty
Adam Sandler in high school
seriously, this never gets old
Booker T accidentally calls Hulk Hogan the N word during interview. Insta regret.
Not everyone is up for the challenge
My friend was so drunk last night he caught a opossum.
Brushing Teeth
Mixed Volumes
Get Rid of the Body!
Biblical Storm
Starving Brother
The Holy Grain
That Doesn’t Sound Fun
Dad is so cool
"I feel a million bucks."
Pet rock fail
Katy Perry’s sweater though
Political correctness hasn’t made its way there yet
Oh so you just feed them out of a window?…filfthy casual
Friend’s little brother was told not to blink during school picture day.
"That’s my secret. My shirts are always too small."
That helicopter is talking out of its ass.
You people that do this, you can go f*ck yourselves
How about you shut your damn mouth
Starter Packs on deck
Banksy sneaks into Palestine
I invented my own card trick and got to do it on TV
Most inventive skateboarding seen in a while
I died
A Snoring Dormouse is the cutest thing you’ll see
What happens when the water is not turned off in a non winterized house. 5ft frozen solid
So…my aunts cat likes to sit on top of telephone poles for a few hours now and then.
My sister and her husband remodeled their bathroom and had some problems when it came to the lighting…
Excuse me! No, John Travolta is not creepy
13-Year-Old Drinking Prodigy Accepted To Ohio State
Sibling love
it is makeup, calm down.
Found in the bathroom at work. Someone learned a very hard lesson.
I was grocery shopping in Cancun when I saw this strange promotion….WTF?
This dirtbag is turning me on
Elijah is a good kid
Trouble in paradise
I love this juxtaposition.
Feminist activists in Belgium threw french fries and mayonnaise on the Belgian Prime Minister Monday in protest of what they believe is his chauvinism and promotion of the wrong economic values.look at all the fucks he gives
Hung my hammock in this amazing tree yesterday.
French policeman shoots suicidal man to save his life
Making the first payment on my student loans.
Woman parks in Handicapped zone at school and has no handicapped children
My friend just bought a new house. The old owners must have been geniuses.
Getting a date was never this easy…
Baby Baby Baby
Nutella Supply
Truth About Vodka
Procrastination In A Nutshell
Clever Door Mat
The Horse Is Really Excited About This
Proceed With Caution
Granddad Drama
It’s okay.
cat rage part 2
One more reblog...
They were next to each other...
Fun prank
extremely naughty name
I wonder why they left?
Snooki & Waldo
Nice Tattoo
Siri Fails Again
An Explosive Meal!
What’d You Lose?
A tribute to all the guys out there…
Just why?
Who needs fake boobs?
The early 00′s were a simpler time.
I can live now..
Opened my beer….thanks?
When apple announced their car plans, I could only imagine this.
The Ultimate Dad Joke Duel
Saw Kanye West today. No one wanted to look at him
A more fun game.
Dad jokes come automatically
I still can’t believe it…
Present and Future Macklemore
Iggy Azalea gets called out by John from Tennessee on Sway in the morning….
Jennifer Lawrence And Scarlett Johansson Merge Into One Seamless Face Of Beauty
Texas Sportscaster elegantly speaks his mind on the racist basketball signs incident in Flower Mound, Texas
It’s a good while ago since I saw this flyweight.
When my daughter asks why she can’t wear things she thinks are "cool", I show her this photo from my freshmen year in highschool.
When you show up 10 minutes before the DMV closes you get away with this…
When the weather gets bad, nurses prepare to sleep in the hospital so they can be there to care for your loved ones. Thank the nurses in you life.
Bill Clinton & Jennifer Lawrence
My sister lives in Florida and sends some weird pictures of people. This was most recent.
Black Sesame Ice Cream
A family I am close to lost their 17 year old son.
I had a huge ugly scar on my cheek.
A few weeks ago I passed out during school. I didn’t rremdmber a thing. All I remember was waking up
It’s 2013, Let Them Be Together!
tell chuck norris
Hope It Wasn`t
Big Bang theory
Black History Month
Crime doesn’t pay, kitty looks so done.
Just the right Moment
Image of dwarf-planet Ceres taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft shows two shinning bright spots inside a crater
A Time Traveler Meets A Famous Painter
Take A Selfie
He Knew What He Was Doing
I Wonder If He Tells His Fish Friends
He Came In First
The Last Human
Babies Confession
Did I Just Hear That Parrot Speak?
Wakeup Wars
Still remember this like it was yesterday
Fires . . .
Me Champagnesta
Breathing rainbows
This is Belgium’s minister of health
Dumbass… if you had used helium He could have also risen from the dead.
No DNA test needed…!
If I did that, there would be a lot of people throwing up!
Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie
I hate this moment… Any good series suggestions?
The pic doesn’t show her eyes…. You can pretend it’s not mom
Be nice, he’s my friend
Sometimes I just need a contraption like this
Money changes things
A science fact I learned the other day
Joe Rogan destroys Jon Mcintosh
Taylor Swift Wearing Short Shorts To The Gym
This Was Strangely Inspirational
Sad Cat Attempts Comedy
The Edgy Teen Doesn’t Know Who He’s Dealing With
Eating Alone
Normal reaction to a catastrophic accident
Guy falling for 9 seconds while trying to fight Darth Maul
Praise the Lord
Now that’s an expression. 
Highly Skilled Thief
Police Officer compares his firearm to a bb gun recovered during a school fight
One of the English teachers at my Highschool put this in the hall outside her door
My substitute teacher looks like a cross of Wolverine and The Penguin.
This picture of Elsa being "arrested" in South Carolina looks like the beginning of a porno
you blew it, evolution
I’m dead
Put my fat cat on a diet and bought a feeder with a timer. Now this is how he waits patiently for dinner.
Arguably the most compelling reason for protecting your source’s identity.
Husband’s hotel review
Dr Evil on the train
Best cake for a baby
I ate my kids’ chex mix last night. My daughter wrote this to console my wife.
The Worst Asian Hacker Ever
When Taking Selfies
Sun Was In My Eyes
That About Sums Greece Up
Not You Too, IPhone
The Ultimate Act Of Desperation
Making Food
Maybe Someone Will Understand My Satisfaction
Refreshing And Satisfactory Flow
That Really Hurts
Radical Indeed
It’s Clearly Years Of Water Retention
Oh, It’s So Sad
I’m Pushing This Bitch
After Being 2 Weeks Late Girlfriend Finally Got Her Period
North West Is Going To Have A Little Brother
Most Brilliant Response Ever
That’s Better Than Winning
It Was Very Effective
Evil Shoes
I Want 3
When A Body Part Falls Asleep
My Long Distance Relationship
Secret Message In Her Latte
take kids out to play in the snow; attempt to take cute pictures; wind up with moderately terrifying ones instead
Some guys build a huge Trojan Horse and take it to various locations to see if they can get it past security.
Baby laughs like a little troll
That kid wins
dont knock it, until you try it
This photo of Guillermo del Toro with Ryan Gosling on a Cars ride at Disneyland makes me smile.
Modern Art: Why did my high school counselor not tell me about this career choice
WTF?! ISIS Security from 3rd party contractors
When you leave baby with dad
Wow, and no wedding ring? Can you imagine that..
This just happened in New Jersey.
This carwash thrives by hiring employees with Autism
Ladies, pay attention, this is how you look!
Elephant really wants to break this stick then rage quits
Today I learned Gordon Ramsey was doused in gasoline in Taiwan during his investigation of the illegal shark fin market
Woman at petrol station
…best Disney shirt
Dad sold my sister’s car in less than an hour.
bathroom poets
Family moments
Christina Aguilera Nails Britney Spears Impression
Talking husky puppy
German shepherd? I think we adopted a kangaroo.
Seen hanging from the steering column of a taxi cab
James Franco just posted this on Instagram
The REAL questions.
Judgement Day Confessions
third best
The Highest Of Fives!
I think we know
Monday Morning
Could Be a Great Night
After thinking about suicide for a few days, I told my friend that I was going to kill myself.
Fish Story
Making Crappy Plans
Well, I Have Put on Some Weight
How Many Of These Guys Do You Know?
Adults Don’t Care About Important Things
Explosive Grief
Although People Do Look At Me Funny When I Do It
The Real Culprit
A boy I know suffers from a genetic disease for which there is no cure.
My sister recently got hearing aids.
Sounds Like a Fun Game
Freud Strikes Again
No Foolin’
Listen to That Hum
I made this
My hair
The creation of "HECK"
All you can do really...
Tod Smith
Biggest School Deal of the Year
Lovely family
I can assure you…
Want to feel old? Dr Dre is on the latest cover of AARP magazine.
Lord of the Swings
I happen to be able to make car noises. Ford hired me.
There is an ant colony in my friends calculator. He says whenever he turns it on, they all start freaking out.
"The Unemployed", More Swedish humor!
Sneak level 99
The importance of Scooby-Doo.
Anon doesn’t look
I have a very common gmail address. I get flight coupons, rental agreements and more. My efforts to get an elderly couple to invite the right Steve to their garden parties have finally worked.
"Uh yeah, I’m a writing an essay! In french!"
You Won’t Believe How This Awful Mother Tried To Shame Her Child
Funny Pictures Vol.912
Here Are Some Important Facts About Water That You Need To Know
This Cow Has No Idea How That Bike Got There
These Amazing Interiors Will Inspire You
Dumbo Octopus in Action
If you’re not watching this show, you need to make some changes.
Good humor is always a nice quality to have
So this arrived in the mail today.
Shrek :)
I guess Red isn’t *that* great of a Pokémon trainer...
Let’s get down to business
Sitting in my immunology class when...
Just wanted to buy a new light switch
High School Girls’ Wish
Why popsicles? Why?
Some people just want to watch the world burn.
Aww, that’s cu… ewww
WTF?! Eyelid tattoo. His eyes are closed
Not aliens
Barney synced up to Straight Outta Compton
My buddy got cast for a Japanese commercial. This is the result… O_O (x-post from r/Japan)
You can’t deny that the internet is a lot more entertaining than TV, though.
Aubrey Plaza accepting an award on behalf of Amy Poehler
It’s even got teeth
That last load was gross apparently…
Probably the biggest reason to not commit suicide
Sitting in my immunology class when…
Found this neat Youtube account of a 91 years old woman cooking cheap meals from the depression.
Creepy: Hands of a dying lady
This target lines up the candy in the same order in every lane.
Sesame Street did a House of Cards Parody and it’s amazing.
Am I a pretty princess yet?
Praise helix!
God damnit.
He delivered
In Honour of the Oscars
Hard ping pong balling
My bike was stolen today. I don’t know who the bigger idiot was.
Parks and Rec put a fake ad in the last episode, I’m ashamed to admit I thought it was a real ad until the very end.
This is not a painting. This is the Namib desert.
How to answer the phone
First time my cat has seen a watermelon.
Flying Carpet Green Rug, I Want It So Bad.
Fun With Coupons
I Just Want to Freshen Up
Grandma Gone Wild
She’s So Cheeky
Get Me Some Motown!
this is tumblr, the esscence
And you breathe your own piss
The Better Question Is
genius yahoo question not
weird smelling kid
Little boy with flowers
Juliana’s Strength Shines Through
7 months and 27 days ago, a boy at my school named Asher Brown commited suicide.
My nephew has a heart problem and he went to the hospital and had a stroke.
Today, an acquaintance received his GED and enrolled in college.
My great grandmother passed away recently.
Today, is 11/11/11.
Today, my boyfriend accidentally called me while he was playing with his little cousins.
Still one of my favorite clips.
the monkey in the back is my spirit animal
fourth in line
So me and a lot of people have been making pasta wrong apparently.
Start planning your financial future today. Here’s some sound advice.
Bitch you alright
How to toilet train a cat
No Exit. A beautifully done animation that deserves more attention. [SFM]
Judging by Kim Jong Un’s new haircut it looks like North Korea just got the first season of The Jersey Shore.
This restaurant has a garbage can for both English and Pig-Latin speakers.
Who’s the magician now?
My girlfriend spilled her tea and…this happened.
I 3D printed this tiny snowman mold
My papa has dementia and can’t really keep up with scripted TV. We’ve been watching the Jackass movies on repeat for the last few weekends – he loves ‘em.
Cockatoo running around yelling absolute nonsense.
Guy gets professional gamer to prank his brother’s stream on his birthday
Headstone of the future.
Think Spring
The University of Essex, ladies and gentlemen.
Found $300 in a parking lot last night. Got really excited until I looked closer…
West Ham Fans Taking A Dig at Chelsea Fans by Politely Letting A Black Man On Their Train
This photo hasn’t been edited. Poverty divides in Mexico
Good thing I was paying attention when I walked outside
Behind the skyscrapers in Dubai
A man and his Corgi
Did anyone else notice how creepy John Travola was at the Oscars tonight?
Your friend must be a real pussy.
Someone thinks they’re funny
Money Tip
Still not as bad as the Dutch on their bikes
Best college football sign ever!
Officers salute retired, terminally ill K9 as he heads to the vet to be euthanized.
Really American Apparel? That seems…unnecessary
My brother bought a pack of Angry Birds playing cards from a Chinese store and found this.
His face says it all…
A Baby Cockatiels First 30 Days
The forever alone table at the pub that lets you watch yourself be sad and drunk
It’s good to bring older dogs to water so they can relax their arthritic joints and get a little exercise. Smooth dog. Warms my heart.
Went to the doctor for knee pain and find out there was a sewing needle lodged in my knee.
Rare photo of Jesus blessing Patricia Arquette during her acceptance speech.
Rejected 50 Shades of Grey Script
Pretty sad. Young British mother has door to her flat smeared with paint and feces by racists who tell her that the area and its flats are not for Whites and belong to Black people.
Tomcat in heat
13 Things Your Toddler Can Do That You Can’t
Very Popular Discussion Nowadays
Ariana Grande Dressed As A Cheerleader At The NBA All-Star Game
Friends For Eternity
Sportsing Pretty Hard
Pink Pretzels
This Is A Jesus
2 cups one skunk.
A terrible secret
He made his bed and ofcourse he had to lay in it...
idk how
Is He Still Alive?
Lonely Hearts Ad
Don’t Let Them Steal Your Generation
I Want This Edition
America By Europeans
The Jack Rack
Good Guy Obama Answers Little Girl’s Letter
Satan’s Dry Spell
Working for Plankton
Sweet Dessert
Lingerie Shopping
Well, That Wasn’t Very Nice
MRW I wake up and I see that my notoriety has changed from "Neutral" to "Accepted"
Sometimes nice people are just nice people. They’re not hiding anything sinister.
One of the greatest people in the world would have been 52 today. We still miss you, mate.
This kid gives zero fucks.
Found $300 in a parking lot last night. Got really excited until I looked closer...
My ice maker works. So I got that goin for me which is ice
Peter Dinklage catches you up on Game of Thrones
When your friends hairy arm looks like a cat
The beer pouring robot has been perfected!!!
MRW Someone calls me a "sad fucking liar"
Posting a comment on a 5 hour old image
Japan. Full stop.
Someone hacked the touch-screen information boards in the main building of my University campus.
She also believes climate change is BS
Nugget of wisdom from Russell Brand
I Would Pay A Lot Of Money For This
Ink Thickness
It Makes Complete Sense
Her Pink Bag
Yolo Diss
who said I was fake ?
Well That’s Extrememly Depressing
Tyler needs to find a new girlfriend.
Shart girl…?
OOPS! You spilled a few drops there. Let me lick that up for you.
The Greatest Spoiler of Humanity’s History
Crazy carrot cutting skills
Looked underneath my bed at the Hilton hotel…
Super Smash Bros claps with realistic audio
They were "on a safari" because the professors exponents were too small to read
Sometimes I think I need and adult. Then I realize I am an adult. Then I get happy. Then I get sad.
So I decided to buy a speaker for my shower, decided to read the manual first, and found this :
Former Ukraine, Year 2015 AD
This little bird was so cold he became desperate, and would not leave no matter how much I moved
Why vampires prefer virgins
Gordon Ramsay gets his dish rejected by another cheff
I think they are done
Why is the world this sad..
I am so for equal opportunity in makeup
This is what happens when I leave daddy home alone with my daughter…
20 RTs and I’m pushing this bitch
You blew it! My local paper could have nailed the best pun of the year.
Sleeping Me is not smart. :
It’s so cold in Canada that this bus just split in half in front of me
Boobs vs butts
Never realised this
Teenager gets shot in the head and calls Swedish SOS, the operator doesn’t believe him
Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Engine turned into conference table
I found this on my campus, attached to a balloon. This is the saddest thing I’ve seen.
African man sees snow for the first time, and his reaction is priceless. (Watch until the end)
As a Girl with big boobs this is the most annoying thing ever!
At 0:10 there is a cat in the background that starts vomiting and nobody notices
Just rented a new place. Previous tenant left the wall mirror…and a dirty secret!
YouTuber vs Slumlord: Tenant Documents Horrible Living Conditions in Oakland Apartment Complex
Even the meerkats at this UK zoo agree; it’s bloody freezing today.
The best answer to ‘what to do when its snowing outside’
My friends adopted a little girl from Haiti, and this is her watching it snow for the first time.
Terry Crews kills it on Sesame Street
I don’t usually do this but I went on a diet 2 years ago and lost 280lbs
That is why you should go swimming on first date.
Rachel is a catch!
I visited Sri-Lanka recently, while sitting on the beach this guy came and dug a hole next to us, got in and went to sleep.
My husband didn’t want a birthday cake.
When you see a roach…
Not sure if it’s true but I found it on the internet
I seriously question the sanity of anyone who thinks 50 shades is romantic.
Always bet on black
Modern feminism
Tallest residential building in the world is on fire right now in Dubai
1 million fps slow motion bullet impacts.
I really hope this is true
The photographer at my sister’s wedding tried to get a group candid shot. I looked at him at the very last second.
I didn’t want to drink anymore and ruin this
University wrestling in Japan is just as I’d expected.
The Best fan made trailer "The D.E.N.N.I.S System." (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
Hey Imgur I’ve discovered another means of escape to add to my Zombie Apocalypse preparation plan
If you’re happy
i only have one..
taking things literally
Not So Innocent Anymore
That "akward" moment...
Punctuate unless you want Tumblr down your ass
The Eiffel Tower
Okay then...
Today, my little brother who is 7 and has cerebral paulsy and autism joined cub-scouts.
Girl Stats
Gently Blow On Your Screen
Better Than 200 People Pretending To Care
Everyone Needs Some Motivation
Happy Birthday, guy from hot fuzz!
MRW my little autistic brother asks me "What’s the weather like there? Who was that blonde woman from Scarface? What was the name of that big tower the Ayleids built in Oblivion?" (OC)
15/16 is Old Enough to Tell Right from Wrong
Impossible standards for Pokemon trainers
A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it.
Samurai style
Potatoes aren’t just for console gaming!
Shart girl...?
I try to drop this line every time I get a chance.
The latest cover of National Geographic. Thank you NatGeo, thank you.
Gear up boys! Time to end this!
My girlfriend spilled her tea and...this happened.
These meerkats realise it’s bloody freezing today
MRW my 8-year-old nephew and I are playing Lego Star Wars and he says, "You can’t call the Clone Troopers ’Stormtroopers’ until Palpatine executes Order 66."
Dude... I am so so sorry... I swear I’m not an asshole cop...
It was very effective.
Passive Aggressiveness is an art.
What could possibly go wrong with running a red light?
my life is a sham
This is the real gold
Either Way
1000000 points
Did You Count
I Tried To Make A Chinese Sweater....
Crazy Bitch
Strangest Plant On Earth
I Think We Have A Noob
That Elegant Landing
Things Courts Have To Deal With
The Speed Is In The Hips
Today my best friend and me were sitting having lunch.
Today, I live in Manhattan.
My son Christopher was playing with a younger boy and accidentally broke his little $1 light up sword.
Like, Whatever God
Chicken In The Garage
Birds And Bees
Quack Quack Bitch
A Very Sad Story
Energetic Arguments
You Down With OCD?
Cat Flipped Out
Where’s Hillboro?
Thanks a Lot!
Holy Steroids!
"Oh god!!"
way to ruin
To: Amandabieber
and nor can you
this is not legit
Imagine What It Would Look Like
Tip Jars
Because, Ron,
Plane makes emergency landing on street
So, we let the dry ice get away from us a little bit…
In Florida, when the temperatures fall, so do the Iguanas. This King bounced off my car after falling 20 feet.
Took my dog to see some dinos today
After laying low since December, Stephen Colbert attends
31-year-old man dies suddenly. Cause of death unknown. Newspaper requires a cause to publish an obituary, so this is what his friends and family submitted.
That’s not how that works
I made this out of a straw at breakfast this morning and wanted to share.
Eeny Meeny Miny Whoa
This van, covered in dirty snow, looks like a Bob Ross Canvas.
This is why everyone hates on "pop" radio stations.
Stripper in Clearwater, FLA showing the judge that her bikini briefs were too large to expose her vagina to the undercover cops that arrested her. The case was dimissed.
My laundry has a mascot
4chan raids a child’s Minecraft stream, accidentally give him the happiest day of his life
Is this how he hides from Scientology?
Cancer cells under an electron microscope
This is why in the military there is a saying called Army proof…
This pepsi can has coke etched on it.
You Want me to Explode?
Pretty trashy: A girl I went to school with got married in a White Castle on Valentines day
Honda advert helps you speed-read
This might be a bigger problem than we think…
Cocaine-Snorting Oscar Statuette Appears on Hollywood Blvd.
The worst way to get herpes
Alone in the Dark
Such a hard choice -_-
You need to stop.
Draquisha and Harriet at Hogwarts
the damn keys
yolo cat
Shopping, LIKE A BOSS
It Will Devour Me in My Sleep!
I Should Get A Haircut
Really Suits Them
The Computer Every Hipster Desires
How Come Nobody Ever Thought Of This Before?
And I Thought I Was Lucky When I Found A Quarter Yesterday
Last week my Dad died.
My mum used to work with a little boy who had cancer.
During school, in my health class.
I was helping out my school during a walk-a-thon by painting peoples’ faces.
When my school burned down, these students from our school set up a stand outside of one of the local Haggen to raise money.
Day 57: Us Bostonians have accepted our fate as canadians. We already play hockey, drink beer&whiskey, have healthcare, and an affinity for maple syrup. Now to just be nicer, and grow more beards.
I don’t always dress my dog up but i found this shirt…..
Creation of mountains
So this picture was on the frontpage of my local newspaper…
WTF?!? Corpse or model? Outrageously skinny model featured in the latest issue of Danish fashion mag COVER
Ad on London Underground
This otter is killin’ it
Kid gets worst hair style ever in how-to video: "Emo hair for guys"
The look of disappointment and concern.
I feel like every Chinese food place has a little Asian boy doing homework at one of the tables
The stroller your child deserves
Accurate reaction of front facing camera
Delivering a package to a private residence
Like, whatever God.
Oh Jesus, No!
How did she even
A PS4 exclusive ‘The Order:1886′ is five hours long – /v/ stirs and makes a parody of the game dev’s reaction to outrage
Useless attempt of kicking a ball
My university’s yik yak has its moments
High School Basketball Player Throws Inbound Pass Off Defender’s Back Then Dunks
I have to wear a patch over my left eye – might as well make the most of it.