Ron Swanson Is A True Man
The Cast From Archer
Bed Space
New Word For Kittens
You Otter Surrender
I hate that!
17 Celebrities Who Are Really Bad With Money
When I Come Back Home After A Rough Day
Off The Table
That Got Dark Fast
Someone Is Getting Fired After This
Outrageous Ways That Dumb People Have Met Death
The Married Life
The Athleticism Is Real
Woman Gets Rejected By Job Recruiter Because Of Her Outfit
Only Little Dogs Allowed
Zeus, NO!
These Are The Fun Facts Your Brain Needs And Deserves
Can You Spot Snoop’s Tour Bus?
What The Stork Gives, The Stork Takes
Arthur’s Dad Is A Jerk
3 Of The Last White Rhinos In The World Are Under Protection
3D Is The Best!
Third Graders Write Honest Messages To Their Teachers
Pairs Of Celebrities Born In The Same Year
I Love Hades
Man Gets Gored By A Bull On A Rampage
This Generation’s Most Searched Terms
Im So Lonely Now
Cat Snake Found
He Meant To Do That
Hold On A Moment, I Have To Evade Death
So Awkward
STD’s From A Toilet Seat
A Very Reasonable Concern
Don’t Trust Those Eggs
Wasting Time on the Internet
I Once went to
Whoever Was Callin Got Ditched For Barney... Drunk
What Zoo
Historical footage of the Waffen-SS’s liberation of France
I see your supermoon shot, I raise you this supermoon shot in Dubai..
Has this day finally come?
this gives me motivation and i just wanted to share for anyone who needs to hear it
come at me zombro
you don’t say rage
Baby steps
Scale for equilibrium
Looks like I’m not going home
Stanley Yelnats
How to break a drill instructor
I would probably just have a heart attack and die if that happened to me, like goddamn.
Post Ali! Endearing is he, no longer a repost
The Master Of Escapism
I Have Never Been More Embarrassed
This Man Had So Much Wisdom
That Failed Kinda Badly..
Absolutely Beautiful And Terrifying
The Way Things Usually Work
Internet Lies
Mid Air Collision
SWAG Keyboard
Dumb ass bitch alert
Alright you got me now i have to go see it…
Just a reminder about tomorrow…
He thought he’d look cool; instead he looked like a tiny unicorn.
Kat Dennings revealed that she has had the George Costanza answering machine greeting on her phone’s voicemail for the past 6 years. Jason Alexander re-records the greeting personally for her.
Cheating Girlfriend
This has to be my all time favorite pic
The YouTube channel that did the Gordon Ramsay pancakes spoof is at it again…
This one is my favorite
My local high school’s stage collapsed last night during a performance! (First video)
My experience with RPGs is telling me to ask this guy if he has any rare weapons or abilities for sale.
Trashy: My town used to have a night club for pre teens…
WHy I’m scared of the ocean
Got pulled over by a Zebra. Took a Selfie !
Heard a coworker yelling "COPY!" at the new printer. We seem to have a troll…
Good for Tom
Welcome to photoshop
we both saved the
I’m Just Going To Leave This Here
The Devastating Effects Of Not Recycling
Bae, My Parents Aren’t Home
There Is Crazy Stuff Going On Out There
Girls Are Weird
Kylie Jenner Challenge Gone Wrong.
Guy Uses A Selfie Stick To Film His Mum And Girlfriend Fighting
Weight Vs. Height
I Had No Idea About This
We’re All Equal
Don’t You Dare To Steal My Golds
Well... This Is Awkward!
It Doesn’t Get Any Smoother Than This
Treated As A Special Group
This Uncle Knows What’s Up
These Game Of Thrones Pick Up Lines Will Get You Laid This Weekend
I Waited For It And Was Not Disappointed
10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Started Out In Adult Movies
How About You Go Fuck Yourself Face Detection!
FBI Plan Backfired
Good Guy Greg Asks His Homosexual Mate To Prom Because No-One Else Would
One Ceiling Is From A Non-smoking Room, And The Other Is From The Smoke-friendly Lounge Next Door. Can You Guess Which Is Which?
To Whom It May Concern
I Bring You Greetings, Earthling
Kids Are The Best
It’s Lunch Time
The Android Mascot Is Taking A Leak On The Apple Logo On Google Maps
Cop 1, Woman 0
Indoor Cat Loves Catgrass
After Being Too Long Under The Sun
I Want To Work With Them
When I was in the fifth grade I went to my best friend/cousin’s birthday party.
3 Best reasons to watch Game of Thrones
Stop answering the phone
A tiny petting addict
She wasn’t ready to let her favorite vibrator go
Ugandan Cinema – CGI at its finest
What is fappiness
Should have paid attention in algebra smh
I work in the utility field. Here’s an old copper ped and a new fiber ped for comparison.
Owners switch out a dogs beloved travel box to increasingly smaller and smaller boxes. Dog is not impressed.
Leaked and rare photo of Kim Kardashian’s asshole
BLACK MASS – Official Trailer #1 (2015) Johnny Depp Action Drama Movie HD (HOLY CRAP)
Writing A Paper
Elegant & Majestic as sh*t!
To be honest, I have no sympathy for these kinds of people
Understanding substance addiction
Selfie of German track cyclist Robert Förstemann
My Boss hates germaphobic assholes
And this is what is commonly referred to as an ‘attention whore’
Polish girls wearing traditional Slavic dresses
She sucks at hide and seek
Crazy neighbor flips out on a bunch of kids for playing in front of her house
Gluten: The Facts And The Fad That You Should Know
I tripped.
Arrived at my destination, then turned around to check on my dog who was sitting in the back seat..
This made my whole week
Remember that firehose vs flamethrower video? Here they are actually aiming properly
For Earth Day, The Guy Who Got Millions of Kids Hooked on Nature.
Girlfriend asked if I was doing drugs.
Its official, Val Kilmer has become The Dude.
Wow. As advertised, the raft inflates quickly.
Swedish cops on vacation in NYC break up subway fight
20 Students were asked ‘What’s the laziest thing you’ve ever done?’ Some of these answers are pure genius
Jack has the day off from work tomorrow. My friend sends email to let boss know. Hilarity ensues.
How i see myself in the mirror
Monkey teaches a well deserved lesson to boy for an insulting hand gesture
I was standing next to my car and I kept hearing what I thought was air coming from my tire..I found this guy hissing at me instead.
"Fuck off Ally"
My buddy put on $40 worth of those fake tattoos that you put on with cold water. Disney themed.
The Daily Show took on the anti-GMO movement last night. It was glorious.
Thanks for the clarification Spain…
So I was watching some NBA playoff basketball when…
Love it when I see churches telling it like it is
The roof and front door of this house.
So once I trolled a ‘Stop masterbation’ religious group and they happily posted my picture, which my family & friends ended up seeing as some how it ended up on their pages!!
To my Dad in heaven, today may be the day.
This sign can not be seen from the street. It sits on a rooftop of a restaurant across from a hospital. You can only see it from the windows of the hospital.
A friend of mine noticed a gas station scam. He says many years ago he saw this happening all over Bolgaria. Well now its here in Illinois
For real though.
Needs to keep removing clothing….
That Bio
The definition of a MILF
This makes my blood boil.
Girl being interviewed pees herself live on TV
This is what happens when people submit passive-aggressive office memos where I work.
Cyclohexane boiling and freezing at the same time
wardrobe malfunction during horse race
So I just realized that the upload limit has gone up...
A Comic Of Ice And Fire: A Hero Emerges
Daisy’s Cancer Free!
Facebook delivers?
one of my favorite pics ever
You Quack Me Up
8 years ago a woman who knew she was dying
My mother and I went shopping a few months ago.
Run Forrest Run!!
Yes, i did.
Poor guy thinks it’s more
Not So Sexy Wedding Dance
DYAC Classic: The Turkey Breast
Mom’s Got Plenty
DYAC Classic: Sushi For Rednecks
Want Mcdonalds Breakfast After It Ends?
Such A Terrible Professor.. Some People Need To Grow Up
When Your Dad Sons You On Twitter
Judgmental Google
A Billionaire Is About To Spend 400 Million Pounds Pimping Out A Boeing-747 & It’s Ridiculous
Memories... Was This Just A Thing Here In The UK?
One Way To Get Rid Of Bees
God Damn It...
Life After The Apocalypse
These People Do Sh!t Cosplay And It’s Nothing Short Of Absolutely Genius
Netflix Customer Services Prove Why They’re Awesome
No Energy Drinks For You!
Oh Hell Yeah!
I’m To Clingy To Cheat
The Fedex Pilot Gripe Sheet
Seriously, Why Are Girls Doing This?
Fact Fail
Parenting Gone Very Wrong
King Of Ducks
This Guys Has Amazing Skills
A Message From The Future
Meet The Cat Who Does Something Incredible For Sick Animals At The Vet’s
When A Sad Song Comes On...
The World May Be In Worse Shape Than You Realize - These 25 Photos Prove It
4/20 Glaze It
Never Look Like An Alcoholic Again
Old Vs. Young People
Never ever sleeping with the TV on again.
Darn kids
Don’t You Dare To Steal My Golds
Perfect Ending To A Great Life
If I Move Very Slow, The Human Won’t Notice
McKayla Maroney’s Bedtime Cleavage
Threw You For A Loop Didn’t I?
"LOOK at the sky"
I Belive Number Four
*eats Marshmallow And
How a real man shaves
I’m 6’3" and my girlfriend is 5’2" on a good day! I was told we belonged here
So much more fun.
My geography teacher just drew this map out of his mind
10 years ago today, the first video on YouTube was uploaded
Stop calling me a Homo
Burning British people with a magnifying glass
Everyone sharing their jobs, this is mine. The struggle is real
The strength of the wolf lies in its pack.
13 ‘Would You Rather…’ Questions That Are Almost Impossible To Answer
Dad hugging his son who came back from war, so powerful
Fire truck drives through 11ft flood
One guess where this picture was taken
What’s your question?
I just got 500 of these for my Birthday. I’ve been wanting these for a while…
And... I’m out of here.
just a reminder that you are in user sub
It’s the support people don’t want that pisses them off the most
Sometimes ADHD is a good thing, thanks Imgur
acatins creed
The Game Has Changed
Drunk Dinosaur
In the library
How Boys And Girls Google
Fake Friends Be Like
This Is Why We Love The Rock!
Even Austin Powers Knew
Selfie Game Godlike
Not here to judge. Just to shine some light on the matter of women body shapes.
Roadtrips in a nutshell
Drunk Flames fan expresses love for Canucks goalies
Mumford and son
Religous psycho level 9000
This sign has had enough of your fat shaming
I drove by this beauty in the morning
This is how the Irish special forces will defeat ISIS.
Found in a 1970s yearbook
So this just happened here in Chile
Prisoner transport van. Missing any… Cargo?
First Pic of Johnny Depp in "Black Mass" as Whitey Bulger – a real crime boss and FBI informant in Boston who was finally arrested in 2011
What your dog does when you leave your home
This was coming out of my neighbors window yesterday.
Today I learned when she was 54, Bette Davis published this "looking for a job" advert in a newspaper as a joke regarding the situation of the actresses when they age
How does a burger taste after wrongfully serving 36 years in prison
That time the Sheriff had to tow my drunk ass back to shore
As an American. We need to get our shit together and priorities right.
I wonder how many glasses have been broken to prompt this sign…
Best way to quit a job
Mom needs to quit playin
How Fast You Need to Swing a Dick in Order for It to catch fire
Green Day preforming at their local high school. Four years before they were known worldwide.
Best Lunch Ever
Be Careful Not to Get Burned
Oh George.
Friends with no benefits.
Time fail
Ice Cream=Revenge
He’s Holding It Tight
It’s All About The Lyrics
Does It Look Like I’m Going Downstairs?
This Guy Knows What He’s Saying
It’s Like A Circle Of Hell
Superman Always Has To Be The Best
The Most Hipster Game Ever
When Ya Girl...
When You Just Chilling
Don’t Stop!
It’s A Flawless System
19 Complete Morons Who Got Busted By Their Bosses On Facebook
Ghost Sounds
Don’t Judge Me, Netflix.
Poor Drake
This Kind Of Girl Should Not Be Allowed To Use Facebook
Because A Third Hand Comes In Handy
Just Strolling Around The Aisles
Why I Never Picked Bulbasaur
We Got A 23:19!
How Going To The Mall Feels
Climate Change Is Affecting Swans
Now I Have To Re Watch It!
Gluten - The Facts And The Fad
It’s Totally Effective
I Can Fix That - A Collection Of Ingenious & Foolish Quick Fixes
When You Keep Looking At This Picture
Love Your Organ
Going Bananas
Don’t Get Testes With Me
It’s Like A Circle Of Hell
OJ Simpson Pog Slammer
Kendall Jenner Covered Topless Behind The Scenes Photos
After Finally Getting A Job
seriously bro?
very nice tumblr....
The Multitasker
Drunken Backflip fail at Mcdonalds
Friend shared an old HONY post, I love this so much
Roombas, the NOPE of dog world
13 yr old Dolly saved her 90 year old owner from a fire. This is her at a ceremony where she was being honored.
This is how you photobomb
Drunk mother hoedown – Chip nails the best insult I’ve ever heard, improvised on the fly
Nicolas Cage has already bought his grave. It’s a 9-foot pyramid in New Orleans.
This priest wins the most heartwarming Star Wars trailer reaction award (x-post from /r/StarWars)
Shark week
While looking at long hairstyles I found model Jesus
The California Umbrella
Every time I watch porn
Someone turned my lost wallet in to the police station. This card was not there before.
This is a good father.
102 y/o Dancer Sees Herself on Film for the First Time
Contracting with the lowest bidder
Girl who was paralyzed for 11 days surprises her nurse.
Please disregard. Just cheking if this shade of grey matches the back gound shade of grey.
You guys are amateurs. I really drive an old man’s car with a sticker
brought me to tears
Everyone wanted to know if I actually went to the pound to get a dog today... Well everyone, meet Calpurnia
I recently helped Game of Thrones star Alexander Siddig (Doran Martell) ascend to the masterrace by building a PC for him! Here he is with his glorious new machine!
Russell Brand’s speech that got him kicked out of GQ Awards for embarrassing Hugo Boss.
Sometimes you have to spell it out
Wow Chinese dad’s jokes are hardcore…
Drone runs out of battery over beach, owner catches it just above the water
Yeah, baby, yeah!
My fleshlight just came in the mail.
Part man, part sleeping bag, all sex machine.
My students hate me. Worth it.
Oh No, We’ve Been So Wrong All This Time
The Story Of A Rescued Bird
It’s Kinda True
Metal Has Been Detected
Standing up to a stranger’s bully
200 disabled people come to my school every year, we all do activities with them for 2 hours.
no one likes me
High jump fail/win
Book is always better
God angry birds
The story of spiderman
once in a while.....
My Boss of a Little Sister
Teddy Bear
Awlward omegle
Oompa Loompa orange
Ladies love smiley faces
C’mon kids, let’s go to the park!
Well then..that escalated quickly.
I swear it’s glowing
It was an accident.
Date Rape Drug?
I hope its an xbox!
I’m more interested
You know
Her hair
We Need A Website Called
Well, Then
Charming, Cute, Handsome
Marvel VS DC in a nutshell
The brunette is definitely the man in this relationship
As someone who works in the electric industry, this is very entertaining.
Target needs to chill on all the gang affiliation
Women are just as bad as us, no matter what the ‘bleeding hearts’ say.
No time to be subtle
My ninth grade neighbors sneaking in a case of beer
Hex wrenches illusion
Video showcasing what happens when a few people from Tumblr think they can organize a con. The disaster that was Dashcon 2014.
This picture always gets me
Bored, entitled SJW college students at Berkley decide preventing other students from getting to class is a good idea.
Playing a tortilla on turntable
This amazing level of parenting..
It’s a flawless system
Lovely moment of kindness on the 6 train…
This met me as I left the gym
Home design…
Now this is some advice everybody can use
It’s that time again…
Ice makers…
Back in the 70s, people in Iran looked like this. Also, the man in the picture is my father.
Aussie gets arrested for smoking weed in public in Sydney. They pick the best guy nearby to interview about it (dude from 1:20).
I can’t help but think 38000 is ALOT of butts to be fisted… How many Is too many
My grandmother loves Tim Tebow, so we got her this for her birthday.
Been trying for over two decades, but I’ll never be as hardcore as I was when I was three
Selfie game is strong
My parents look happier holding this bottle of Bacardi more so than they ever did holding me as an infant.
My grandfather was a total bro, 1911.
The church by my house is killing it with their signs.
This is how you work out
Napalm would work wonders at that spot…aim at the sign.
My mom has this hanging above the dryer in her laundry room.
She ain’t going nowhere
Maybe they could have chosen an alternative font.
I made a how-to for putting on a sweater if you’re disabled exactly the way I am.
Girls and purses..
The food and service were excellent, HOWEVER…
Black tweets: White girls are evolving
I’ll take "stupid things white girls buy" for $200 Alex
I drive an ‘old man car’ so I decided to get an appropriate sticker.
This took a very strange turn very fast
Girl tries to get bigger lips. I almost cried
When I heard that the Taliban and ISIS announced jihad on each other
One HUGE design flaw with the Apple Watch that no one has thought about yet
In Paris, bus shelters have built-in USB ports so you can charge your phone while waiting for the bus.
You don’t mess with Putin
Just a normal everyday Australian gold wedding tank.
That moment you realize you grabbed the wrong spray…
Guy ran into my car last month and fled. Unfortunately for him, it was all recorded.
I wore a GoPro to my boring office job. Decided to edit the footage into an "exciting GoPro commercial"
My wife shares a birthday with Hitler so I made her this card
My In-law’s German Shepherd only runs in this perfect circle when she’s outside.
People and their quotes
Pete Holmes with Ronda Rousey – Pete showing why hes one of the funniest interviewers today
This dude parked next to me at the gym today.
Probably The Best Lamborghini Ad
If You Have The Power
Love Your Job
Guys, Make Sure You Text Your GF Good Night
Cool Tip If You’re Going To The Beach
Clarkson Plans To Rival Top Gear With New Car Show
It Took Some Time
So Did They Have Hair?
My Life Be Like
Just The Facts Ma’am
Facts About White People
It Was The Coolest And Easiest Trick Back Then
A Serious Thank You
They Will Always Hate
I Found A Kiss Practicer!
Thanks To World Of Warcraft
He Warned Us This Would Happen...
The Official Body Double For Daenerys Targaryen In Game Of Thrones Is Incredible
They’re Note Related
Very Appropriate Reaction
Viewer Discretion Is Advised Don’t Try This At Home
Paul Walker’s Toyota Supra From Very First Fast And Furious Is Up For Sale
You Don’t Mess With Putin
There Is A Church Of Bacon And Some People Want To Get Rid Of It
Model Explains What Snapchats From Girls Really Mean
Are You Heading To Fat Camp
Indeed They Were
These Guys Knew How To Mess With The Press
Get Comfy
Today, my friend wrote on facebook happy 16th birthday Ashley Howard.
I was made fun of throughout my entire life.
Phil’s Prostate Exam
She Broke Her Back!
Natural Water Filter
I Thought She Was Being Kidnapped!
So What’s For Dinner
I’ve Left My Past Behind Me
Good Luck Finding Him!
When Your Sick
DYAC Classic: Duckweed
Such a Disappointment
Nasty Song
Way To Go, Mom
What’s Your Ringtone?
This Is Some Really Scary Stuff
The Perfect Way To Go Camping
The Best Kite Ever
How To Get In Trouble
A Murder of Crows
When i rewatch a really good movie with a friend who hasnt seen it, and the plot twist gets revealed
Here’s a picture of the joint I rolled for 4/20
This is so cool!
Yup, sounds about right
Wife read a post on reddit.
Catching a rhino poacher
Rock Tie Day 1: Complete (with Terry for scale)
when u sick
I’m probably too late but it’s worth a shot
So much pain...
Good Guy Big Ass Truck Driver
When I heard ISIS and the Taliban declared Jihad against eachother.
Some men are lucky
This guy. This guy right here.
Sold a phone to a guy in California, figured he would also need this.
This isn’t what I ordered!
Something interesting to grab your attention so you’ll be tricked into reading
An angry dog standing upright for no food in the bowl.
Some brilliant new words that you can never find in your old dictionaries.
My best friend has been bullied for most of her life.
Can’t Argue With This Logic
We Forgot To Tell Our Cat
Don’t Fear
Wheels Designed For Stairs
How Lovely!
Sick Of Vaccines?
The World Needs To Stop Putting Labels On People. Ignorance Has No Color!
Alternate Home Remedies You Can’t Live Without
Penis Enlarger
Seriously.. What?
That Cheetah Looks Classy Tho
I Used To Play Basketball, Now I’m A Penguin
When Opening A Birthday Card
They Seem Like Nice People
Don’t Do It
A Miracle From God
Such A Good Idea For Dog Lovers
She Might Not Be, But The Struggle Is Real...
Thanks Again, Hipsters
The Best Way To Pass Someone While Driving
First Let Me Take A Selfie
Pretty Sure This Is Sexist Towards Men..
Stuff This Guinea Pig Does
Good Quality Family Time
Superman At Christmas
This Kid Had It Right
So... About That $1,000
My Grandpa died back in October, after being in the hospital for several months.
When I worked at a grocery store, I had a manager that didn’t like me.
My friend took her dog to the vet in Dubai and this was in the waiting room
Homes Not Spikes
Don’t Be Gross
Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester throws glove to first-base when ball gets stuck
Apparently orangutans don’t enjoy the rain very much.
No self control, says the guy who’s the size of the GoodYear blimp
How to kill annoying slang
Now that’s something I can get behind.
The owner of a racing horse named his horse "Arrrrrr" . The announcer was unphased.
This Picture amazes me every time. A 30 ton beast able to launch itself out of the water like this.
This undercover cop just got pulled over.
This is my favorite COD video, teammate gets mad about not "Calling Out"
Dad level: 3000
My Volkswagen Rabbit looks like a toy next to these normal trucks
The Milkshakes Are So Thick
Man Catcalls Women During Anti-Catcalling Report (x-post from r/cringe)
Handy Life Hack
Taylor Swift Sexy Ass
Just Take Them Already
Being Helpful To Others
That Feeling Of Nature Inside Your Car
cancer patient.
This week I was sad because I had lost my USB key containing all my research for my Masters.
My dad died in the line of duty when I was little.
dang pen
Nobody knows about Zelda
Pouring drinks
Me Through The Years
Bread slices
Don’t read a bible while driving kids!
Dark Room Sign
This needs to be in every public restroom
That is really diverse
This house has the street number trimmed in the hedge
My aunt riding a lion on water skis in 1972. Just another day..
Dat Loveseat
My 60lb robot fighting two 30lb robots
This is a wedding invitation I recieved
Astronaut Includes His Rescued Dogs in Best Official NASA Portrait Ever
Jeremy Clarkson on the USA
Dog finds a tiny kitten, risks everything to save her.
I wonder where this is goi….god damn it
Multiple Homosexuals Witness a Fire
The total misunderstanding of my six year old!
This genius exists.
unimpressed dog
Middle aged parents.
Busy Beaver Award
Black tweet of the day. Shit doesn’t add up
This guy at The Henry Ford made this little girls day. The barn was not wheel chair accessible, so he brought the adorable to her!
Teaser Poster for M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Visit’
So my buddy got stabbed 12 times and lived. This came across my Facebook feed a few days later.
Sir Patrick Stewart, ladies and gentlemen.
Aussie finds a 44 gram gold nugget in the outback and loses his mind.
Saw this in my psych textbook. It made me laugh.
towel? check. sunglasses? check. I’m ready for my shower!
Every family has a black sheep
Someone’s Getting Deflowered
Jeff Ross Roasted Bieber Like A Chicken
Something You Probably Don’t Already Know
It’s Always A Challenge
Seagull Doesn’t Understand Personal Space
Every Time I Wash A Little Spoon
When You Look Away For A Second During Class...
Six Lessons Of Management
Success Isn’t Always What You See
Freaky Hidden Message
You Both Enjoy The Pizza
Alien Technology
Never Wanna Grow Up
Comfy Baby
He’d Be The Crowd Favorite In D Block.
Everyone On The Internet
Free Your Mind
You Know Your Fashion Sense Sucks When It’s Displayed In A Charity Shop Window
Dick Game Not Strong
Oak Was Too Lazy To Do His Own Job
Hide And Go Seek JUST GOT REAL
Punctuation Is Very Important
Master Of Persuasion Also
Damn Rookie Pokemon Trainers!
My Kind Of Salad
The Greatest Mystery
What The.. Where Did It Go?
Dad Security
I Guess That’s That Then
If DBZ Was Made These Days
Please Lend It to Me
What Restaurant?
Church Can Be Really Fun
All About the Arms
Mmm… Burritos
Boring town
He Thinks
Okay now,
Best Question
Caption #4
World’s Shortest Train.
Let’s see how this goes
Cough Cough
A South Korean shipyard worker
MRW I’m about to upvote a great post but then read the description: "this will probably die in usersub..."
[ ]
I babysit a little 6-year-old neighbor boy.
A few days ago I attended Relay for Life.
This Incredible Nurse Cat Takes Care Of Other Sick Animals At A Polish Shelter
Animal Planters: For Pet And Plant Lovers
Some Choices Are So Easy
Jesus From The Hood
Can You Solve It?
T-Rex Ski Ride
The Cat Is Broken
Public transport woes
Where the fuck is my food?!
Walmart knows exactly how stupid majority of their customers really are
Found at Costco
One hell of a party. 1 girl, 1 cup
Buddy ran into this gorgeous lady while walking through a suburb of London
Checking Your Weapons
She should be allowed to become an American citizen right away
So my fiancé works at a fast food place, today she showed me this picture
Looked over and found this surprise . I was in the store only 15 minutes…
Just in case you ever wondered if you can waffle cookies… You can’t
Father and daughter team
She’s so hot she’s making me sexist.
So my girlfriend tried to take a picture with her puppy when a bird slammed into the window…
This could start World War 3
I wish that was my X box
hot girls dancing awkwardly
My own mother…
My aunt has procured a world map from ancient Grease.
I don’t know who this is more offensive to
WINCHESTER SXP Faulty Firing Pin. Crazy scary!
‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Official Teaser Trailer
Restaurant offers staff interactions in three different levels
The Rock did the most amazing thing ever
The view through my shades in Vermont.
Stray dog gets adopted, refuses to eat alone again :)
My friend in middle school with his lunch.
Somebody found this on a "blank" VHS tape at a thrift store: "Middle School Madness"
Two penguins flying
Despite all the Helen Keller jokes, it’s pretty remarkable that she learned how to talk
Guy trolls kids playing CoD
Security guard in Georgia is caught playing piano when he thinks he is alone, doesn’t know he’s being recorded.
My schools weird sub> yours…
KFC doesn’t even have to try any more, they’re just like "come get your bucket you fat piece of shit."
How I feel on the weekends
Can anyone identify this nocturnal monster of a bird that is ruining my sleep and how to shut it up without killing it.
You know who would make a good Batman? Superman.
Star Wars: Battlefront reveal trailer
Work hard and apply yourself
It still haunts me
My friend found a bullet in her corn
She must be the branch manager of that strip club…..
You know your fashion sense sucks when it’s displayed in a charity shop window
wow, lizards are very
Assasin’s Creed
August 1, white
For God’s Sake!
You can do anything if you try hard enough
indoor rain
The Cause Of So Many Arguments
A Matryoshka Doll Pregnancy
Go Get It Boy!
Nobody\’s Ever Happy With What They Have
For Stress Relief Only
I Wasn’t Thinking Straight
We Just Don\’t Understand You Women
That Could Have Been So Much Worse
Passive Aggressiveness Is The Best
I Don’t Know What They’re Talking About, That Monkey Looks Gangster
Dat Orange Doe!
I’d Let Him Key My Car
Last Military Engagement
The Oldest People On Earth
These Guys Are Geniuses
Tell Me, Do You Bleed?
Nokia Should Start Doing Body Armor
That’s Just Freaky
He may be getting old, but he’s still young at heart.
I asked Nick Offerman for highschool graduation advice. He delivered.
I favourited this a year ago and haven’t seen it since
This is making me laugh way too much
I feel this needs to be said
How dare you assume he’s male
He looks so proud
Downloading google chrome using Internet explorer is like making someone dig their own grave.
Shut up Steve!
Probably my favorite Channelate comic
Yesterday I lost my parents in a car crash.
Second new Jurassic World poster. Two days ’til trailer!
MRW I get a call that I have to come in for work in a few hours, on my day off
1 year ago, I posted this 4 months into our relationship.
Chopstick Skill Level: Asian
Creepiest GIF I’ve ever seen.
My gf said she wanted comfort food. I present: the cheese couch
Yes, grapes and raisins are bad for dogs
Foster MOM to 8
He’s Got Some Skills
Shit Breaks My Heart
It Gives You The Basis
There Are No Limits For Human Creativity
Allergies In A Nutshell
When Two Guys Are Raised By Dolphins
I’d Watch That!
A Part Of History
Nobody’s Ever Happy With What They Have
We Just Don’t Understand You Women
Lisa Has 750 Friends..
What Did He Do
Anime Vs. Reality
Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger...
Woman Turns Herself Into Easter Bunny Using Makeup
I’m Just Big-boned.
Are you kidding me? I hate Christmas!
Thank god for headphones!
Don’t Wear Black in Vegas
What schools do during an earthquake
Impressing Keanu
I have multiple severe illnesses and allergies...
The scratches on the side of my car were so small that I would have never noticed them.
My best friend has an alcoholic father who beats her.
Today is my birthday.
My boyfriend has gone through it all.
Can you smell what The Rock’s eating?
Talk about exclusive..
This is how you take revenge on a rapist
The internet’s stance on mobile technology.
Passive aggressiveness is the best.
My boss complained about my coworkers hair being too long. Soo she fixed the problem
Just won a dollar from a bag of cheetos in Puerto Rico.
I don’t know why this annoys me so much. This guy has an off-center chin patch
This is just about how my first kiss went…
Hookers for the Handicapped – In the Netherlands, citizens with disabilities receive money from the Government to pay for sexual services up to 12 times a year. This move has drastically reduced depression among the disabled, many of whom have never had
My dogtor insisted on "helping" when I was sick
Cheerleader gets her t-shirt stuck. That is one sexy mistake
First Time
Feeling Crabby
Me So Horny
Thievin Ass Can’t Resist Fries
The Apple Effect
Comfort Level - Cat
Not Today, Bitch!
This Could Be Us..
I Think Judas’s Biggest Crime Was Never Understanding Personal Space.
Clean Your Room!
Iron Man Goes To Space
Little Known Apollo Incident
Wait Just One Minute!
My Poor Boyfriend Got Beat Up
Urban Super Jesus!
Please Confirm Your Age
Feminists Explained
Do I Give It To Her?
How To Prevent Injuries
She Cray!
It’s Like Stealing From A Vending Machine
Wow. Such Religion. So Christianity.
Both At The Same Time
I Wish Pokemon Were Real
After Working At A Full-Time Position For Years
Defending Yourself In An Epic Way
When She Sending You The Pics
Favorite Faceswap So Far
This guy’s a player...
too young for internet
What if everyone...
How Much Worse
Or Option 3
My friend found this stuffed into his mailbox this morning. Apparently kids having fun is a crime in Arizona
Can I pet your titties?
I took a picture through my sunglasses at the beach with my phone. It turned out better than I expected.
Most demanding 1st birthday invite ever
My friend is a baker at whole foods, this is his favorite cake request so far…
My dog Lexi really doesn’t like it when she wants to play and isn’t getting any attention
This is why I prefer Android over Apple
Airplane full of Victoria Secret models
Matthew Mcconaughey’s reaction to Star Wars trailer
This guy pranks Frat Bros at Spring Break and gets their friends to think they’re gay!
This convenience store publicly lists how much they pay their employees.
My buddy bailed on me for lunch, so I texted him this.
Daniel’s promposal did NOT go as planned.
Hookers for the Handicapped – In the Netherlands, citizens with disabilities receive money from the Government to pay for sexual services up to 12 times a year. This move has drastically reduced depression among the disabled, many of whom have never had
Police dogs waiting for dinner in China
parents only come in on le sex scene.
spider on the ceiling
Found the Eye of Sauron while wine tasting.
Important Update
What actually happens when you crack your bones viewed by an MRI
I’d watch that!
I think Judas’s biggest crime was never understanding personal space.
One of my 4th grade autistic students yelled at me yesterday. My co-teacher told him to make me an apology letter. This is what he made.
A three inch piece of glass between life & death.
Do you ever wonder?
And everyone was scared of Ebola…
I received a letter from an 84 yr old resident. His handwriting is absolutely beautiful.
How to keep metal from rusting
Lars Andersen: Response videos to criticisms of his popular archery video.
When you have a beautiful daughter
What’s it like to be a sex symbol?
Pakistani guy finds Pakistani-American girl
Barely made it
‘Who will drive you home?’ Icelandic anti-drunk driving ad
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2
We had a Peep art show at work. This was one of the submissions.
Painted on the Ladies Room floor. Not cool guys!
The Aloe polyphylla plant
I don’t know what they’re talking about, that monkey looks gangster as fuck
Kids today will never know the struggle
A Mediocre Samaritan
Now its daddy’s turn
I can’t unsee it now
I’m just big-boned.
Smoking room ceiling, Washington-Dulles
Pandas want you believe that all they are is cute and cuddly.
You mess with my desk, I mess with yours.
Red hot nickel ball through a jaw breaker
Hookers for the Handicapped – In the Netherlands, citizens with disabilities receive money from the Government to pay for sexual services up to 12 times a year. This move has drastically reduced depression among the disabled, many of whom have never had
How I feel when Internet Explorer tries to be my default browser
Runny Possibilities
Meaty Conversation
Get Geico
But You’re
I see boxes too
You Obviously Havent
One Is An
i bet we all turned
Miley Cyrus’ Butt Cheeks Hanging Out Of Her Shorts
Yesterday, at my high school graduation, a student with Down Syndrome was finally getting to graduate.
Last month our school had a dance.
I got out of Air Force with physical and mental disabilities, and no way to survive.
My grandfather is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s He no longer knows exactly who I am But, his face still lights up when he sees me, and he always tells me that he loves me My grandpa’s determination to keep me in his memory GMH
Food Gone Bad
Why Wonder Woman Uses Bracelets
The Batroom
It’s Actually A Good Method To Remember Stuff
I'm just gonna leave this here
Seems reasonable
Morning Stretch
This is exactly how you win the war on drugs
Who is laughing now?
Principal Refuses To Give Back His Daughters IPhone 6 & Offers Him A Flip Phone Instead!
This shower curtain is far cooler than I’ll ever be.
Ah the conversations you have on the internet
The game never changes
Does he get a family discount? I’m not sure how prostitution works
Day 404 answer not found
Kate Upton
She wasn’t very impressed
That’s fashion I can get behind.
Landscape architecture & urban design in Osaka, Japan.
Video of rare Sperm Whale visiting deep sea rover, Hercules, of Nautilus Live! (cross post /r/oceans)
I’d vote for him
Hijacking a Boats Wake
Bill Nye vs Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Answer: hot dog
When you hit the blunt before going on the air
I’ve always wondered this.
They’re tearing down billboards in my neighborhood and revealed this oldie
This guy is living the dream
What really happened with Drake and Madonna’s kiss
Workplace Safety Champion.
I pledge allegiance to Dat Ass.
Russian Army Barbie Grl
Went to a trade show in Germany – they were 3D scanning people and printing mini statues in detail. The possibilities…
If you want help, help yourself..
It’s my birthday today, and I got this lovely present from my EX.
Sign by the dry cleaner was oddly touching…
My friend was drunk and on Xanax when he decided to tattoo a black face Charmander with no experience or artistic ability. The flame saves it.
My friends wife made these for her son’s birthday
My grandma asked me if I’m thinking of getting a boyfriend or I plan to become an old cat lady
Lil Dicky – Classic Male Pregame
Say something funny black guy.
Mid break-up
You have to do the work yourself
Suicide Bomber hits road side bomb, car is lifted hundreds of feet into air, then suicide bomber detonates car mid air. [xpost /r/wtf]
Incredible HD footage of full SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage landing attempt shows just how close they came to succeeding.
Doctor I work for had this pin on today
…why you should NOT swim in the Tennessee river
This continues to blow my mind
Wing man down, I repeat wing man is down.
At 5 months old my son already has the best school photo ever
At LaGuardia Airport they replaced all their minimum wage cashiers with machines.
This driver was not paid his monthly salary, so he parked his owner’s car like this and quit his job.
My company moved to a new building, that’s the lady’s room.
Funny Irish girl on the Graham Norton show.
This fish looks like a grumpy old man
Decided to photobomb my wife during our wedding photoshoot last month.
This would leave a LOT of girls single. Permanently.
Length of Game vs. Actual Gameplay
The real reason why your baggage is destroyed at the airport [:59]
Totally didn’t expect it to go like that.
This dad
Bitch you’re the one that keeps gettin’ abducted.
Little Girl Reacts To Mufasa Being Killed By Scar In "The Lion King"
The worst person ever.
Aladdin parks like an asshole.
So many of today’s COOL guys need to know…
The things you can’t joke about..
I have no friends, so this is what I do most of the time… (‘normal’ me in upper left corner)
Very shady spot
Monster energy drink under a blacklight
Clever Cleverbot!
I just don’t get it!
Sounds like a good idea!
Super Toilet!
Cleverbot rules
It’s all in the yogurt
Woah woah woah. Back the eff up.
My first face battle
Soon after this the OP died of the dreaded disease AwwwwwSqeeee
I took the tattooed/digital/vinyl/shirtx2 guys idea and animated it.
I laser engraved that guy’s vinylized image of that digitized image of that guy’s shitty Charmander tattoo on a wedding ring.
Would love to be a fly on the wall for those conversations
I don’t know why, but I made that guy’s shitty Charmander into a plush
Shartmander’s Life Advice
We’re evolving once again...
Tim Burton style Pokemon
Russian for 8 months
That Store Knew Exactly What They Were Doing
Kendall Jenner Covered Topless Photos In GQ
The Selfie Shoes
Canada Has Forgiven Us!
Corgi Attack :V
Draw a Box: A structured approach to the fundamentals of drawing
The ’80s summed up in one photo
Scared injured pit bull rescued from highway
Little boy who cared
For Christmas, my uncle gave his girlfriend and her kids bags and bags of clothes.
A few weeks ago I had a terrible day
I was at a hotel swimming pool the other day, and a man with Down Syndrome cam in.
My best guy friend in the world is gay.
Docter Who