Happy Australia Day!
Making the most of the snow
Almost like a Disney princess
Soda can design evolution
MRW the girl I’ve had a crush on for years finally breaks up with her boyfriend
More of the "little sheep"
Watching the Miss Universe pageant with my wife.
Contemplative Viking
You fool!
Quit being dumb: Buy the stuff you’re going to buy anyways, at the right time!
Someone has put together the Pokémon worlds to a big Pokémon World Map
Some stuffs for you guys to copy/pasta and have some fun with
I need help ASAP
A nope from my childhood.
So stupid that it’s good
He was not impressed when I asked him to ’sit’.
Dinosaur Attack!
Angry grandad perks up when unexpectedly reunited with his daughter after 10 years, and meets his grandkids for the first time
The Aurelio Supercar
This room is NOT photoshopped. Made by the artist Georges Rousse, france.
Before and after I found an extremely powerful hand dryer in the bathroom
My Grandma sent a photo of herself to my Grandpa during the Korean War. He sent this photo back to her.
Awesome train graffiti
The Right Dosage
Cleaning With Cows
Does It Make a Sound?
Pulling Out
Licking Good
Someones horny..
Brother in the Friendzone
Ice Cream is Happiness
You’re A True Survivor
When She Wants You To Go Down
Every Time I Have A Day Off
Oh Yeah, Spaghetti
A Man’s Guide To Showering
When A Website Asks You If You Are 18 Or Older
No Sympathy
Depression Described Perfectly
What Did I Just Watch?
Russell Brand Wants To Talk About It
The Most Romantic Way
The Perfect Argument For Pizza
This Bird Is Not Like Other Birds
Those Are The Best Parties
College Is Always A Challenge
Want To Win A Pint?
Just A Little Warning
That’s Exactly How It Feels
She Has Her Priorities Sorted
Pizza Just Got A Lot Better
No More Birthdays?
Science Can Explain It All
This Is A Girl You Marry
Would you like some ...
One of my best friends is my best friends four year old son.
My grandpa was just leaving our house to go back to his house He hugged me and said "Do you have make up on?
You know they have sex with each other. You just know.
Our family doesn’t need a dog.
Seems to not work at all. I sprayed it in my girlfriend’s face and she got even more bitchy.
My friend is Ed Sheerchin
We should all squirt more
foot shaped radish goes on display
This guy might have hearing problems or something.
Dear CNN, I would NOT like that.
Dog helps cat
Somebody’s airbags failed to deploy
This man likes to live dangerously
Masturbating has become so much more work
The top chess players in the world, trying to play soccer…
Dashcam footage of Mariupol being shelled on 24th January 2015
I know you’re out there, and you’re not an asshole.
My SAT book does not fuck around
Boyfriend 2.0
Hunger Games Fans:
Classroom Ninja
Troll Shark
Love is blind..
Welcome to the black parade, mom.
Seduce them w/ awkward
Clifford the Druggy
so lonely...
Canadian problems, yo
Pad wrappers and men’s toilets
A mental breakdown a day keeps the comfort away
Devil’s Cauldron in Ecuador: One of the most marvelous places on the planet.
Would you like some..
The soldiers did not even flinch.
It totally was
Petco Throws LIVE Baby Iguana in Dumspter
My little brother looks a lot like Butthead
Check out the balloons
How nightmares are made
Kimi Raikkonen Doesn’t Give a Fuck
Woke up to this above my bed
Watch this guy slap a bear and continue living
Calvin, dropping some knowledge.
The Last Straw
I’m happy to see my hometown is keeping high standards
My friend saw this in Cambodia today
If it’s stupid and it works, it’s not stupid. My Facebook buddy’s improvisation.
Water Spout in Tampa
Overweight Irish teen sheds 3.5 stone after embarrassing night club photo
Rare meteorological phenomenon called a ‘SKYPUNCH’.
Best Wifi code
Well, this is my life now.
Pass Me a Tissue
Printing Problem
All About That Base
Welcome to Facebook!
Don’t worry about that…
This is what looks like when people receiving surgery from cats.
A great opportunity appears.
Four most expensive things on Earth
A clear definition of Fine.
This iceberg is fighting global warming.
Eviction Notice.
This is my dream couch!
How to book flight seats if you’re traveling with someone.
Bad at math? Here’re 11 math tricks can help you out.
It’s more fun this way
In May my best friend’s mother died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest the day of our Varsity State game.
My sister, Grace, is 13 years old.
I Need Better Friends
The Dumbest Patients Ever
My girlfriend’s chihuahua always looks like he’s about to drop some tough love life advice on you
My friend was putting together her furniture and this was in the instructions
The reason why pigeons disappeared from Trafalgar square
France’s response to the "no go zones" on fox news
Time capsule. I was helping my dad clean out my childhood closet this week and stumbled on this old toy. My mother passed away after a four year fight with breast cancer when I was 11. I’m now 25.
We cracked the code
Just found my dad watching a movie like this.
The real reason to not text and drive
Through my horrible struggles with mental illnesses, self-harm and suicide attempts you never have and will never give up on me.
Who the hell is cutting onions?!?
Seriously, what happened to web browsers?
My Dad’s shirt
Dat ass tho
Living the Life
Conan Visits Taco Bell
If Bryan Cranston and Neil Patrick Harris had a child
Should have used 3 condoms
Sex Ed teacher in Mississippi prohibited from demonstrating proper condom use, demonstrates proper sock use instead
Way to go, Paul
We’ve all been this little boy
I think this needs to happen
Rihanna, you used to be basic, never forget.
A little forgiveness found in a slightly ghetto convenience store today in Charlotte.
Stephen Hawking meets Jim Carrey
Even if you’re not a basketball fan, this is incredible to watch. 37 points in one quarter.
Jack, not now. I’m working
Anna Kendrick Everyone
Where’s The Baby?
I took a picture of my car at 12345 miles going 67 mph at 8:09 P.M. I took a picture of THAT picture at 10:11 P.M. with my battery life at 12%
NFL 2015 Bad Lip Reading
This iceberg’s parents melted,.now he fights global warming.
4’8" UCF Cheerleader with 7’6" HS basketball player Tacko Fall
Chappelle called it!!
The water mains in a Russian town burst… and then everything froze.
Bean filled glove: for when you want your kids to feel loved, but you’re too tired
I was testing the Amazon Echo voice range and speaker loudness, didn’t expect how loud it could get.
My uncle gives the most amazing feet massages and pedicures
From Facebook. Check out the ad placement.
Absolutely incredible archery skills
I’m a helicopter pilot. Sometimes, my dad just laughs at me and calls me a dumb shit.
Fancy sinks
This dog’s face tho..
Eye-opening video on how the media only shows you want it wants you to see
Found: Large Dog
So I left my pizza for all of 45 seconds..
My buddy’s dog can dive 12 feet under water. Is this even normal?
Kanye’s hair is on the next level
Saw this on my way into work…
Took a picture of my friend’s eye, ended up getting a picture of my dog shitting
My favorite movie scene
Messing With People’s Minds
Seriously Though
Neil Armstrong’s Humor
It’s Easy To Make Someone’s Day
When The Girlfriend Starts Spooning With Me
I Wanna Be A Pirate
Money And Attractiveness
That Must Have Been Some Wake Up Call
Sadly, It’s The Truth
So You Wanna Have Kids?
OK, Now I’m Convinced
Too Accurate
It Would Be So Great!
Yearbook’s Twin Prank
I’m Shore It Isn’t
Government Priorities
The Science Behind Fireworks
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Achievements
Dripping Water Makes Her Crazy
This Timeline Is Wrong, Marty
Girl Falls Out Of Moving Car While Twerking
Party Hard In The Past
Walter Junior, The Walking Bad
He Ruined So Many Things
Arm Wrestler Vs. Body Builder
Nokia Phone’s Natural Habitat
It Would Probably Be The Coolest Thing Ever
Whoever That Girl Is
And A Mouth Too
Light And Glass Painting
What A Time To Be Alive, This Looks Delicious
People Will Still Get Offended
Enter The Mind Of A Schizophrenic, Art Made By People With The Disease
Everything You’ll Ever Need In A Car
Americas Got
I Hate Captions
Invasion Of The Massive
If he can’t
Back in April I was actually contemplating ending my life when I received this text:
A very popular kid died last year in a quad accident.
A 5 year old boy was fighting Leukemia.
I don’t have as many friends as I would wish.
My grandmother was released from the hospital yesterday.
"Ladies don’t start fights, but they can finish them."
As an android user right now.
Massive relief
MRW I go to Olive Garden with my friends and realize that no one else is eating the breadsticks.
Distracted Driving
Adult Swim Gets Piracy
I know why he cries..
This Bonsai Tree Is Over 800yo
As a college professor, MRW I hear a lot of screaming and shouting out in the hall, walk outside and see two bitches I failed last semester beating the fucking shit out of each other.
Soldier by day, pokémon master by night
Time capsule
They’re alright.
I’m convinced that if "Redneck Monster Truck Judo" existed, this is what it would look like.
Pizza! Pizza!
Really, writing prof?
Emu eggs at the supermarket
mrw son’s teacher says the cupcakes are only for the kids
Lars Andersen: a new level of archery
Swanson approved
angered the wrong imgurians?
I love her, but damn...
2 inches
Your total comes to fourteen belly rubs
Cats ate her face
You dirty bird...
This iceberg’s parents melted,.now he fights global warming.
MRW I hear my annoying 16yo pregnant cousin is coming over
Elton John talks about Freddie Mercury
Goodyear sign
Awwwww yeah its my birthday
If it fits, I am a dumb asshole
Our pediatrician doesn’t put up with Bullshit
My mom made me some mittens and sent them to me in the mail. I approve
I’m an equal opportunity hater.
Party Pat
Killer Question
Amazing shop..snm.
Spelling Errors
Such a cute nickname
Koopa the Bearded Dragon Can’t Resist Relaxing On Luna’s Warm Belly
Hello, God?
Hold on to Your Sack
Super Auntie
Measle Missile
They were perfect.
I was told today that my cat looks like Ron Pearlman.
Can’t unsee this...
Poor Ross...
Kanye straight Kazuya flexin
No need for that, bra.
A summary of how my news years resolutions are going
They are all heroes but the one guy takes the cake.
Airline flight paths
An early human embryo on the tip of a needle
Hope I got my ticket
Watery Tart
Pun Dog Saved
These two are the only legendaries that genuinely hate each other
Toot toot
MRW when my daughter’s teacher told me Harry Potter isn’t really literature.
Just a camel in his pre-race outfit.
Jack, not now. I’m working
Damn I look good
Sometimes I have days (like today) when I feel theres no good left in the world.
Yesterday, a girl threw herself in front of an oncoming train.
Last week, I was kicked out of our school talent show because the song I was going to sing, was for a man, not a woman.
flowers and a smile
Last year, my depression scared almost all my friends away.
Recently, I was going to attempt to kill myself.
words from the heart that I’ll never forget
After a much hesitation, I finally was able to spit out "I’m lesbian."
duck duck goose
The Question Of Life
My Speech At My Graduation
The Importance Of Size
A New Way To Pleasure Yourself
A Disney Princess That Knows What She Wants
Take It Easy Grandma
That’s So Racist!
I Think my dentist used to be bullied…
One of my favorite tweets
A very old button.
Keeping tourist alive in Colorado!
TIL you can lift cracked/uneven concrete driveways with foam
Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms
Oldest hidden boner trick in the book
Lady Gaga in 2005
So a friend of mine wore his new shirt today…
Super Mario World speedrunner pulls off a glitch never done before on console, results in breaking the world record
How a 5 star game becomes a 1 star game instantly
Who doesn’t love Uncle David?
Guy poops himself trying to be funny
The amount of cotton that came out of this bottle is absurd.
So my friend posted his daughter’s class picture. Notice anything weird?
As a dog owner, yes
No chill..
Holocaust survivor salutes US soldier who liberated him from concentration camp
Saw this on the vending machine at work today…
Who wore it best?
Solid insight
Smile for the camera, honey!
Graphical representation of LinkedIn accounts
This is just some of the $50,000 in damages allegedly caused by members of a U of M frat at a Michigan ski resort last weekend
Sometimes I wonder if I spoil the cat, seeing him with his iPad, in his yurt.
Sums up England during snow
Proposing Over Text
Come Assasins
I Need To Learn This Lesson
Nice Try Walmart
I Think She Deserved It
That Was Tactical...
It Will Be Forever Remembered As Pi Day
Random Shower Thought
Men Must Be Jealous
Best Kind Of Them All
Plot Twist!
It’s Always Been That Way
Smart People Don’t Yell, They Discuss
My Brain Every Night
The Logic Never Made Any Sense
So Much Death
Seashell Tattoo
MRW I’m trying to make a salad
MRW I read most science reported in the popular press
Parks and Rec outtake
What a $250 textbook can teach you
Fuuuuuck that
Furbys... not just for Christmas
Sometimes I hate living in the US.
A confession written in Inc
Every kid from the 80’s remembers when you knew exactly what was going to move/crash/explode in a scene because it was clearly a different shade than everything else.
People in warmer climates will never understand.
R.I.P. to Heath Ledger who died on this day 7 years ago. Thank you for one of the most amazing performances ever.
Can somebody get me off this traffic light please... Steve?
Huskies are moldable.
MRW my neighbors are arguing in front of my place.
Evil penguin steals a pebble
Imgur’s general attitude towards sports
Grand Theft Corgi
They get my seal of approval
Dung… It’s What’s for Dinner
Sounds Like a Fun Concert
You’ll never feel lonely in the kitchen again when you have a little Nessie scoop for your soup.
A cat is a cat
Someone asked me to draw a competition where there is no winner. This is my answer.
Sounds Reasonable
Straight outta the white house
Guy farts on his dog
As a happily kid-free adult, I 100% agree
She’s very good with computers
Even Batman needs coffee
The real ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle being interviewed on Conan in 2012.
Hospital T-Rex has a reminder for you.
Slayer Exciter Circuit, is actually pretty exciting
French TV making fun of Fox News coverage
Muay Thai fighter delivers a vicious spinning K.O.
I knew the Blue Angels flew close. I had no idea it was this close.
OMG That’s so … wait…
Egyptians shine laser pointers at military helicopter in protest
Wow, that is like $42.00 worth or Ramen, just ruined.
Looks like someone had a good night.
My sister, who is trying to get into the dance industry, took up a low-budget gig in a local music video. Unfortunately.
50 cent too real
Picture of a Mountain Gorilla right before he punched the photographer
Just in case they forgot.
Canadian student protesters’ response to police demand that they disclose their march route
Legally blind man can see first time after 20 years with modern medicine.
so motivating…
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal
This was done very well
Because Pinterest Knows I Like To Party.
After all these years, Cheers is still hilarious.
Fallout vs Skyrim
I think it’s time to put her in a home
A solid career move…
All I could think of during the State of the Union address
A sea of Macbooks at the Windows 10 unveiling
My favorite Joey moment
Fuck this kid, i can barley make chicken
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson’s father, and retired professional wrestler, Rocky Johnson in the 1980s.
The question of life.
Chris Pratt breaks a light switch during a Parks + Rec outtake
Special Ops
Walking Thumbs
Classic DYAC: I Didn’t Know Target Sold Those
Bad Romans
31 Rolls Of Undeveloped Film By Unknown WWII Soldier
Miley Cyrus – Wearing Bikini in Hawaii
Miranda Kerr Photos
Carmen Electra Photos
Amy Acker Photos
Good Point, Just 1 Thing,
Harry Styles Quits 1d To
this idea
I know how it feels.
Life Is A Lot Shorter
Let’s Write Our Own Episode!!
lol epic win
No Bohemian Rhapsody For You
text me?
"You die."
The super awkward moment when he asked you because he actually likes you
Copy Status
Spare a Thumb?
You did set yourself up
What Got Bit?
Beauty is a Beast
That’s a Lot of Goldfish
That’s a What?
Go Away, Human
What Happened To The Female Werewolves?
Mind-Blowing Little Known Facts
Love Them Forever
The Top 15 Kim Kardashian Selfies
Using the Public restroom
Nothing but the truth!
Can’t Stop
Why cats meow for no reason at night
Restaurant Regret
Spicy Food
They Hate Us Because They Ain’t Us
If You Couldn’t Get Back, Ever
I Wouldn’t Think Twice
They’re Loyalty Is Priceless
I Feel Deceived
Based On Successful Attempts
Girlfriend Logic 101
I Need To Know What’s Behind That
You Thought You Were Having A Bad Day
Funny Army Photos
This Is All Very Impressive
Making A Chocolate Cake With A Pear, Expectation Vs Reality
Guys pick up girls on shrooms… goes about as well as expected…
Nice bulletin board material
The entire town of Whittier, Alaska lives in a single condo. The 200 residents never need to leave home to go to school, the grocery store, or the Post Office.
My whole car was covered like this. Never seen it before, but I like it.
The end of the South Park episode 201 was censored. Here it is! It’s message is all the more relevant today
coming up next…
I came here to buy a car, but for some reason onc I got here all I can think about is a motorboat
Mia Farrow wishes her adopted black daughter happy birthday on Twitter, googles ‘Mia Farrow and her black children’ to find a picture of her to post.
Look up
first date is always a mystery
I’ll be a stripper instead
We sure do!
Guy uses "Sling Blade" voice in Starbucks Drive-Thru
Wonuts: Waffle Donuts
A Nightclub in NYC Lets Out at 6am in the Early 90′s: A Time Capsule of a Generation.
I’m a Stupid Cat!
I get startled by this every night when I go to the bathroom.
Wrong side
Satan’s handbook
Put your wipers up they said, it will prevent them from freezing they said.
She unmatched me pretty quick
WTF gold Corvette
My 3 year old nephew asked if Grandma Bear was talking on Skype.
This is what happens when you put horizontal mirrors on a shack in the desert
This is so well made and hilarious at the same time.
Ever felt so fabulous you felt like sharing it with the world?
Britain’s greatest contribution.
The expiration date bothers me more than anything else
Tow Straps Don’t Work This Way
Life in rural Russia
Celebrities Explained
Couple of Japanese guys try to avoid a green mushroom in Mario 64
Lamborghini Huracan Crash at 320 km/h
A guy aims a video camera at a monitor connected to it. The feedback loop is mesmerizing.
NASA Releases a picture of the Andromeda Galaxy – 1.5 Billion pixels, taking up 4.3 GB of space
Loving memories
New street-art in my home town popped up last night.
My students feel accomplished when they do this to their pencils
Our society
Fuck you, Dan
Dad and Daughter time
A truck barely missed the car. Accident from NJ Turnpike
Took my wife to the gynecologist today
Eminem on German TV
This is my moon landing tattoo.
Josh Gad Impersonates Jenifer Lewis
Does this count towards me becoming a Disney princess?
Good luck Anon !
I asked my sister for Guardians of the Galaxy and this is what I got…I’m not even mad
The sandwich police
Someone Dropped The Ball.
Working in a dildo factory
A love in North Korea
How to sneak choclate into American movie theatres.
Sandra Lee’s interpretation of two shots of vodka
Be still my heart.
He Wants To Give You The T
Soul Mate Clock
Truman Show!
Girls And Video Games
The Benders
Anon Fights For A Girl
Today I met a 19-year-old autistic boy.
Top Gear Feels
Thor Finds Something Fluffy
Emily Ratajkowski’s Thong Bikini Pic
That Special Girl
I Miss Whose Line And Colin Mochrie
Today is Penguin Awareness Day! How Well Do You Know Your Penguins?
This Lioness Really Wants to Play With or Eat This Baby
In 20 years no one has ever asked me to remember people.
Turbulence Rage
That’s Okay!
tic tac oh no
Dumbledores Trollin!
Not Like a Boss
Get Rid Of Wasps According To WikiHow
This Is Going To Keep Me Awake Tonight
Jizz In My Pants
They Do It Their Way
Today At Church Was A Good Day!
Girls Text Language
Race Waaaar!!!
Smoker’s Statistics
Say No More
This Is Why China Is Ahead Of Us
TIL I Am Jealous Of A Fictional Donkey
For Real Though
It Just Got Serious!
Deep Shower Thoughts
Cats Are Assholes, Sometimes They Need A Little Of Their Own Medicine
This Guy’s Plans Didn’t Work As Expected
Maybe My First Crush
Gust Of Winter Wind
Speaking Of Equality
This Is Why I Really Dislike Cats
Youtube Server
Be The Ball!
He Cares When No One Else Does
A couple of months back, my family lost our home.
I live for her
February 9th, 1981 - December 28th, 2009
You Can Learn Everything You Need To Know From The Simpsons
This Guy Really Wants to Walk Your Dog
This 109-Year-Old Woman Says The Key To Living A Super-Long Life Is To Avoid Men Completely
25 Mind-Twisting Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves
Tumblr comments to some really awesome and cool bed designs.
I’m not stupid
Submitters these days...
WhyTheBra? Remix.
Cool Story Bro Elderly Edition
Giant Tarantulas Keep Tiny Frogs As Pets
After A Long Vacation
The Most Crazy Driver In Existence
Funny Is All About Timing
My Childhood Remembers These
Doing Awful Things Can’t Be Justified With Religion
I Agree Completely
What To Do When You And Your Parents Have Been Bitten By A Zombie
I Love The Fact He Took The Time To Do The Slut Math
Using No Tears Shampoo
The Night Before
Ooooh Yeahh!
Resist The Temptation!
I’m Too Old For This!
I don’t know about you
Ragestache People
What Kind
Run Forrest
Hockey Hockey Hockey,
A couple of day ago my grandpa, whom I now live with since my parents were divorced, got in to a car crash.
Thomas Arol was a boy in my year at primary school ( befor we all went to diffrent secondarys)
My first
Teeth. Gone.
Present Time
that’s not a fetish though
This person has achieved ultimate highness
Jessica Alba Candid Bikini Pics
The Way I Talk
That’s How I Sing It
And I Thought My Job Was Bad
The States Of Matter
But for real tho...
This man is an American hero and patriot. Today we salute him.
Put them back in the oven, they don’t look done yet
This poster at my school
Staff turned my local middle school into Hogwarts for the week.
"Can you put this on imgur I want Riley to be famous" - The girlfriend, who doesn’t quite understand how Imgur works.
shhh! It’s sleeping
MRW I’m a depressed inflatable cow and my jam comes over the intercom
Oh, now I remember
Cork, Ireland
Its a sad truth
This thing won’t die!
This table.
Ultimate First Kiss Tips
Final(!) Michelle Jenneke .gif
For the masses
Found this beautful animation today
How to blind your girlfriend.
Craigslist: Idiot needed to beat Vanilla Dome
I Just Really Like The Cold
Nutella Mom
Avalanche Dog In Training
Thought that this might be a good time to pass this around again
Drunk Jenga
I heard sexy ladies get you to the frontpage :D
TIL I am jealous of a fictional donkey.
Simon gets owned
Weeabos and their parents be like...
A buddy posted this. . I almost dropped my phone stifling the urge to actually applaud.
First attempt with a straight razor. Nailed it.
My friend made tribute to commemorate the end of Avatar
@Napsmear Dude(tte), you made this like 2 years ago, and it’s still spot on.
I made a Redundant Clock.
For the past 10 minutes I’ve been trying to explain to my sister-in-law that it looks like her legs are over her husbands shoulders...she doesn’t see it.
MRW Clicking "next" on a sob story post
Girl doesn’t make reservation and gets angry then tells the manager that he was sexually harassing her at Walt Disney World.
This Smart car parked next to me yesterday
I am 31, I swear to god I have never heard something more dumb than this
Grandma is gonna pay for it
Ah. Survival of the fittest
I’d buy it
Nooo… Come back.
Hitting the sweet spot
Pretty sure he tried to reach through the phone to murder me.
Unreal pic of a pick-up sandwiched between two semi-trucks; driver miraculously survived with no serious injuries
Elderly driver confuses pedals, speeds through car wash destroying all equipment inside
Free-climbers are insane.
Large Octopus – tiny gap. Incredible squeeze!
Told to make a FB pregnancy pic. Wife was not amused
Korean girls taste American snacks
I can’t even be mad…
Aww yiss. muthafuckin breadcrumbs.
Crashing a truck at 110mph
My friend went to the aquarium this morning and sent me this
Hunt You Down
Not staying in prison long
No wonder kids drink this shit
"So what do you do for a living?"
this guy’s tinder profile
We’re so tiny!
This guy knows how to lose with style on Jeopardy
Coma for a year
Hurr durr, I’m a dog
Katy Perrys bass player has the dicipline of a jedi
Cognitive development
intriguing idea hyde meme maybe?
Someone isn’t taking the news well.
MRW I see ponies in usersub
Love thy self
Paris from the Eiffel Tower
My one wish
A gift for everyone
Papal Punch
A family was about to have their first child.
I have a disorder that makes me grow large quantities of facial hair, and be very overweight.
Today, the grade nines at our school got to have a fun day.
Today I was complimented.
When You About To Die
This Gettin’ Good!
Is This How Hand Sanitizer Works
To The Most Beautiful Person In The World
Would Have Won All The Water Battles
How Serious Is Your Problem?
How do I answer it?
Cleverbot fruit
Facebook Yo Mam
The Future of News.
This is how my kid poops.
Colorized image of an atomic bomb test at bikini atol
How News Really Works.
For the fanciest of college students.
Washington is gonna slap your shit.
It’s a Blowout Special!
This piñata seems alarmed to say the least
Redneck Bogan vs Industrial Aircompressor
Added this to my list "Awesome but creepy" alongside with my flirt-smile
I think my Chinese food is undercooked.
Racist glasses
Whoever you are Sears employee let’s be friends
How to: Get rid of wasps according to WikiHow
Thieves decided to go to Burger King and take selfies with a stolen IPod. After I posted them to r/Houston someone sent me a link to their Facebook where they had posted this video from the same night.
Foo Fighters came to chile on thursday. The crowd was super hyped, singing along to everything, so they went with it
When Butters was Marjorine
Their totally nude what?
My son has swagger
How best to deal with race competitors in GTA V – vehicular judo throw (0:17)
My grandma is adorable. She made me this homemade card and sent me 5 $1 bills.
My lotion came out looking like someone crying
GTA Backup Has Arrived
Having A Bad Day (GTA V)
Theres probanly no correlation but its still trippy
Don’t Mess With Ghetto Asian Clerk
As a white person in a restaurant in a mostly black neighborhood, I appreciate this sign.
Bride’s and groom’s reactions to Maroon 5 crashing their wedding
This picture of John McCain makes him look like Voldemort.
My Friend Has Terminal Cancer. He Got Married Yesterday
A panoramic gone wrong. What have I created?…
It’s always funny when they edit swears words out of movies so they can go on TV.
How can I wear this fedora without hiding my dreads?
Came downstairs and my wife gives me these this morning. Uh… Thanks honey?
fucking fuck
MRW I post OC to User-Sub and rather than going anywhere, it dies out around 10 points.
MRW when I try to go to sleep and intead dwell on all the mistakes I’ve made throughout my life
MRW i stay after school to pickup chicks
Your mother’s dildo has arrived
I’l draw what I want, bitch
The new Canadian passport under black light will blow your mind.
F*ck the system
I love rollercoasters
My friend got high and asked for a midnight snack.
It just keeps going
I thought she had red trousers on and the dog somehow ripped her body in half
I don’t use confession bear.
The circle is now complete.
Panorama taken whilst rolling down a hill
That leg at the end... *Nailed it*
Rollercoaster of Awkwardness
Milk + Tea
Nooo... Come back.
Synchronized Diving Toaster
The Truth Behind the Dinosaurs
Forever alone’s best day ever
The Thief
long dresses.
i sleep at night...imagine that
NOKIA, is simply stupid. YES Q
Kids Annoy me.these days. yolo
Bus ride
Know The Difference !
Losing my glasses is the worst
Animal Cruelty?
kids for forks
hahahahhahaha :)
In the bombing mood
The Golden Temple
Can’t Beat That
A little while back, me and a bunch of friends had gone to the airport to welcome a dear friend back from Iraq
I know a hero.
Cat of the day: A Cat Saves Abandoned Baby By Keeping Him Warm.
Cat’s antibiotics advices
Customizable Your Own Style Wall Clock
I’ll Never Trust Make Up Again
The Value Of Silence
At Least The Kid Didn’t Get A Copy Of CoD
Only God Knows
Aaaand That’s How The Fight Started
Woman Steals TV
Anon Got Cheated On
Go Home Bookshelf
no such thing
My mom just posted this on Facebook. It was titled "Downton Abbey fashion night".
The Dover Police Department just released this video of one of their officers
The person who numbered the rooms in this building is a pro
Seth Rogen on James Franco
When the girl my boyfriend was cheating on me with approaches me and says "So you’re the crazy suicidal chick?"
God Tier Dad Joke
Man’s best helper
Anon knows how to defeat ISIS
Baby financial analysis
This hotel in Quebec refunds you $6.00 each day you waive room cleaning, in order to reduce chemical load on the environment (Auberge place d’Armes, Quebec City)
’oh I’m sorry, did I wake you?’
The first facebookfriend my age just posted her ultrasound.
When this happens, I let out a George Takei.. OH MY!
Praise He that saves us, and guides us.
torture device
The poster that gets me through work
One of the greatest comedians
MRW flu season
Dear Human
My friend was debating a group of feminists about equal pay.
Extremely Aussie Interview
Saw a cat that I thought was lost in a nearby park
get thee behind me satan,you’re blocking my view
oh my god, jerry!
‘Nuff said..
The flea market never disappoints
Is it just me or does Hello Kitty’s penis look like an arm?
R/C Plane Crashes into the Sea. Underwater Scenes.
Once you see it… it really is gay
Up close this Ikea rug looks like a huge crowd of people.
This is why you don’t lock your dog in the car…
This changed my outlook on life.
Meanwhile in the deserts of Arabia…
My cousin’s wedding. She met him at a cheerleading camp where he was a camp counselor.
Faith in humanity restored – short read and worth it, really
Moment of clarity
Interstellar Trailer Remake (made with only $20)
Friends car got broken into last night, the thieves decided to go to Burger King and take selfies with his iPad… Anyone recognize these guys?
Girl Sings The Fifth Element Opera – Plava Laguna
Why are they ninjas?
Guy shoots rocket under the ice of frozen lake
Functional Jet-Propulsion Swimming Robot Legs: Aqua-Cyborg
Unfortunate timing.
Zach Galifinakis at a gift card shop
Volunteer of the year
Every News Report Ever
Husky raised by cats
2Chainz giving sage advice to a young man.
The most awkward thing you’ll see all day.
So I decided to fold a door into a coffee table
Told a coworker I was having 3 raw ostrich eggs for breakfast to "get healthy"… They gagged. Do you enjoy peach halves in syrup too?
My wife is very pregnant and very hormonal
Some reviews are better than others.
Aww, That’s So Cu…Disturbing
Anal wasn’t even in the ball park when I was a kid.
President Obama stopped by my local coffee shop and took a selfie with the baristas
Still better than Google+
Arguably the best skier in the world, CANDIDE THOVEX!
Looks like Danny DeVito is gonna be Iron man in the new Avengers movie
The view
You gotta improvise
Somehow, I don’t think they even tried.
comfy hammock
I had to get my cat shaved, and now he looks like a bobble head…
Scumbag Lucas
someone finally delivered a video of a glitter bomb being opened
Another Dimension
Reagan’s first trip to Moscow in ’88, KGB Agent Vladimir Putin posing as a tourist
Good guy Mormons
My girlfriend started a new diary today. I got curious and took a glance at it after asking her about it. Something tells me this a dummy diary.
I think we can all agree on this one
Why are they sending it to me if it helps them?
This is worth thinking about
WTF? Friend had to evict a crackhouse today, this was scribbled all over the wall
My wife and I are making vacation plans and I’ve noticed this scumbag.
If I ever get pregnant I think this is how I will break the news
Shake it off!
Seth McFarlane doing Kermit the Frog doing Liam Neeson in Taken
Stewie is right about New Orleans.
Some people seriously love their job (apologies for vertical video).
Norwegian Girls…
Back to the running man?
Creepy: Stuck behind the worlds sketchiest truck in traffic the other night. Yes those are air holes drilled in the door.
Time To Chill Out A Little Benedict
Best Waste Of Two Hours Ever
DC Keeps Struggling To Make Good Films
Love Fail
hahaahahah sooo funny!
69 Is a Very Special Number....
Why did....
Sorry for...
Man-Droid Take Over?
WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Classic DYAC: Hopefully You’ll Get It
Classic DYAC! Abnormal Weather Conditions
Manly Salad
Classic DYAC: Mmmm
Departments Don’t Mix
Joke’s On You
I Married Lord Voldemort
Still Less Slimy
If There Was A Fire, The Whole City Would Be Baked
Not Sure If I Should Check For Survivors
Where Everybody At
So Strong!
Zippo Trick
They said....
Regretting Intensifies
Quiz Proves I’m Forever Alone
Super Derpio Bros.
Viking Boat Hammock
Now I Can’t Get The Song Out Of My Head
All About That Space
Beware Of These Chalk Marks
Mom Came Up With A Genius Plan
Girls group pictures
There are two kinds of people. I can’t agree more.
Do want! Cool daybed, also a gorgeous lounge chair.
I would prefer Awesome WiFi and Free Beer.
My Dad invited a homeless man to our Christmas dinner.
I had been contemplating suicide for a while, and the day I had planned to commit the deed my father forced me to go to my uncle’s house.
My best friend has been living with me for 1 1/2 years.
Many years ago my mom was Christmas shopping for my sister and I.
Cats Have A Very Special Logic
Every Country Has Its Martial Arts
Poor Jessie J
Wolf Dogs Are Huge
The Biggest Statues In The World
Driving During Winter
Phoebe Everyone
Poor Richard Hammond
No, thats not my name.
4 Beiber haters
Jumbo Hot Dogs
During School, Everyday -_-.
An Intimate Meal
Turn Ons
Holy Toledo?
Hashtag Mom
Face medicine
negative one
The Vampires Are
I Am
This Is What Will Happen
Oh, Photoshop,
Oh Wait,
That’s About Right
I Think We Should Do This!
Developers Vs Users
Saved My Life More Than Once
God’s Gifts To Humanity
MRW My Wife Asks Are You Always Going To Stare Like That When I’m Naked?
This The Truth
60 Percent Of The Time, It Works Every Time
About To Drop Some Fire
English People Be Like
Megan Fox Shows Nips And Lips
Chivalry Is More Alive Than Ever
The Best Gift I’ve Ever Received
What’s The Problem With People?
If You Find A Girl Like This Marry Her Right Away
Funny Pictures Vol.884
These Concepts Are Completely Relatable
Interesting WWI facts that you probably don’t already know
Kids Who Have Their Priorities Straight
This is Dr Magdalena Ogórek, candidate for election as President of Poland. I think I’ve said enough
He loves digging holes…. and then sitting in them and staring at everybody
So Selfie Friendly
My dad sent me this pic of this guy he sat next to at a local football game
Tell your mom Target has one more pantie in her size.
How to tell you’re a professional
A Face Swap proved that we look more alike than we believed.
Laughed too hard at this one
Black tweets
Ugheeeet! "0:07"
Very strange sound in the Swedish language
Well, it is the land of mashed peas and boiled meat…
Lava spilling into the ocean
Baby boomers
Idaho man catches 28 pound trout. Gives up state record by releasing it. Props to him.
Homer gets it!
After learning about human history and seeing what happened over the past year, I agree with this picture.
Sky news panic after showing of Charlie Hebdo cover
Just… stop it.
Comedian’s hilarious story of messing with an OKCupid scammer – [9:37]
This just got installed at my school. A public work bench for your bicycle complete with tools and a QR code for common repair help!
This is how my dad taught me never to take a bad bet… Thanks Pa.
A strong, independent black dog who don’t need no man.
Education nowadays. This Tweet from a german student has gone viral this week.
I get jealous of the kids that longboard