Just a soothing break while you browse user sub. Now move along
Browsing user sub at night.
Mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem
Boy given baseball. He can’t believe it.
Soccer players
Posting this so people will be able to favourite it.
Drunk man vs Speed Bump.
Baby Buffalo gets too close to lion. Mother Buffalo intervenes
Human, why you do this for?
Father Mode, activate!
When you’re too drunk to even properly feed yourself
How To Play A Three Player Game Of Pong
Here, Hold It
Struggles Only People Who Are Constantly Hungry Will Understand
Man teases dog. Instantly regrets his decision.
MFW i hear "Go wait in bed, i’m just gonna slip into something sexy first"
MRW I change my Netflix password and the next day my sister texts me "I can’t sign in to Netflix"
Could not have said it better myself.
If you still haven’t seen The Avengers here it is in a nutshell..
I guarantee that there will be at least 12 people who don’t get this meme
I give up. I have absolutely no idea what pleases you guys. Have a random object I found.
Fat man on a blow up water slide, WCGW?
Sir, totally meant to do that, Sir
When you tell him "Cheers" he’ll boop your glass with his nose.
Nah, no way man
Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?
Teenage Boy Senses
Monkey Waiter
You thought I was dead didn’t you?….Acting
Guy accidentally interrupts a Russian wedding
She converses
Can You Make It Through This Post Without Your Ovaries Exploding?
Sir... please don’t film my family.
Exhibit A for why anyone with kids needs to understand Piaget’s theory of cognitive development.
Exhibit B - I feel like I’m not teaching you guys cognitive development as much as I am teaching you how to mess with little kids.
In case any of you need this later:
Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Girls do it too...
When I’ve just clocked out of work and my boss pops up out of nowhere asking me to do one more thing before I go.
Commercial done right
Every day on Imgur
He gave a “Wuddup. Peep this.” nod to the cameraman.
MRW my cat starts meowing inexplicably at 3 AM
I did not expect that.
To those who have never seen a koala running..
Quick and easy way to tie a tie.
We Have A Twenty Three Nineteen!
Asians, The Masters Of Disguise
Why Do People Always Complain Working Out Is So Easy
Kittys A Kitty No Matter The Size
Anti-theft suitcase from the 1960s
It…… just….. keeps…… getting. …. better!
Someone is an awesome father.
My reaction when my asian fiancé teaches me a new word in her native tongue
The truth is revealed.
Just had a total breakdown and wanted to make internet friends, so here, have a pikachu playing in water.
MRW I’m talking to other girls around my gf
The Dark Crystal is probably one of the most unsettling movies I have ever seen.
After successfully taking its first steps, the chick says, “Yay!”
Hello squiggly line in my eye, I see you lurking there in the periphery of my vision.
Nice Socks
C’mon, I’m gonna be late!
This is a phone charger
You can still prank someone even if you’re out of resources
One Direction’s Harry Styles getting nutted by a waterbottle.
Why do people always complain? Working out is so easy.
X-Wing in the air
Beautiful penmanship!
Stall buddies
Parallel Universes
Why You Little...
Another Classic Prank
I wish this show didn’t get cancelled
MR After I drop my date off, and she is out of the blast radius...
You Shall Not Paws
Bathroom Mirror Prank
It...... just..... keeps…… getting. …. better!
You can still prank someone even if you’re out of resources
Novelty screen wiper
When I run into the guy who bullied me in school after 10 years and now I’m twice as big as him.
You big wuss.
So This Is How King Kong Begins
My Reaction When My GF Pops The Pimples On My Back.
A powerful message
MRW when I log onto Imgur and every other post is "you bust a nut and she keeps sucking".
Beggars can’t be choosers.
I feel like this needed to be added.
Stairfinity (aka Stairway To Heaven)
This dragon loved your post
I brought stairception to a new level.
Caution: Don’t Stand Close to Moving Trains
when you bust a nut and she keeps sucking
[S4E2] Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late
Is this a smoke? This isn’t a smoke.
Stop helping!
Have you hugged your chicken today?
What snake venom does to blood.
Can’t stop.
Oh yeah…lick me where I make my cinnamon
Petting Role Reversal
MRW...Ive been on here less then a week.
MRW my SO texts me that I need to stop "behaving like a robot and suppressing [my] emotions."
It’s been a long day. I think we all could use this.
How I feel when my computer freezes and I have to hold down the power button.
wrong time, wrong place
My Reaction When The Dentist Said I Had To Get Braces To Fix My Underbite.
That eyebrow lift.
Real subtle, Family Guy
Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just strolling along…
To the front page...slow and steady
[S4E2] There’s enough to go around...
"Okay, what’s your name?"
School in one picture
MJ poster?, check…kids toys?, check… pole dancer?, check…gravity?…
Girl returns phone to her mom live on air
Well, when you put it that way..
[S4E2] Out-of-context Motivational Joffrey
Cosplay done right.
I wonder if I’ll get sued for this
MRW The dentist said I had to get braces to fix my underbite...
I took a shower and forgot about my brownies :(
Will it fit?
When I see clothes I like, then I check the price tag.
This is why I have a cat
Super Good Impressions
"Shall we?""Let’s."
Why isn’t this thing working?!
Select a person.
This Always Make Me Smile. I Hope It Makes You Smile Too.
Show us the meaning of haste, Shadowpig!
Fuck that creeped me out
Was Neo really the one?
Bad match!
Mans best friend.
I hate the hiccups
I think we would all do this given the chance
So my friend got Bryan Cranston to help him ask a girl to prom…
This is why you don’t stand on landing of a jump.
This. Is how ducks Slide..
A True Gaming Experience
I’m Falling!
Cheats, But Still Comes In Last
Dots moving in triangular formation
Makes me laugh every time
They hired a new training at my gym today.
Siesta time
I asked for fries
Filming Old Spice commercials
So my friend got Bryan Cranston to help him ask a girl to prom...
The cutest fucking chipmunk makes me not even
Happy birthday to the ground!
Lion cub calls it quits
And now....Solo!
Cool skateboard trick
Made an Imgur account because I thought I was clever and would fit in...
How I feel after my gf puts makeup on me "for fun".
Great subtle joke I just noticed: Fry flips all these switches and hits Autopilot, and the Autopilot flips all the switches back
Drifting in the freezing rain
Meanwhile, in the south…
That does look pretty awesome though.
High-fives for everybody!
Guy went to see a football match for the first time, instantly famous.
While everybody bitches about how Leo hasn’t won an Oscar.
Dads are the best
Imgur Snake (OC)
These radial pistons make excellent dancers.
Incredibly dark Simpsons intro o.O
MRW someone is giving me more directions at once than I can remember, but I don’t want to interrupt.
MRW I’m on non-imgur sites and the right arrow key doesn’t change the page
I love Cox
A pocket sized printer that moves itself across the page.
What I Imagine A Girl Would Do If She Had A Dick For A Day
give Peter Dinklage a mushroom….
Just a relaxing day out on the paddle board
I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him.
she’s so casual
When the new office flirt adjusts her cleavage, walks up to me and starts to flirt and I show her pictures of my wife and sonograms of our kid on the way
Second AT gif (OC) Also MRW I submitted the first
MRW I’m trying to help a newly divorced friend overhaul his wardrobe and he gets his credit card out and his wallet is velcro
Flying a helicopter in BF4 for the first time.
Dog Doesn’t Enjoy Bath Time
Tourist Prank
Classic Prank
My Reactions Summed Up During The Job Interview.
Guys, This Is What Happens When You Wear AXE!
Saab’s cup holder
No time to explain, grab on…
Is this racist? It’s racist, huh…
Classic prank.
Bad day
Some fucker glued a plastic cap onto this pigeon’s head
That’s one way of doing it
Shake that jelly!
The relationship between Sin, Cos, and the Right Triangle.
Mrw i give a customer their latte and they reply with "Thanks a whole latte"
Climbing to the Front Page
Van Gogh’s Starry Night with dominos
To all upvoters, downvoters and those who just browse and don’t even vote.
Being back on your own toilet after a vacation
Hold this
MRW someone reposts my original photography and gets like 4000 up votes.
MRW My Flatmate And His Gf Are Arguing And She Says She Would Rather Go Out With Me At The Moment
Too Sexy For His Pants
No time to explain, grab on...
North Korea Lately
That’s how I like my butts.
The human gif
MRW my room mate makes fun of me for being a virgin and then his gf says that he still "performs" like one.
Since hitting my mid twenties, this is my Facebook news feed.
Truck driver crushes into Police cars at 65mph whilst looking at pictures on Facebook
just bear with him…
Guy saves a cat from snake
You had every fat white chick at Snickers.
This guy is a fucking idiot.
Its okay, my ass still works
White Dogs Can’t Jump
Hue Hue Hue
How China Will Save The World One Day
Motocrossers Are Out Of This World
Don’t Ignore ’slow’ Signs
You’ll never catch me…well fuck.
Oh hai
"I’ll just be moving along now…"
Why you don’t see a lot of video bombs from India.
What do we have here, little man..sweet or salty?
This is my life now.
Ladies And Gentleman, The Reason I Have Trust Issues
Elephants Are Such Intelligent Creatures
MRW an image goes well with the title.
The groups of high school students touring my campus right now.
MRW I’m showing my friend a picture on my phone and they keep scrolling
By the power of God..
stop everything and just look at this
I know imgur hates sob stories, but some 13 years old hackers on Xbox just told me they are going to hack my bank account, and there is nothing I can do to stop them
How a horseshoe crab moves.
MRW my balls get stuck to my legs
Finished my animation.
Neo, There Is No Door
I’ve improved my headless routine. The toughest part is the dangle at the end…
Parapalegic kitten getting on with life.
First blood! Double kill! Triple kill!
Wait for it …
Mad driving skills
The Romanian grandma spin.
Hey honey
The very definition of Ain’t even mad
Louis CK robs a kid’s ice cream
browsing imgur as a person who don’t care about your cats
Sarah’s first boyfriend was in for a real treat
When you’re all in the McDonald’s line at 10:59 AM and they flip the menus.
Cat senses earthquake
MRW I’m 100% done and don’t care anymore
press 0 twice
When Someone Starts Talking Something You Totally Disagree.
Guys, I just found a terrible old stop-motion gif I made and forgot when I was about 13 years old. Holy shit.
Just took in a feral cat, turned out to be pregnant. Now I feel like this when I’m trying to convince my friends to adopt a kitten.
When I’m battling diarrhea on a road trip.
lets see if i can sneak through user sub
When Someone Starts Talking Crap
Ooooohh Bet That Hurt!
How To Break Your Hand
Sniper Prank
A Red Panda Doing Ring Pull Ups
My life in a gif
A little girl and her horse friend
MRW I found out we were adopting my foster brother after 5 years of him living with my family
Last four years of my life in a gif
I felt like contributing to the internet today.
Call me fat again
The definition of falling short
3d printed electric membrane keeps heart beating even when outside the body
Such grace. Much athleticism. Wow.
When someone calls Michael J. Fox a terrible actor and makes fun of his disease
Perfect typography
Have some cake
"My girlfriend will give me head if this post reaches-"
A poem for you, Imgur
Wait for it ...
When the first girl shows up at the party
This is an MRI scan of a banana. It’s fascinating.
And that kids, is how I met your mother.
It has been an honor browsing with you
Gallery submission title
Here’s one for your collection. Use it well.
Clean your paws!
It had to be done.
Mother of God Yes!
Dead since 1920, this 2 year old sometimes opens her eyes..
The closer it gets to the end the more satisfying it is…
Someone give this man a medal, and keys to the city.
Don’t mess with the quiet kid.
This looks like a good hiding place….
What it feels like as a 24 year old who has never had a gf when my 13 year old brother said "I know how you feel"
Just in case anyone wanted to see Homer fade into a corgi....
MRW an old buddy of mine called to confirm that a girl we went to high-school with is now a pornstar.
How I feel when I see someone correctly use unpopular opinion puffin...
Watching a long .GIF that doesn’t end in dickbutt
Just in case you werent sure you were in user sub
Stahp it, you
Let me try that on for size
This is for you
I also made a line art GIF.
Kid at the carwash
When someone starts talking crap.
MRW I accidentally send ";)" instead of ":)"
Sniper Prank.
Poor Camera Man
Ever wonder if people get hurt on Wipeout?
How viet children cross the river to go to school everyday…
How my local Costco makes pizzas
That warm-up
Guy on the far right kills me every time.
That accidental poke in the eye makes it almost real
Everything is better with explosions
Rehosted webcomic – removedintensity
Removing dead skin
Every girl when I start to show interest
This Little Elephant Is No Different Than A Human Child.
Booze Bag
Air Angel
Today’s my 2nd cake day, after two years of trying to make it to the front page.
To those in usersub not using the generated comments
Fur coat
I say we bring this kid back
Shh...we’re on the search for the now endangered original comment
You got that right buster
I have no idea what’s going on here
Washing machine moving FAIL
Blood squirting lizard, when threatened are capable of squirting blood from their eyes. Contains a chemical that is noxious to dogs, wolves, and coyotes. Metal as fuck
Caption has had enough of her shit
He messed with the wrong kid
Tonight’s main event: Bird vs. Cat, with special guest referee
Anddd…deal with it.
No Different Than A Human Child
How To Win A Baby Elephant’s Affection - A Pat On The Butt
Clumsiness Runs In The Family
Don’t fall asleep at the wheel.
Utterly rage inducing
Boss said i can go home, but i need to peel these 100 apples first
Every time I open the oven door…
Mascot dancing showdown
would you like to unsubscribe from our newsletter?
One of my favorite gifs!
Bed time you little shit
Ladies and gentleman, the reason I have trust issues!
A game of nope!
Fractal tree
My first upvote gif. Enjoy!
There’s a folder on my desktop titled "White People", and this is the only thing in it.
MRW my 8-year-old brother said "oh fuck" when he tripped over during his school play
A Two legged Boxer enjoys his first beach trip.
The revealing flame
When someone tickles my neck
Listen here you little shit!
Suddenly, Cage
The Danger Of Wet Floors
They Are So Close
22 Dead Stick Figures
Incredible Magician Shares His Secrets
Doorbell for pets
Combined gif of the day
We live in Amazing Times!
The greatest moment in TV history
Spinning spinning…
how to give head
En Garde
What happens to that one sober friend who goes out with you on nights out
MRW my GPS tries to give me directions in my own neighborhood
The vast majority of House MD episodes...
For my cakeday, I bring you this:
Down the escalator
Duel of the century
"I seen some kid try this on youtube last night".
Superman POV
When you have a cat, it’s important to assert dominance over it.
Liquid Nitrogen mixed with 1500 Ping Pong Balls
That sweet, beautiful karma
Car robbery gone wrong
Someone pissed of a deity
I don’t think you’re using that right
What the?… Yeah, okay.
You want to scare him away? Tell him you’re pregnant.
So satisfying.
I Present To You, Possibly The Dumbest Person Ever
Fucking Smileys..
Kid playing in a puddle (OC)
MRW I look in the refrigerator but can’t find anything I want to eat
This is exactly how I feel when my alarm goes off in the morning
Thief prank
Innocent driver mugged by passing motorcyclist
When you have a cat, it’s important to assert dominance over it.
A sneak peek at the new Facebook Oculus VR experience.
MRW i accidentally lock myself out of the house while I’m wearing my pirate costume
The finest use of The Force
Didney Worl
Just relax for a second.
Courtship trials of the stick-people
If more soccer players played like this instead of faking injuries, it would be more popular in America
Someone pissed off a deity
They See Me Rolling..
When I Accidentally Step On My Dog’s Tail And It Runs Away Howling
Mild Mannered Alter Ego
Lindsay Lohan’s new show has a good plot
You wanna play pool?
Ping Pong with a cat
At least the guy at the table was impressed
What really was on the phone
how to moonwalk in 5 easy steps
My favorit GIF.
I don’t think Stanford needs any more cowbell
Your powers are useless here
I know! I’ll wake him up with a flamethrower!
A Cow That Loves Its Job
Tractor Pulling A Trailer
I Love You Food!
Australia Is A Lot Larger Than You Think
Asking Your Girlfriend What She Wants To Eat
some things should just be left untouched
How to beat Tetris.
Hold my beer while I take some shots
Sometimes you wish CCTV caught you shoplifting instead
I don’t think Stanford needs any more cowbell
Quite shocked
Running potatoes
MRW I tried using my cousin’s Windows 8 tablet
More bus stop shenanigans
Now that’s what I call kitty love
Cashier doesn’t give a fuck
This lion is sick and tired of theatre work
Kitty doesn’t jump
Unknown cat fact #129: Cats don’t share pizza.
There Is No Rotational Movement In This Picture. They Are All Travelling Linearly
Playing Frisbee Alone
Cashier Doesn’t Give A F*ck
This Is So Frustrating To Watch
Life of a dog.
A cow that loves its job.
How to make chocolate bowls
When my dad wants to buy a gun for my graduation present, and I want a laptop, and he says maybe both.
Remember that Sound of Music graffiti? Well...
Penguin vs rope
Protest prank
This makes me feel strange
Tree full of pollen
Wow, Chinese delivery is super fresh.
In West Virginia born and raised, on the farm land is where I spent most of my days
The winner gets to live
At least he could doge the first bullet
Face to face with King Cobra
Cashier doesn’t give a fuck
I’m Lion i’m helping!
MRW when the latest Marvel movie trailer drops
Now that’s what I call kitty love
My daughter is at work with me today and demanded that I upload this for her.
Look, no hands!
MFW my gf’s dad talks shit about me because I am mortal
How to wear out your toddler during a 5 hour airport layover (OC)
Radio-controlled Superman
MRW I check my posts after 1 hour
The Future of Graffiti
Stalking & Striking
MRW playing Monopoly and I land on my friends street but he doesn’t notice
I’m coming for you.
Life in user-sub (OC)
It’s Exactly What You Think
Guy Gets Caught With His Hands In His Pants
Pure Strength. Fit Girl Insanity!
His recovery was flawless.
What… was… going on in there?
Hi Girls
Katy Perry wins!
While you tie your shoelaces, I’ll steal your frying pan
Head in a jar illusion
Rush hour shenanigans
You’ve been warned
When my friend says he got a virus the first time he torrented something
As a 26 year old who just bought his first house...
Pleeease Mr. Dachsund, pleease let me live
So the GF is coming back after a week at her mom’s.
Dashing through the snow MOTHERFUCKER
Doing the robot
How To Properly Open A Beer Can
Sweet dunk…wait what!
He thought it was funny until…
DIY popcorn maker.
Cats are jerks.
My alarm clock. Every damn morning.
pew pew pewpew
He thought it was funny until...
Scared the shit out of him
MRW my gf says I’m better in bed than her ex because his D was "too big"
How It Feels When Your Leg Is Asleep
Actually No, I Was Just Kidding
When the master race still had it’s flaws
Fuck it. Weeeeee!
Buying condoms can be awkward sometimes.
MRW I see someone has downvoted everything on my account.
Did you mean..
How not to throw a sucker punch.
How to deal with douche bags
Popping a balloon with a jump kick.
Oh fuck my brakes!
Putting pants on while drunk.
He thinks he can eat them
I am an adult. There is nothing stopping me from buying a hedgehog.
"I’m coming at you bro!"
Not Even Phased
Can you fucking not
Malaysian bag snatching epic fail ...
MRW I see my bike that was stolen last week locked up outside the cafeteria
Knowing you’re the last generation to remember life before the internet…
. o ▲
MFW I try to downvote something but forgot to log in.
Gazelle swallowing food
Chris Hardwick takes a stand on gifs.
Revealing your gender on imgur or reddit
SMACK THAT… dust off my leg
Cats are such graceful creatures.
Jesus has some sweet moves
How to make a conga line awkward
My reaction when my professor puts a couple of trick questions on an exam that I overly prepared for.
Accident today at Peñalolen Velodrome, link in comment.
Easter is on 4/20 this year?
What Some Celebrities Would Look Like If They Resembled Their Worst Fan Art
Making My Way Down Town, Water’s Flowing Fast, Faces Pass And I’m Almost.... OH F*CK, OH F*CK, OH F*CK
Ghost Prank Gone Wrong
Will Somebody Please Explain This
Baptize, motherfucker!
Hard luck
Bringing down the house
Fox cub approaches human for help
When my company makes me come in on a Saturday but brings subway for lunch.
There is no dick butt, I promise.
SMACK THAT... dust off my leg
When my friend says he’s very grateful that his friend helps his girlfriend study for midterms all night together alone
Doing the Zoidberg
A cat in need of attention
MRW I heard the company was buying pizza for lunch yesterday
Husky wins ’'hide and seek’’
This guy knows how to make the most out of his camera time
Oh, Reddit...
How I Feel Driving By My Old High School After Graduating In 2004
Grand Theft Auto in Real Life
You can see her accent
Maybe the best gif you’ve seen all day
I wish I could eat my meals like this
Hooray!! Just what I always wanted!
There is no end
MRW My professor puts a couple of trick questions on an exam that I overly prepared for.
Asking your girlfriend what she wants to eat.
Kitty does not know what to do with the butterfly that landed on its paw.
Just your average subway journey
There Is A Reason That Pole Is Down
Worth The Wait...
The T-1000 Is Real
MRW my girlfriend stays in the same aisle at Walgreens for 24 minutes
Tilt-shifted container stacking
Damnit Julio!
Kevin, Your Future
"The only thing that can beat me is a queen"
Natural symmetry
Run Jack!!
No Jack, the other way!!
She’s not wrong
That golf shot in a gif
I’ve been watching for years, still can’t cook shit
I just wanted to touch it, it looked so soft
Putin reacts to another man kissing his hand
Just go with it…
Baby Goats Playing ’The Floor Is Lava’
Sound Advice For Cyclists From Top Gear
Just go with it...
I’ve been watching for years, still can’t cook shit
Now let’s see that in slow motion.
When I catch a program trying to secretly install toolbars
MFW my crush starts to undress while I’m eating a sandwich
MRW I’m buying chili and I look back and see an interracial couple buying 8 bottles of apple juice.
Calvin and Hobbes: the college years
Never wanna leave Shower
Still makes me laugh
You garden is quite lovely. It would be a shame if something were to… happen to it…
Smooth as f**k
This is the perfection… I love it
Cat ruins a perfect video
Testing a new rocket launcher
This is one seriously broken gif…
My reaction when my housemates living above me have loud sex for the third time in one night.
What was this Disney show about again?
All children are born innocent.
River surfing
Hey ladies! Check this out!
Best gif I have seen all day..
Nope nope nope....
MRW my date told me depression is a choice and not a legitimate health issue.
User submitted.
21 Best Sandwiches In Town. Including Recipes. Joe Would Risk His Life For All Of Them.
“Gravity” Movie in Cat version.
Drop That Bitch
Looks Like Canada Has Started Rioting
Heth Got My Thung
Bro! I Got This
Shopping In Texas
Pulling Onto Your Driveway With Style
Sea Cucumber
Just needs a little help with his tail.
How I imagine those guys who never comment but always upvote
And here we see the ferocious feline, mauling it’s prey.
How I imagine those guys who never comment but always upvote (V2)
A wink and a smile
MRW my gf of 1 month tells me I have to choose between her and my best friend I’ve known for 20 years.
Daughter rides Mother while Son motorboats
Teeth correction time lapse
I got a gun… I can’t lose.
Hate Mimes
When A WWII Vet Goes To Watch A Race
Japanese Sleeping Prank
Sliding Down An Escalator
Give That Guy A Raise
Frogger Crossing
What The.....
Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me Traction
I’m going for it…
Maybe I should take a shortcut…
Ghost prank
Dog and laser alarm clock
Girl stacking cups
Musical Chairs brawl
Light stretching
best kind of drunk
Bouncer fights off gunman
I can honestly say I did not see that coming.
Changing a Tire
Social Etiquettes Explained
Can’t stop watching the orange cat’s delayed reaction
Karma exists for kids too
ET Got Out Of The Closet Again.
Squirrel-proof bird feeder
Really?... Fine, I’ll do it...
Pop Rocks??
MRW I found my comment under "show bad comments."
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Gang of Toronto snowplows clear an entire freeway in one swoop
I’m not dealing with this tonight
I can do that. Hold my bone.
Mecha Pac-Man
’Let It Goat’ is Better Than ’Let It Go’
Gun safety is important
Japanese prank shows are brutal
Principal breaks up fight by throwing 13-year old girl out of the way
My reaction when he said he wasn’t in the mood
Trying to sneak out of User Sub before people with high standards see your post
MFW the Taco Bell employee said "have a sauceome day"
Exercise partner
The bubble caterpillar.
Every time my wife bends over to get something out of the fridge..
You are doing it wrong! Faster human.
Son, Your New Tutor Is Here
Toast stop animation
Once You Finish, It’s A Totally Different World
You can’t even WRITE physical comedy this good!
Pet me, you stupid fuck
How it really works
Been single for 2 years and I just met the most amazing girl (who likes me!) Down-vote fairies be damned, I’m happy!
MRW the class bursts into laughter after the teacher says "you have to be stupid to get this question wrong" and I don’t understand it at all.
MRW I press next on an image I’ve already seen, then realise I like it.
Surprise Mother Fucker!
Still dry
yellow buddy at the end
This blind pup is gaining his confidence
Secret to a succesful post
MRW he said he wasn’t in the mood....
Instant date prank
The how-to-bun video for dads
Dum dum dum dum dum
Hey, hey!
Will Smith recognized the cameraman
I’m a virgin
This kid has some pretty cool grownups in his life
I said I would deliver. HERE IT IS! Took me a shamefully disgusting amount of time to make
MRW people post sob stories on Imgur.
Bulldog ball trick
Trampoline Exercise Class
That Moment When The Beat Drops
A Message For You Batman
Benedict Cumberbatch Wins the Oscar for Best Photobomb
Pants sagging only to your knees…what is this amateur hour?
The best way to move a truck when out of gas
Hook line and sinker.
"The chancellor will not be happy about this."
Window Cleaner
Just a normal day at the beach in Australia
This makes me a little less afraid of going to hell.
Saw someone submit this W/O text, felt it needed some.
Ah bollywood physics- you never disappoint!
We can do this all day
Current Events
What to do with 164 Million Dollars
Hey Baby, Why Are You Sad???
Looks like Canada has started rioting.
C’mon ...Gimme a hug!
Trying to sneak in while your parents are sleeping.
Smack the Pony
How To Avoid Being Mugged
I made a thing.
Amazing gymnastics trick
Probably shouldn’t have used a carpet on that stage
Bah! Who needs a bong…
People are assholes. Pissed off driver hits jaywalker twice and then beats him
The time has come for you to DIE hooman.......
Heh heh heh...
On a date, and I asked if she had ever seen Archer. She looked me dead in the eye and whispered....
Puppy Party
MRW I find one of my teachers on facebook and accidentally press ’add friend’
Go take a running jump.
From my high school’s website. Spot the irony.
Free towing
I don’t even.
Clearly a dive…
Attempted robbery
Brilliant digital ad in Stockholm.
Swag activated.
Pretty certain this dog has life figured out.
Now you try.
Synchronized Sucking
Epic Jump!
How the Sawfish catches its prey
Wow, thank you Bono!
Caracal kitten and lion cub
Oscar For DiCaprio
one of the most satisfactory gifs I’ve seen
My wife’s reaction when I ask her to use her finger during a blowjob
Let me go!! I am the night!!
Vicious attacker
Wacky twerking inflatable tube girl
I also have trouble with doors
My favorite kind of work out..
My reaction when my GF walks around the apartment in only her underwear.
He usually just makes it rain in his pants.
Imploding Steel Barrel
Robot Air Hockey
Self Sufficiency
Dog with a bad case of verbal diarrhea
How to avoid being mugged.
What teddy bears really do for kids
MRW I saw the new lego movie
MRW I find that very unimportant thing that I lost.
MRW my friend found that very unimportant thing that he lost.
MRW I am the new lego movie
I got the results of my biopsy, the tumor on my pancreas is NOT CANCER!!! Upvotes for all!
Homemade fun
Well…That didn’t work.
Dog protects pregnant woman’s belly
Let’s not forget who actually started this whole twerking thing
Smooth as fuck.
Parking Lot Road Rage
When the beat drops
………..Deal With It!
I came from the deep
Monk throws needle through glass.
Bank teller laughs at robber.
Incoming transmission, sir.
Dog protects pregnant woman’s belly
MRW I see a sob story on Front Page
Day 11: They still do not suspect I am not an NPC
This gif always cheers me up
I’m tired too...
Goal Keeper’s Miracle
Slo-mo snowball to face
Benedict Cumberbatch performing Smaug.
To the squirrel plane...
Real ghost footage!!!!!!
Very Creepy
Footage Of The Danish Giraffe Marius Being Eaten By Lion
This Is Why You Should Never Crack Eggs Directly Into A Hot Pan
World’s Tallest And Shortest Man
If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.
"Call me Dumbo one more time, asshole. I dare you."
How Beyonce wafts her farts.
Tank Brake Test
Indian news channel reality
Is that a penny?
Glass Building Timelapse
Who said otters can’t jump?
This cop is the T-1000
They went full makeout at the end
Today is my 9000th day on Earth (Born July 3rd 1989) So tomorrow...
It worked.
When someone asks me how to nod
Why do they call it that?
Thanks buddy, I’ll take it from here.
Look at these tiny ears wiggle! I’m serious. LOOK AT THEM!
This guy can spin anything on his finger
This is an animation of DNA replication by DNA polymerase and accurately shows the function of all its subunits.
MRW I realize I’m the only black guy in my group of friends and we’re visiting a haunted house
Here you go!
you may like this
MRW I got called into my bosses offfice and his boss and the HR rep where there. Turns out I got a huge promotion.
The Proper Way To Use A Handrail
Sochi: "There’s a wolf in my hall"
You called?
Genius marketing
One of the downsides to being an Imgurian
This never fails to calm me down
Red for the rest of the game
Canadians after winning the women’s hockey vs USA
When you are sick and mom takes care of you.
German police doesn’t take kindly to politeness.
Everyone’s face when the punchline is in the Caption.
That’s ok, I don’t like having fun anyway.
Friday, 4:59PM
Twitch vs. Team Rocket
Fun fact: Cheetahs only attack prey that runs
Comcast Customer Service Be Like
99.999 % of arguments on the internet
How the tortoise actually won the race…
So my sister is stuck in traffic in Dubai when suddenly…
Does wonders for the complexion
Modern Olympia
Customer changes specs 3 days before project due date.
Hold Enter
Putin Loves Hockey
When you finally get the courage to post something on Imgur
My girlfriend came to visit me while I was in Italy for work. I was pretending to take a picture of her in front of the Temple of Concord, but instead I proposed. This is her reaction.
99.999 % of the arguments on the internet
Where will you be when the bass drops?
The world’s best birthday gift for a little girl who missed her father from war
What it feels like trying to click a link in chat
As someone with no interest in Pokemon, how I have felt the last few days on Imgur
I immediately thought of Scruffy when I saw the "Kate Upton in Zero G" photos
A Thirsty Goat
Burqa Pacman
Toad mother setting her young free.
World’s tallest and shortest man
Gun safety? WTF is that?!
You just watched a man die.
Do you want to play with me ? DO YOU WANT ?
The picture was of a couple of skinny black chicks.
Harris, no! There is no more room! NO! HARRIS!……god damn it, Harris.
I am the night
I am sorry
Combination gif of the day
What could go wrong, just need to pee…
Smoke ring target practice
You may be cute, but you”ll never be “this squirrel who tries to hide his nut in the dog’s fur” cute.
So Real
That’s It! I’m Never Letting The Cat Drive Again!
The Easy-rapist 5000
So Much Shrapnel
A Black Guy, A Priest And A Rabbi Get On A Plane�
Battle Of The Beasts
Cutest Kissing Booth Ever
And So It Ends...
Half A Ton Of Not Giving A F*ck
I Hope You Like Scrolling
The Finger Cleaner
Harris, no! There is no more room! NO! HARRIS!......god damn it, Harris.
The Ministry of...
Fuck. I think he found me.
My best friend and I joined our local volunteer fire departmartment. This is how it felt fighting our first fire side by side.
Cat Burglar.
They came 30th because they took a detour.
I left a comment on a post in user sub. MRW when i came back and the comment almost had 1000 points...
I deleted the first post by accident, have some Calvin and Hobbes
Morgan Freeman doesn’t need a stunt double.
And No One Pretended To Be Hurt, Good Times Goooood Times
Person Switch Trick
Just Marry A Stranger!
This is just magnificent
I’ve never felt like I fit in here. You might say I’m a fish out of water.
Battle of the Beasts.
The goalie of Slovakia - Jan Laco - does the greatest tackle in the whole Olympic games
she ded
Partners in crime
Damn, I Missed It...
No valentine? Just marry a stranger!
My plan on Sunday exactly.
Next Stop, The Olympics
Otter playing dead
Snow Removal To The Next Level
When My Girlfriend Borrows My Laptop And I Don’t Remember If I Used Incognito Mode Last Night
Player 2 Enters The Game
I just discovered this. The world needs to know.
Did I hear the fridge open?
HMB, I’m coming in…
I didn’t even know that was possible
Footage of BP handling the oil spil
Next stop, the Olympics.
My Experience Playing League of Legends
Today I’ve tuned 5 of my friends auto-correct to switch "Happy Valentine’s day" to "I am breaking up with u".
Sports are meant to be fun
Who does this shit?
Olympic Cat Curling
"Here, look how fast my heart is racing."
All time favorite gif
Water forming a bridge by using electrical force
No date for valentines day? Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea.
Dwight Howard eating a cookie placed on his forehead
Absolutely Amazing Juggling Trick
on r/bitcoin right now
This is the Sand Cat: the only cat where the adults look like kittens, and the kittens look like... smaller kittens.
MRW I fart and it relieves the itch I had on my butthole.
MRW: My boss walks in immediately after my coworkers have convinced me to do something stupid.
Taylor Momsen Just F*cking Parkoured Away From Paparazzi
This Guy Was An Ant In His Previous Life...
Running At Top Speed, When Suddenly...
So Graceful
Drive slow. Watch for tornadoes.
A reminder of what NOT to do today.
Always be ready
Happy Valentine’s Day…Or else?
Fun with axe-shaped boomerangs
Incredible bear fight!!
Real life Wile E. Coyote.
A valentine with some heart!
Grandma is not amused
Japanese prank show taking it to the next level.
This is why Hoth was denied its bid to host the Winter Olympics
couldnt think of a witty caption. i just like making reaction gifs.
When my sober friend is trying to take my drunk ass home and I can’t take anything I do seriously.
Woman uses make-up to age, die and be reborn! Amazing
Anti-American street art in Hong Kong
Apparently you need 300 to reach the front page?
How to respond if your neighbors complain about you having loud sex
Let me get that for ya - OC
Hypno Booty
Synchronized jumping
When my boyfriend says his tongue is tired after only five minutes
Relax! It’s just me bro!
That realization
This guy I’ve been seeing broke things off today.
Old guy on the left is amused
Raking leaves.
lazy day
Pack of wolves run across Russian highway.
Guys in penguin costumes trying to cross the road
A bit practicing before valentines day
No Crime Fighting For This Guy In This Winter
White Men Can’t Jump
Player 2 enters the game…
This guys got talent
Enjoying a Massage
Sailors on a submarine maintain their balance while it does a 29 degree up angle.
Here we go again…
Redneck mousetrap
The Balloon Highline
This is for @tmobilekid. You won’t be forgotten. RIP.
Penguin in love with its trainer
Never Play With Yourself At A Barbershop!
So graceful, 10/10
I’m just gonna cross right over here...
A tiger extending it’s claws
Equal Rights!
How To Screw With Someone
Squirrel Trying To Bury His Nuts Deep Inside Dog
Picking Up Birds
Epic Garbage Throw
Curveball Pitches