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I thought you guys might enjoy my new desk I built...
The threat was clear. Timmy knew what the consequences would be if he snitched on his mom.
"Playin’ my way downtown..."
I know that feel, little bird. ˡ ᵏᶰᵒʷ ᵗʰᵅᵗ ᶠᵉᵉᶫ
MRW I realize I’m out of toilet paper.
When my GF asks if it hurt when I smashed my pinky toe on the coffee table during the family gathering
Samba in a mechanical leg
That’s a neat trick
Fully commit, or eat shit…
So this dude creates a tool to fill up 100 water balloon a minute…
First time through a car wash
Canada during The Purge.
"Hello! We received your application and would like you to come in for an interview."
Best football goal celebration ever.
Hey Gurl
The Most Satisfying Thing Ever
The Umbilical Brothers!
Come On, Don’t Just Stand There, Fight Me
This Goat Shreds
Using a skydiving simulator like a boss!
So this dude creates a tool to fill up 100 water balloon a minute...
Heartbroken dog mourns owner.
Satisfying: Dots in a straight line
Still not sure what you all want, so here is an elephant having a good time.
ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ
skater cat
You got to be shitting me.
Wind Sculpture
Submarine-launched cruise missile
Even a man receive the highest military honor has a dirty little mind..
That grin
Armadillo playing
Make a wish...
When my nephew invites me to his birthday Mario Kart party.
I can’t be worried about that shit. Life goes on, man.
Destined for greatness...
When I like the post next to mine
When I’m high as f**k in the woods and my friend asks me, "Dude, did you just eat a leaf off that tree?"
ALL of the Anime!
There is a metaphor for modern life in there somewhere
On my way to fuck yo bitch
My physics professor shows this followed by, ‘this is how the universe works’.
Truck driver gives no fucks
Real-time translation
Firecracker, metal bowl and an idiot… what could go wrong?
Learn this technique. It can save your life.
I got this and I will hold my own beer thanks
Oh, it’s a marine turtle.
My first sexual experience as a horny teenager
Oh jebus
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
My face when I whisper a joke to a classmate, and she blurts it out to the whole class and gets a huge laugh.
It’s finally fucking Friday!
Flies Drone To Film Fireworks Show.
Filming a rainbow, when all of a sudden...
Friends :)
I wish more people would realize this...
MRW my girlfriend finally decides where she wants to go for dinner
My dad’s yelling at my little brother for sexting and I’m just standing there like...
5’9" Dudi Sela grabbing a chair for a boost to hug 6’11" Ivo Karlovic after their match
Fight Fire With Fire
Pocket Sand!!
Please Use Other Door
Without A Doubt
What jerk off could have made this
Double-Parking, solution
Say ahhh
3 wheels, 2 pedals, 1 seat, 0 practical purposes
They’re as afraid of us as we are of them...
I saw a montage on youtube for M.J and I made a gift for the best scene
What If???
Coming home after a night out drinking...
MRW I’m in the middle of pooping out a motorcycle and my girlfriend texts me that her parents aren’t home.
da faq
Seeing a repost with a different title
If this bitch don’t shut up…
No you may not
Cyanide & Happiness at its best
Hippo don’t care. Hippo got things to do. Hippo got places to be.
Root canal procedure
Look at me......look at me.....look at me
MRW My computer says I don’t have admin privileges
When two perfect smoke rings collide
Joaquin Phoenix’s Forehead Kinda Ruined the Dramatic Final Scene of ’Her’
Hand In Hot Ice
Not Paying Attention While Texting
Oh He Was So Close
How To Put Pants On Without Using Your Arms
Germany captain Philipp Lahm presenting the World Cup to over half a million fans in Berlin
Cat doesn’t know what to do with the butterfly that flew on its paw.
Now you can be prepared for those awful toilet paper emergencies!
Kanye West attempting to seduce Kanye West.
Whenever I see a comment that isn’t too bad with -1 points
as a gun shop employee, this is nearly every other customer
Payback time mother fuckers!
Alcohol vs. Marijuana
When I see a low quality gif
Those tiny legs are working double time
It happens.
Google has a big head and tiny arms
Pillow fights with strangers
A truck? Where?
MRW someone drops bad news and my deaf friend doesn’t understand that we’re in deep sh!t now.
I thought you guys might like this
We are not trained for this
Trying to sleep in summer with the covers on
Motorcyclist hit from behind
Free article limit reached? Don't think so.
Tree decides it doesn’t want to relocate: Turns violent.
How Not To Test An Electric Fence
Woman falls into fountain while texting.
Watch the eyes
Pet crab eats a bowl of noodles
The point where Satisfying meets Amazing.
The retaliation is swift
Mother Duck Watches As Her Duclkings Are Saved From A Drain
This Could Have Gone Much Worse
Dude Crashes Ferrari California During A Test Drive
poor Brazil
cat hypnotising itself with tail
Hi @Drougals!
Hi @deanyboy!
Check out this amazing home made water slide
Grandpa was thrilled when he overheard plans of his upcoming surprise euthanasia!
this is why i’m a dog person
Perfect Aim Using A Parachute
If Google Was A Guy - Vaccines
Which Scene Is Scarier?
The World Pup 2014.
State Trooper trolling a slow driver on the highway.
The Coolest Cat
My girlfriend on her period.
Your garden is quite lovely, it would be a shame if something were to… happen to it…
theres no snooze button for this
They are natural enemies..
A Lamp That Simulates A Thunderstorm Both In Light And Sound
Now THIS Is Art
Worst Guard Dog Ever
This is the cutest.
What life feels like after being on imgur for hours and hours
Baby elephant runs to his mother after being saved
Mission Impossible: Squirrel
Ready To Roll
When You Bought New Shoes
See You In The Showers
I’d Have A Heart Attack
It’s Not Even On
Geometric fascination.
too entertaining
Watching the upvote slowly being taken over by downvotes when I submit oc.
Almost as bad as a lego.....Almost
I say this to myself every time at work
Every American since USA was eliminated
Its the Dog Shit Police!
I’m a chicken
Oh, how do I stop, how do I stop, how do I stop, how do I stop…
All of Brazil right now.
this gif is so wrong it’s right
When you have the same content as another user, but they have the better title.
somewhat interesting
Where is the camera operator? I love it when special effects are subtle. (from Contact, 1997)
The Most Manly Trick Ever
Horsepower To The Max
Eating In Public Vs At Home
HRW I use puns to ask for sex.
Brazilian kid collects his tears for thirsty Germans.
I wonder what the score to the ga-
This seemed appropriate.
Hello darkness my old friend.....
Fuckin rekt
As a German watching the game right now.
MRW I switch sides
It’s All A Matter of Perspective
Classic Japan
Been caught stealing
They are coming
When someone doesn’t want to give you a high-five
Real life anime fall
That should never happen
Angry dogs kept apart by a fence
If Michael Bay directed the World Cup
Totally meant to do that
Time-lapse of American seizure of indigenous land, 1776-1887
MRW i over hear my GF talking about me with her friend in other room and saying how lucky she is to find me
The older you get, the less fucks you have to give.
Damn nature, U SCARY!
Airport jousting
Welcome to usersub. We’ll be your guides.
I wonder what sex with a monkey is like...
Upvote teabag is screaming
How it felt to be taken to McDonald’s while clearly not sober by a sober friend.
MRW both of my kids are crying and neither of them will tell me why
I wonder if I can talk Jasmine into anal...
And the award for most unnecessary use of earth bending goes to...
I don’t like that hat.
Joey And The Cup
Worst parents ever
Internet Explorer wants to become my default browser
If only there was an easier way to go up that ramp…
Always take cardio seriously
Picked on the wrong nerd
How I plan on spending the 4th of July
Shark Attack Prank
Guy flies drone into fireworks show
Life hack: How to untangle headphone cords
Fried rice is hard work
Store Robbery Goes Very Wrong
MS Paint Art
Cliff Slip And Slide
Brush brush brush
MRW my Ex says that the new Netflix password isn’t working
Obama on gay adoption
MRW I see all these hilarious posts making fun of America today
Facebook these days
Heard yall liked Tim Howard. Whelp here you go.
When I accidentally play a youtube video on full volume
MRW my 4 yr old niece says I’m "the strongest man in the world" because I can lift her above my head.
Beagle gets a present
How can you live with yourself??
Happy Independence Day 4th of July!
Trust Me, It’ll Be Great
Brothers Fighting
Good work dad!
Food truck explodes in Philadelphia
Close Call with a Trolley
My mind is telling me no~ But my body’s telling me yes~
Just wanted to throw this in here.
Cutting an apple with water pressure
Jim Carrey knows how to deal with photographers
Statistically, 1 In 20 Of Us Live Next door To A Pedophile.Not Me Though, I Live Next Door To A Stunning Pair Of Seven Year Olds
I googled "people on IMGUR will like this"
I brought up how the German team had more Black players than i thought and my friend says "I think u mean AFRICAN AMERICANS"
MRW I have to look up how to spell "rendezvous"
Metal Construction
Are we forgetting Tim Howard’s OTHER record?
The Punishment Was Swift
An Elephant Never Forgets
Hey look, I’m Steve Irwin
Because one trip is better than two
Thought he could get away with it
Perfect Poker face
Modern Media
Still one of favorite shots from a movie
MRW my friends say that I couldn’t dance to save my life
Titanic - The Untold Story
Clearly A Red Card
MRW people ask me if I’ve heard of Imgur.
Trust me, it’ll be great.
Lord of War
Today is my cakeday, and I got no love earlier for posting a gif I made of my dog high fiving... trying last try before I get off imgur for the day. Here is Paco the dog doing his favorite trick:
Fancy footwork
It’s not far off from wrestling
Missed by this much
She can tickle me anytime
It’s just a fish… ISOPOD
Yeah ...High five!
For the mobile users.
The GIF that made me create an account to favourite
when i remember something embarrassing i did years ago
MRW I come home high, thinking i am alone but it’s my birthday and whole family came to see me
(HQ remake) When your roommates GF starts screaming at him that he has a little dick.
You Call That A Knife THIS Is A Knife
Some People Get Too Greedy
Longboarding On An Empty Country Road
Almost a year later, and this is still the funniest thing I’ve seen on the internet [Shameless Repost]
A dog nose is cold and scary! (oc)
Teamwork works...
Gay pride in San Francisco
Itty bitty kitty takes a hot bath
Racist Neighbors
A Cat Raised By Dogs.
Drive by caught on camera
She would make one hell of a Stripper Clown o.O
Judge for yourself
When I like something on Uberhumor, then read the comments realizing it is a repost
"Firstly, I’m glad you survived. I don’t know how you can stand all that water. Secondly, come here. You washed off my scent."
"You got a problem?"
Has this one made it to Imgur yet?
Cat raised by dogs
When people upvote, then read the comments realizing it is a repost
I’m using the last 3% of my phone’s battery to post this. Please, let it not have died in vain.
You call that a knife? THIS is a knife.
This is why you hire a professional.
Jackie Chan... Master of distraction
The most hilarious yet impressive drive-by punch I’ve see
Much Horror. Many wow. So Death.
MRW Nestle has to recall thousands of "Chocolate Peanutbutter Icecream" cartons because it doesn’t say it contains peanutbutter on the back
Superman’s Cape Puppeteers
Fuck your car i’m a HORSE!
Football Is So Much More Enjoyable When The Players Don’t Dive
Pool Teleportation
Just testing...
Pikachu looks like that friend that gets way too high and Ash gotta rush him to McDonalds
Suarez trying to bite Gerrard
Woodoo Magic
Just Shoot Already!
Mother of eyebrows
MR after sleeping with my coworker and having to see her at work
House dressed as a house painting a house on a house
I can never refuse a request
Casper, the teenage years
This Cat Is Totally Qualified As A Fireman.
So Much Style
Cop Car Never Stood A Chance
Most helpful cat in the world
The US team’s effort today against Germany…
He did the math
I guess now we know what he would do for a Klondike Bar
Ferret’s Smart Play
That was a close call.
A medical first: Quadriplegic man controls arm using a chip implanted in his brain
Fatau Dauda (Ghana) saves Ronaldo header, is pleased
MRW my husband turns down sex
Do we still like this smiley lady? :)
MFW I fart and leave the room
My take on a more simple loading icon
MRW I get caught for masturbating in front of my neighbors sprinkler at 3:32am every third Tuesday of the month
I will never regret favouriting this
I got punched a work, so here’s a gif :(
Saw an opportunity and he took it
I choose to believe this woman is about 15ft tall
Biting Humor
The Good Ol’ Switcheroo
Twistiano Ronaldo
Just Leave It On
When The Curry Is Spicy Enough For Me
When Internet Explorer Asks To Be My Default Browser
Could you f**king not?
Humpback Whale Bubble Rings
That look of
Mexico’s coach trying to keep it cool after scoring
Upvote this for no reason
While in the Bing offices...
When you’re spooning and he gently rubs his crotch against your bum.
When an annoying little kid is telling you something and you don’t give a damn but their parents are standing right there.
How USA Football Fans Watching World Cup 2014.
I’ll just take a shortcut
Will You Marry
I regret everything!
last one, i promise
Fuck You Matthew McConaughey!
Fuck You too, Woody Harrelson!
Ducks do it too!
Google’s latest doodle is perfect
Instant car moustache
someone has gone to mice acting academy
Angry professor chases student in chicken suit
I’d probably stop and stare too
MRW the girl I’ve been making out with all night at the bar invites me back to her place to "sleep and nothing more"
Next Step ...
Couldn’t help myself
MRW I’m Drunk At A Party Trying To Act Sober
Here’s Your Icecre
Police Increase Escalator Speed To Get Rid Of Hooligans
As A Guy, I Can Confirm This
The people wanted colour and I shall deliver
The US and Germany both only need a tie to advance....
Got an old book from the shelf. Opened it. Found a love note from my ex as the bookmark...
ᴱˣᶜᵘˢᵉ ᵐᵉ....ᴱˣᶜᵘˢᵉ ᵐᵉ.....EXCUSE ME
MRW I watched the end of stoppage time in USA v. Portugal
*pokeball intensifies*
I am infinite and enternal
Thief Skill Level 999
Tricks for my food?? F that!!
"Move! I have to send this fax!"
I laughed way too long at this
There. Just ruined a perfectly good gif
Here’s your McF…
I think this is what a lady boner looks like
oh, Hi :-)
MRW a friend asks me if it is ok for him to bail on a night out because a girl texted him.
Wolves react to a gamekeeper who had been away on maternity leave, awesome.
MRW I find a security camera near eye level
Here’s your McF........
Simple Happiness.
kid notices he can raise his eyebrows for the first time
This satisfies me a lot
MRW I’m mad at my girlfriend and she uses sex to get on my good side
Walt Disney Presents
How To Remove A Stuck Ring.
in a world where there is no light, you make your own.
’So I guess I’ll give you a call sometime then?’
Ohh, Joey.
I animated Van Gogh’s Starry Night.
Cute smile
"Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels"
All 15 of Clayton Kershaw’s No-Hitter strikeout pitches. His consistency is unreal
The Flintstones visit The Grand Canyon
White deer surprised by his own antlers shedding
Mary Jane Watson
Will you marry …..oh shhit. ..
What the motherbitch is this thing?
I’m losing my mind.
As a guy I can confirm this
I’ve never flirted with a woman, but I’m pretty sure this is how it works… right?
Shrooms. Maybe once.
Good catch
Damn dawg
When Pinteresters See A Cat Picture In Pinterest
When my already tall girlfriend steps out of the car with high heels on
2 professionals vs 55 kids
The potatoes have escaped
MR as a 22yo being around my brothers friends at his high school grad party.
So A Guy Just Proposed To His Girlfriend.
Poor lamp.
Don’t hurt me...
MRW my girlfriend tells me that she was just browsing Imgur and I notice each of my posts go up a single point.
Be Careful In Chat Rooms, Kids.
Soldier returns home
I must go home now. (world cup edition)
Received an email addressed to "Dear Student Loan Recipient."
User sub summed up in one gif.
When someone uses a gif I made but adds a better title.
For your birthday: every picture you sent me from work.
It’s a back leg day
How I walk to my bf’s apartment
I made this to show my affection for imgur...OC
Will you marry .....oh shhit. ..
Entering the workforce.
"Drugs Are Bad, Mmkay"
Fire Drill
I bet she’s really good at uhh… doing stuff
Fastest way to end a relationship
Pure Class.
Formerly blind dog sees owners for the first time
Which one of these is not like the other?
Plugging a USB Drive
Home Fire Drill.
Worst babysitter ever
Imgur, I need your help.
I got a job interview tomorrow... but not at an office... AT A MOTHERFUCKING CANDY STORE!
A Surprise Gift From Grandma.
I actually said "wtf" when i saw this.
Kid With A Portal Weapon
This should be the loading screen for EVERYTHING.
I bet she’s really good at uhh... doing stuff
"No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"
Welcome to toon town
I apologize if you have already seen a hamster eating popcorn upside down on piano keys being pressed by someone today
I don’t think that man is a certified paramedic.
Doodles are getting better and better
MRW my Mum yelled at me for not buying her boyfriend a Fathers day card
New favourite gif.
When deleting your internet history isn’t enough.
The rumours that covering your computer in sticky notes would fix viruses continued to spread around the retirement village
Finish me.
*bites lip*
What the fuck did she think was going to happen?!
This is how you lose a foot or your life
You’re Doing It Right Grandma
Instant Garage
As an engineer browsing Imgur.
I told my dad to chill and he said "I am chill!" then I saidb"I thought you were dad!" I DAD JOKED MY DAD. I AM THE REVOLUTION
When you drop your toast and it lands butter side down
Fucking stop.
Duck stampede
Hanging out with somebody you dont know
You’re doing it right Grandma
Oh deer…
It’s tough being a thief in Russia
How I come home after dinner at grandma’s house
"Who’s a good boy?"
Son gets his dad a Fathers day gift.
This right here is why people don’t like YouTube.
90 year old does backflip
Man Gets A Shock At A Power Station
The golden ticket
Armstrong is BACK!
"mrw shepper cure th genophage"
This right here is why people don’t like YouTube.
As an American, MRW I realize my surgery was 100% covered under the ACA
The battle for Endor has begun
Off-duty Cop Saves Mans Life
The First Ever Recorded Ragequit
Did You See That ... HOW?
Pyro Flamethrower
College is where you learn life skills.
Man gets a shock at a power station ;)
DID not expect that start
How To Photoshop
Optical Illusion. What sorcery is this
Black Metal Babysitting
Sobbing father reunites with ‘dead’ son. A father near Damascus discovered that his son, who he thought had died in a chemical bombing, is alive
Protesters in Brazil at the World Cup being pepper sprayed.
I Present You: The Prancing Cat!
Mortal Kombat Gifs As The Finest!
Suddenly, Treadmill...
I Never Understood The Point In This..
Eyes On The Road
Laughing Lizard Gif
The limitless brilliance of human mind
Aiming with google glasses. Taliban Screaming "aimbot"
For like two weeks you fuckers somehow kept me from killing myself.
look at that prancing cat! :D
well that’s kinda disturbing
When the pranker becomes the prankee
LOOK! I did a thing!
This huge moth
Don’t know if balls of steel or stupidity.
Hey, I was wondering…
If you look at it long enough your sexual orientation switches direction!
What I imagine going on when girls describe how they use public bathrooms
Feeling Better?
Wild Ones
What Dreams May Come
A Good Listener
Lisa’s the shit, Lisa’s the shit yo.
you clever bastard
MRW I caught my friend’s gf cheating and promised her I wouldn’t tell him
Your mouth is talking. You might wanna look to that.
That dude who upvotes everything and never downvotes
Found this in a biology professor’s window.
Words of wisdom. You never know, it could save your life some day.
Some d-bag nearly hit my car while I was asking Siri a favor... She documented my road rage.
Engineers working on the original WTC antenna
Google is getting crazy.
I’ll mess you up.
Found this. Liked it. Decided to share it.
Man jumping into water, didn’t know what he was getting himself into
Sincerely hoping this works
The National Galleries
Since it’s my cakeday and i don’t have a pet, i give you a tiny pineapple.
I think it would make a good batmobile
Turn On WWE
Freckles Beauty
Poorly Worded Coffee Mug
Expressive Husky
Where Do I Get This Kitty?
After He Rescued Is Adjusting Quite Nicely
Trolling Traffic Police
Now, You Stay There
This Is A Workout I Can Get Behind
Nickelodeon In The 90s
Elizabeth Warren On The Daily Show
Lies We Tell Our Kids
A Really Useful App
I almost stopped reading
One Word Can Make A World Of Difference
i was going to make a distasteful joke but nah
snails have 5 butts
On the subject of getting my sh*t together
Hey there kids!
You fucked up
when your parents come into your room unannounced
the sun
On that day, burgerking received a grim reminder
That’s an awesome title. You rock!
full cycle
Lil’ Marco
Seth Rogen FTW
Need to Clarify…
Don’t drink and tweet, companies…
It’s so crazy it just might…nevermind.
Community is…
Yet never a “twosome”
Fun with Shortcuts!
*Face Palm*
Smoothest Answer Ever
Put…put a dolphin in it…
I think you got the RIGHT number
Like, fifty…
Does Not Compute
This is a religious pamphlet that got the sender/sendee mixed up… Jesus Doesn’t Have Time For You.
Dad Joke #342
Tinder Pick Up Line of the Century
Did..Did he just end the world?
Oh my god.
That’s the exact right order…
How Not to Email Your Co-Workers During a Snow Storm
A Marine Biologist WHORE!
Best Text Ever
Turn that frown upside down!
Best Marriage
Classic Damn Funny: Don’t Have Sex With It
Kid’s Going Places…
Who run the Google?
Damn Funny Classic…
The technology will be our doom…
Left-handed problems…
So apparently low rider fighting is a thing…
And the Oscar goes to…
Romania street racing
Pipe Cleaner And A Sponge
MRW I saw a single mother spank her kid in a grocery store for going batfuck insane over a candy bar.
How to get to the Front Page: A step-by-step guide
Being 1 of 6 kids and my mom calls me every single name but my own
Turtle Assassin
Dog stays by the side of his dead owner :(
Basically every game company at E3
[S04E09] "Tell us about your first kill, Olly."
If George R.R. Martin wrote The Lion King
When I Accidentally Hurt My Girlfriend.
Trying to keep your testicles from sticking your leg in the summer heat
Watch this gif while listening to Around the World. Trust me.
Me when I accidently hurt someone
Taking off his jacket while riding a bike
Do you get bonus points?
*ʞɔıן* *ʞɔıן* *ʞɔıן* *ʞɔıן* *ʞɔıן* *ʞɔıן*
Need A Film To Watch (Click & Drag)
Some OC For You
Mattress day at school
It’s the head snap I am most impressed with
You bitch
The struggle is real
Dominoes made of dominoes
MRW, as a northerner, I go Vegas and my friend who has lived there all his life says "Oh its only 104 out today, not even bad"
My new favourite gif
I don’t know how to think about this…
Cringe worthy: Oh my god, this guy is such a freak
Stepping On LEGO
I think she has a poltergeist in her arm.
Whenever my girlfriend’s parents come home unexpectedly.
Google Street View Documents Detroits Decay
This plant
Crossfitter attempts 100 pullups! Amazing!
Insane bus driver persuades woman to commit suicide.
Kid with a portal gun
MRW big bro left for college and I became the oldest son in the house
Young girl saves a canoe from sinking.
MRW I see lots of posts from Non-Americans talking about how bad our education and health care systems are.
Novak Djokovic Makes Ball Boy’s Day
Sweet, Sweet Justice
Where is your god now
What is 18 inches long, anatomically designed and makes women smile?
Jump Neo!
Tinder 2.0
Shanghai, a 20 year difference
Nicely done detail. The fan on the chair is also on.
I Sure Hope That’s His Foot
One Of The Greatest Dad Pranks Of All Time
MRW My Girlfriend Says Shes In The Mood
How These Lab Chimps React To Daylight Will Melt Your Heart
Bikers Equivelant Of That ONE Tokyo Drift Scene
Someone Get This Dog An NFL Contract
Girls Before Going On A Date
Just found out my 4 yo has autism.
Pwease can I come on your adventure!
Happy...weird shit...
MRW someone post their life story on imgur
Asshole throwing baby ducks onto roof.
MRW I downvote for the first time
I Wish I Had A Twin Just To Pull This Kind Of Pranks
MRW I found out who Anna Kendrick was
The greatest hero of our time.
Remember the homless guy who was given money and a new house? He decided to pay the favor forward
Car ride simulator 2014
Hit next if you are scared easily
My reaction when my girlfriend says shes in the mood
When you’re high in public and trying to blend in
They see me rollin..
One of the greatest "dad pranks" of all time
Getting ready for a first date
Fake hand prank
Well.. Shit
The Rock Improvised This Line, Ludacris’ Reaction Is Real
Baby Leads Modern Dance
How It Really Feels To Step On A Lego.
Get. Me. Off!
Thanks Bill
That is awesome
Live TV is awesome
Kid accidentally steals cup from restaurant
MRW my friend and I are at the bar and hear a hot woman say "the ugly one looks approachable"
Neat little Japanese invention
Bus driver saves woman from jumping off bridge
MR as a non GoT-fan when i logged on to imgur today
Something went terribly wrong
[No Spoilers] Pedro Pascal practising for the fight
MRW after trying for a week to make a High Quality GIF & 20 tutorials later, I finally work it out.
A blind fan offers something to the referee
When the boss comes asking you to stay late
TLC is the weirdest channel ever
Just trying to do my job here…
Brave grandpa tackles bank robber
Snake? Spider? Why not both? Meet the Spider-Tailed Viper.
Chimpanzee Uses Tools
A Daily Struggle
Optimus Prime Really Needs To Check Into Rehab
Mister, Can You Kick Our Ball Back?
Fuck You & Your Sunglasses!
The Greatest Paper Plane Ever Made
On A Scale Of 1 To 10 ... How Pissed Off Would You Be
Everyone Has Their Own Priorities
MRW someone posts something amazing in user-sub that is neither a repost, nor softcore-pornesque
Slam Ball Looks Like A Lot Of Fun
MRW I Am Going Down On My GF And She Farts
She So Deserved That
Young Cheerleader
Dude crushin’ it at the gym
Proof that he is white after all
Awesome pizza delivery guy
Cereal killer
Ain’t Nobody Suicidin’ Today!
Summer is here
That moment when you realize what he’s holding.
Your Turn Mom!
Blind kid vs 50 Cent
Well this is adorable.
One of a Kind Skateboard Trick
When Mom Says You Can Buy One Thing At The Store
Teeny Flying Carpet
Time to take a break
combining gifs is awesome
Cute Puppy With Broken Leg.
which one of you is the man?
Give this guy a medal!
The final moments of Phillip Seymour Hoffman
It’s all a matter of perspective…but that face at the end!
Hey, at least look him in the eye. That’s what he’s paying for.
uuuunnngg..... hhhhrrrrrnngggg.....
Ohh.. Yes
You are on ugly mother f... wait, cutest cosplay ever.
Work in three hours.
I swear on me mum
You have to let the fear go, Neo
You’re browsing imgur too fast, slow down.
MRW my posts stall out at 20 points and boobs shoot up to 300
They sure don’t make things like they used to..
Puppy With Broken Leg.
My first ’deal with it’ gif! enjoy:)
MRW I found out over 50% of children born in 2013 were born out of wedlock.
Baking Bad
This makes my heart happy
Majestic creature from the ice planet Hoth
MRW I found out that a girl, who I almost had sex with, gave several other guys the clap.
Thought i’d share my new reaction gif.
Never let this gif die
OMG! That poor little..wait! Nice job there Dad….
the infamous nod and wink
Climbing onto the roof? What could go wrong..
Salt encrusted animal skull, partially submerged in water
Truly Spectacular GIF
Horses are jerks
I Don’t Know How To Explain This
You’re Not Yourself When You’re Hungry
I Can Draw A Cooler Circle Than You
Wake Up! I Want To Play
Slipping it in.
Truly Spectacular GIF (when you see it)
MRW state testing
The Shining ...as enacted by cats
Puppy with broken leg
“Sometimes I wish I was Loki...”
Driving through the Amish parts of my state
Just a test. Ignore
I hate the homeless
MRW someone tells me to calm my tits
Caught my manager browsing imgur at work. Hi FlightyZeus (were you serious about that pizza?)
-ness problem that plagues this city.
Oh hey qwop
Stupid mean human
Dumb infomercials: Concerned your breasts don’t jiggle enough? Make them shake with this super simple gadget!
Is this footage from the Ball stun marathon???
Why is this so fun to watch?
Himalayan Ninja Goats
There Are 13 Circles Behind Twitter’s Logo Design
Fuck Me? Fuck You!
MRW Someone Who’s Extremely Sick Tries To Hug Me
Dog Overboar....never Mind
Serious Yo-Yo Skills
Up the butt
Who’d ever known what was in there?
Bull parkour
Pizza delivery.
Where have you been?
BB vs. Glass , Now in Slo-Mo
Now she’ll never find the Goblet of Fire :(
Ah it’s finally summer
MRW my mom is talking on the phone with someone and says "Huh? Oh yeah, he’s right here."
When people insist on posting an overused gif of me as a child actor
Do the Africa face
MFW I fingered my first girl
MRW I visit my friend who hasn’t paid his electricity bill for months
MRW when a guy tries to tell me most women don’t watch porn on a regular basis
The best reversed gif ever
Text my coworker to asking her if she wants extra hours.. Reply saying sorry I have a boyfriend.. WTF
I Am Totally Fine With This Reality
Momma Panda Has Had Enough
THAT Is Why You Don’t Let Your Feet Hang Off The Bed!
Clever Crab
Static vs. dog
Panic mode activated
i wonder if this person would make mark cuban cross the street to the otherside
Holy crap, it worked!
The good ol’ days
Physics go home you’re drunk! {how to do push ups without legs}
Everyone deserves a chance
I’ll just stop in real quick and grab a pair of new shoes… Nevermind
the whitest dance ever
How BP handles oil spills
Driver Pushes Police Car off Road in Russia.
Hey mister, can you kick our ball back?
Frisbee double wall ride
Fall from the throne
This tire knows its time to go back home
MRW my kid brother and his friends think they’re getting drunk off the Virgin Margaritas I made them..
I don’t know how to explain this gif.
Come here chicken i feel your feels
Last Sunday On GoTs
MRW I found out two cashiers have been paying my Grandma’s bill every time she forgets her purse.
You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.
FAP (5/22/14)
So this is actually what it looks like...
Cat smoke
High fi-AAH!
The greatest horse in all of animation history
MRW as a filmmaker who has worked hard for years; I see my first commercial I produced air on TV.
Fast and Furious: Polio Drift
Where this tire ends it’s journey (x-post from r/gifs)
I’m Nuttelling You
Release Me Brother!
That Designated Driver Feeling
Yeah I Saved The Goat! FUCK
Did You See That He Caught The Ball With One Hand!
Little Shit Has More Game Than I Do
This is not my account, but may this image rocket your points heavenward, you magnificent stranger
Strong crosswinds winds take-off
Friend: Wanna go eat something? Me: Nah, i’m broke man. Friend: Don’t worry, i’ll pay.
Guide dog alerts possible catastrophe.
Probably a good idea to get out of the way…
How can she slap?
Eat, my children.
Upvote, Downvote, Repost (5/21/14)
When I see my fetish while perusing imgur with my girlfriend.
What happened to the 8th slice of cake?
deep frying safety tip
Just passing thru
Confused Husky Pup
100 lb of magnetic putty
No such thing as too flexible
Cycling in Budapest, Hungary.
Photobomb pro
This could save a lot of hassle in parking lots.
New friends won’t talk to me
So annoying.. When you have trouble selecting text to copy.
Cyclist Gets A Ticket For Not Riding In The Cycle Lane
Vicious panda attack, really shows how scary nature can be when humans meddle.
MRW I notice I’m inadvertently being filmed
I’m a moderator on a forum with strict swear filters. MRW I read "Go do something anatomically unlikely with yourself"
Created an imgur account because of this gif
How to pillow fight like a boss
When I’m hungover but I have to get up and do something
After investigation, Bob and Mark discover the volume of the jar is Steve.
Not in my house!
Just because it’s low-tech doesn’t mean it’s not cool.
Keeping the party going after a night of heavy drinking…
Kids are the worst
Imgur Magic
Igor smiles whenever you upvote, just give him a minute.
American Woodcock struttin his fine badonk
You guys really liked my birthday gif, I’ve decided to make one for each occasion
My 2 year Visa and Work Permit has come through at last! Canada...Here I come!
Just because it’s low-tech doesn’t mean it’s not cool.
embarrassment intensifies
Beyonce aint got nothing on this guy.
fucking plane came out of nowhere
Great friends pulling a prank
The BMW Z1 has awesome doors
Best skateboard bail ever
MRW I posted about being older than most of you, then getting PM’s from users half my age or more saying they like older men
MRW when the teacher writes super fast on the whiteboard as I’m trying to write it all down
The average Imgur argument...
All Movie Posters Should Be Animated
Today’s Discovery
There’s Always A Jerk In Every Group
This Cat Has Had Enough
A fire extinguishing grenade
Sun, Sand and Seal
MRW an ultra religious friend says her boyfriend doesnt masturbate.
Talk about pressing your luck
Have a cheerful gif, you fucking gloomy wankers.
MRW people start making playdough snakes
The crime had been planned perfectly, but never had she foreseen feeling such awful regret
Hoooman Y u sTAHHP?
MRW my CGI-loving friends hate on the original Japanese Godzilla movie as ’fake-looking’
Sometimes fake wrestlers do real good deeds
This kid is a pimp!!
Did you see that? He caught the ball with one hand!
Oh, hello!
My best friend Charlie the Venus Flytrap
An interesting hammer design
I have to do "Print Screen" to make a screenshot? Okay
Kangaroo And Rottweiler Become Friends
False Advertising At Its Best
One of the coolest costume ideas I’ve seen.
This is why I don’t like these things
Sweet trick
This Can’t be a Good Sign…
Java has encountered a problem with Windows
Russian self-defense demonstration
Avoiding my responsibilities like
wasnt expecting it to end this way….
Can You Read Up To 500 Words Per Minute?
Guy Impresses Girl On Omegle
Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog
Rob Ford Escapes From Rehab
Tempting Leo
Racist Birds...
The Ultimate Meanwhile In Russia......
Don’t Play On The Furniture Kids!
This just became my favourite .gif
Cutest reaction to seeing a train for the first time.
check break after car servicing
Racist birds…
Damn nature, you scary
Bulldog surprised when his ball trick works
run lil crab run
I’ve been working all day…
I Love Holding Her Hand
The boy saved from a dog attack thanks his cat :)
I forgot how marvellous this was. (Not my OC!)
Someone asked for boop version, so here it is quick and dirty
Strawberry Growth Timelapse
Pretty Damn Epic
Store owner traps armed theif
MRW we’re having Froot Loops for breakfast.
Who does the internet give the upvote to?
Cat saves little boy from dog attack
A nice little gift
When I’ve worked 80 hours in one week, and my wife tells me to "Cheer up" at the family get-together.
Cat saves little boy from a dog attack
That escalated quickly.
Ok, I guess we’re done warming down now
Hang in there Bro
Pole Dancing Expectations And Reality.
I skipped a stone once
Fitting In Is Hard
Accurate As Can Be
Are You Ok...
Cyclist Hit By Car In The Rain
Making Fire From Ice
The Best Dad Joke In Film History
These Glory-hole Videos Are Really Getting Agressive
Refilling the milk at work
The reason everyone hates clowns
Talk about a hole in one!
Terrifying prank for LNI
The World’s Smoothest Gold-Digger
MFW I’m about to do something without being asked to, and then someone asks me to do it.
I’v accepted my fate in user sub, time to sit back and relax with you guys
If the scene last night had one downside, it is that this turned out to be an outake, and not the shot used.
This is my all time favorite gif.
Poland’s contribution to the Eurovision song contest
Fuck your golf