QI – David Mitchell’s Angry Logic Compilation – [9:14]
"A domino can knock over a domino 1.5x larger than itself, so 13 dominoes can amplify an initial push 2 billion times"
Just Luigi problems
The jokes you never got as a kid.
We print funny local mugshots at work and write captions. I had a little extra time this morning.
Cop beats black man in New York.
Georgian girls singing – now with some metal. Everything is better with metal.
My dad just sent me this photo, glad to see he went for the camera before addressing the issue.
Paper Always Beats Rock
Bubble Wrap For Stressful Moments
Lost In Space
Every Time I Get Into My Bed
Grandpa Will Always Give It To You Straight
Dad Gets It
And Taste Better
This Is Weirdly Wonderful
NASA Has Found Methane On Mars
Someone Should Notify His Publicist
In Case You Ever Feel Dumb
And People Wonder Why Overweight People Don’t Like Going To The Gym
Canadian Road Rage
Spongebob Troll
Karma Delivered!
We need lives.
Look at how much we care!
le slut
It’s not as bad here as everyone thinks it is.
Ladies, This Is The Smartest Idea Ever
The Reason Stormtroopers Miss So Much
New Olivia Wilde Bikini Pics From Maui
In Case Of Hippies
Wife asked me to pick up tampons for her, this could be my last post…
How Game deals with broken shutters
Had to explain to my grandmother that usb stick don’t need to be charged.
The new ‘get in the van Elmo’
Seen in Woodstock, Vermont
Seven miles from Anchorage
Lots of perverts
No one will ever have as good a hair day as this horse.
They say it’s the thought that counts…
Found my senior quote.
All my friends are posting family Christmas photos and I’m here like…
Am i evil for laughing?
This is what hand sanitizers are for right?
Just Some Casual Reading At The Ball Game
I gave my boyfriend his present early, he wasn’t expecting it at all!
Excited puppy spots its owner
Four Years of Christmas Family Photos
I just want to take a moment to thank the men and women who design the safety features for cars. I survived this 70+ mph wreck with only one bruise on my body.
Single dad of 3, just had this played on me in cards against humanity
This was a response to PETA’s "offer" to pay Detroit familys’ bills… but only if they become vegan.
Everytime I am at a party
My reaction when I opened the oven to get my lasagna, just to discover I had never turned on the oven.
Just got a GoPro, When do the Redbull sponsorships start?
My prom date was late for prom photos, so I decided to put a bow tie on my kitten and take pictures with him… he wasn’t too thrilled
Dr. Phil
What it’s like living in the North on this day..
Probably the most badass reaction you could have to a scare prank
We saw this man while waiting for our flight.
Mongolian Rap Throat Singing. Thanks /r/wtf this is my new jam.
Occasionally the dog is the smartest one in my family.
When it’s sexytime with the girlfriend
Customizable "Meaning of Time" Wall Clock
Barista at My Work Made This: Dickbutt Latte Art
2×2 all terrain motorbike. Russian engineering. Amazing.
Wooden pliers made from just 10 cuts into a single stick of wood.
Timing is everything!
My friend just plain gets how to do ugly sweater parties
Logistic Operations
Massive explosion shockwave from two miles away (Antares rocket)
Placebo Effect
I rarely drive at night, but when I do:
Back when Spongebob was good.
So this is the latest commercial released by Bavaria, a Dutch brewery, proudly starring the Glorious Leader
This urinal at a gas station.
SNL’s ‘Asian-American Doll’ Commercial Desperately Avoids Offending Minorities
Kid has some class
Being Married to Santa Might Be Harder Than Expected
How to troll Youtube staff.
5 year old discusses princess Leias Slave outfit with her dad.
My in-laws know how to ugly sweater party as well
I’ll be back in 5 minutes. If not…
Aah man
I always do a ‘flush check’ when visiting Australian toilets.
A touching gesture from my company after 9 years of employment came to an end
Groundhog Day 2
My family’s holiday card inspired by The Shining
As a 23 year-old male, going to try this now
Funky Korea is Best Korea
Just got my Christmas gift from my grandparents. I’m 31.
Just for Christmas – A Classic
Send me a pic without makeup
A Nation Ruled by Fear
We run a very tight ship.
MRW somebody only responds with "K" after I’ve messaged them.
I give up ... The new Swiffer attachment is distracting me from housework
Can you hear it?
For the last year, my conservative, southern baptist church has taken care of an underprivileged family in our town.
When I was 5 my mother and I got into a bad car accident.
Then Add
what i see in the mirror
It says go to hogwarts
Now that
Even Better!
Pacman Eating
I Waste So Much Time
Where does all that cereal go?
“Oh stop it, you” cat
How To Be A Google Power User. Google skills you must know.
When you’re feeling down, remember how scallops swim, fucking hilarious
How to gift wrap a cat
Who’s The Prey Now?
Feb 29
Some people will never understand
The Amazing Penguitten
Things That Upset Women
Pop Icon Illustrations By Ben Chen
How Many Germans Does It Take?
The Triple Eldredge Knot
Leaked Footage from star wars
Move your lazy ass!
I don’t know if this is common knowledge, but it comes in handy for these massive GIFVs
MRW my hot pocket is ready but the floor is still lava
House Doing What He Does Best
It’s The Little Things That Really Count
Pallas’s Cat
We Did An In-Depth Analysis Of 21 Disney Female Leads
Puns Everywhere
The other day my mom was telling me that after my grandpa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, my aunt Rhonda used to ask him "who loves you the most?
This past january a senior guy from another school in my county was in a horrible wreck, he was brain dead and on life support for week.
A girl with severe Autism who doesn’t have many friends sang at a coffee house at my school a few months ago.
These days, I’ve been very unhappy, but I put on my mask like usually every day and act normal.
When I was in 9th grade, I reacted poorly to a medication I was taking and experienced constant tremors.
I haven’t cried in since I was 13.
Calmly and quickly
Correct grammar, please.
the blank canvas
"I am a wolf" [0:06]
Don’t know what to say
A Mother’s Struggle.
This tree grew around a golf ball
My manager brought his dog into work today
Pod of Orcas gets a little too close for comfort
Sony producers
How I feel about 2014
EB Games has the worst ad I have ever seen.
The FedEx Truck on Catalina Island is Adorable
Clever, very clever
Away In A Manger
Meth…not even once.
True Story – Jonah Hill & James Franco (I keep excepting the laughter to come in)
My Gf’s Grandma (89) texted this to her the other day.
NEW RECORD! They discovered the deepest living fish ever found. A snailfish living at 8143m deep.
I work with trash and saw this today.
My husband thought it would be the funniest prank ever to buy me this. I think it is amazing. Will wear it daily.
Easiest Job On The Planet
For F*ck Sakes Larry
It Warns You With Pain
And That’s How The Fight Started
Every Girl Has One
A Wild Wolf Attacked Your Party
James Franco
I Can’t Believe I’ve Lived To See This
Perfect Frozen Cosplay
Looks Like He Shopped Until He Dropped
If You’re Cold...
The Most Expensive Ring In The World
Might Be The Greatest Patch Of All Time
Why I’m Good In Bed
The Two Sides Of A Girl
Maybe He’s Just Not Training Hard Enough
You Had One Job Only
They’ve Changed A Lot
Watch As John Cleese Mocks How He’s Fluent in Cat and His Beef With Taylor Swift’s New Cat
A quote with flawless logic.
I have clinomania on every Monday.
Christmas greeting cards.
A Koala escaped at zoo, guess what happened?
Metal Kittens, Rock-’n-roll !!!
Christmas gift for your dog.
Shopping with your dog.
Spectacular Christmas tree made only of dried flowers.
Norwegian man saving a duck.
Danish designs: Waves Sofa.
A Naughty Scene
Curing Headaches
Cool And The Gang
Lighting Up Christmas
Pencil sharpener rage
Hook Ups
No phone? riiight.
Chuck Norris Win
School these days.
whatever works...
You’ve Got Aids!
Teen Mom 2 Fail
Body acceptance.
She managed to open her Christmas present last night, extreme guilt ensues.
Troll teacher is very smart
Break Up
Ulgly X-mass sweaters? This one takes the cake for ugly and creative.
My friend went to the White House yesterday and this was Barack Obama’s reaction to a gift of his first legal Cuban cigar
JO Hos just keep trying
Oh boy! The anticipation is killing me
When a male gymnastic coach tries uneven bars.
Just a reminder that tonight marks the final episode of The Colbert Report. Thanks for all the laughs Stephen.
Walking into my thirteen year old daughters Christmas party…
Thirteen dogs and a cat have a holiday feast. This never gets old.
My 3 month old Shiba Inu spreading his paws
I actually agree with Mitt Romney on this one. wow
My wife wanted jewelry for Christmas….don’t think she’ll be too happy
This is how they’re serving drinks at the Adobe holiday party
The general consensus regarding this North Korea fiasco
Meet Dominique Harrison-Bentzen. A homeless man offered her his last £3 so she cold get a taxi home. She raised £20k to help him.
Move over Kim Kardashian
He thought he bought a micro pig
He doesnt even know how ghetto our Christmas is.
So I was a victim of a home invasion last night
A true marathon
An elephant got caught on security camera picking up trash and putting it in a garbage can
This would get your creative juices flowing
My sister-in-law’s unbelievable jenga play
My office decided to say ‘fuck it’ today
When a glitch kicks in during a boss fight
Les Baugh.
Done on request
MRW I’m about to be late for work and can’t find my keys or my wallet
Shirt looks so smooth, I do not blame him for feeling it.
Hot blonde
Mid Sneeze
We have been putting this little Chewbacca in the X-mas tree for ages and I never really knew why… I just found out my mom thinks he is a gingerbread man.
My co-worker’s friend just saw this in Florida while driving..they were even barking.
Cookie Monster is not a letter of the alphabet.
Sony reveals new logo.
Oh Grandpa
For Megan
What I wish Sony and Movie theaters had done under the threat of attack
A movie that North Korea is okay with
Drivers Test
I wonder…
But what is the hand symbol for baby oil?
Too Much Ramen
The face on the spine of this book looks exactly like mine
Who’s Nick Cannon?
My rejected pitch for our office Christmas cards.
Guy catches a HUGE lake trout 20mi out on frozen Lake Superior.
Just following suit
One Short Day
A Door!
everyone will die
"I Want A Million Bucks"
Sounds Like
They’d Probably Prefer
Anyone Else Just
But mom!
There’s been a lot in the news lately about a young man being killed by police.
This cute guy that I liked rejected me after I told him how I felt about him, he called me ugly.
Today on the subway, there was a very sad looking old man.
MRW my friends ask what I like about imgur
I’m too old for this shit
now this is edgey
Merry Kirbmas
MFW I try to jump on an imgur bandwagon
I swear it happens every time
Alone with Friends
A Dell
The Most Epic Fight Of All Time
May The Holiday Spirit Be With You
Toad Has A Very Good Point
He Won’t Take His Eyes Away From You
The Messenger
Aptly Named
Loving The Weather Change
Guess What’s Coming To Dinner!
Just Stop
Private part nicknames
I’m 31 and still can’t help feeling like a sex offender in there
girl eats slice of turkey in less than one second
Just when I thought I was spoiling my kids this year…this asshole shows up.
Talk about police brutality.
A friend used leftover butcher paper to create an evolving piece of art for his kids to work on through the years.
An Honest Caller ID
Heard this gem of a customer service rep working with a larger white woman today.
step 1: hide that book
Class was fun today.
Megatron Speaks the Truth
She was not in rehab
Racism works both ways
The Most Radioactive Places on Earth
A PSA from 50¢
Baby Jesus is going to have some wicked abs by the end of the season
Noticed a peculiar resemblance in my friend’s nativity scene today… I present you, The Fresh Prince of Bethlehem
Found this on a table at school today…
Haley Joel Osment is becoming Al Borlin
The Mysterious Floating Orb by Weird Al
Dog Can Walk Again Thanks To 3D Printing
Sometimes when I’m down I think about how my parents weren’t juggalos and smile.
Well, you gotta have some way to tell the twins apart….
Well…he’s got a point
My baby cousin looks almost identical to a cabbage patch kid
Used my phone’s red eye elimination feature… I think my freckles confused it.
Bolivian girl showing us her pet llama
The local cobbler has a way with words
Woman Gets Her BMW Booted At A Bad Girls Club Audition And Drives Off Anyway!
My niece on the right. My niece’s grandmother at her age on the left.
The Kim Jong Un scene that caused The Interview to be scraped
Porn plots
Capitalism Explained.
Does it make me a bad parent if im like this?
Internet [0:54]
The Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained
That’s some freaky foreshadowing
Says who?
A man after my own heart
My local Vietnamese restaurant makes bread dragons
this outlet has a 5 o’clock shadow
Going full retard [0:08]
North Korea caught cracking Sony’s password
Every time I come to the airport I write the date on this car. They’ve been parked here since August.
Another questionable subway read
25 ways to know you are grown up…
Wife called to let me know that she took the perfect Christmas card photo…
Of course this happened at Walmart
Dad will always be there
"Oh God, it’s Mom." C-SPAN delivers yet again. [from :10]
Simpsons did it….. in 1999
My brother hit a deer at 30 MPH on a bike!
The do-it-your-selfie-stick
Bernie Sanders 2016. He can see through the bullshit.
A P.S.A. for your company party
Futurama never held back on dark jokes
“I can’t go into safety leaving my children among the beasts”. Principal,burned alive by Taliban in Pakistan. Let us not forget Ms. Tahira Qazi
I took my unsuspecting girlfriend into a photo booth… and proposed!
Emma Watson with and without make-up
As an adult, can confirm.
If that’s a menthol, it’s the freshest she’s ever smelled
I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime
MFW I try to get a film depicting my assassination pulled from release but my fiery death scene leaks anyway
Life as we know it
Everybody knows it!
A little girl’s friendship
I lost my wallet in Spain during the WYD.
After battling years of depression and anxiety, a boy tore apart my heart leaving me with no desire
On August 5th, 2011, the most brave, kind-hearted, loving, protecting person I know was killed in Afganistan, when his chopper was shot down.
Womyn!! WTF U Doin
Beetle Suplexes The Fck Out Of A Scorpion
Mr Krabs Has Feels
that was fast...
Future baby boomers
Dove Cameron And Olivia Holt Battle For Hot Blonde Teen Supremacy
And Then You Forget Everything Immediately After The Test
Scarily Relatable
Two Happy Owlets
His Plan Was Foiled
A Great Idea For Kids
Honest Letter To Santa
Fighting my older brother
MRW as a new imgurian when i see a popular post that’s a huge inside joke that i don’t get but upvote anyway.
Turning a blob of glass into a horse
There is only one explanation: Magic
Why North Korea threatened the US
So basically the prank is her boobs comes out during peoples work out. I creatively edited it out so you can see the reactions.
chicken and hell
Never Thought Of It This Way
MRW My 15 Year Old Brother Says That He And His 16 Year Old Girlfriend Want To Have A Baby
The Green Solution For Lawnmowers
This Is How Well I Sleep
This Seems To Happen A Lot
Old McDonald’s Building
How To Pretend To Be An Adult
Say Cheese, Guys
Google House View
Go Big Or Go Back To Your Crib
Ghost Is Having A Hard Time
Not As Funny As You Think
Flying Raccoon Attack
Get The Hell Up, Baby!
I Read That Whole Thing In His Voice
Do I Have To Wear This For All Eight Days?
Watch As Derby the Dog Gets 3D-Printed A Pair of Prosthetics For the First Time
A mom and dad of 2 young kids, boy and girl, were asked if they wanted to abort a girl fetus because of a brain injury.
My grandpa is suffering from cancer in the brain
Every week the same family comes to my work to buy $400 worth of groceries and supplies using their own money and time.
MRW I see the post next to this one
MRW I saw the previous post
Hello my baby, Hello my honey, Hello such ragtime wow
Dog can walk again thanks to 3D printed prosthetics
Making a screw flush with the surface is like creating invisibility
J.k. Rowling Has Spoken.
Toilet Rage-avoided
No Nap For You
A shit
Smoking pot?
Y must the tittle be so long omfg
tea with satan...
Best Buy phone fail
Disney :3
Liz Lemon and the toaster waffle
Spotted in Mexico
Well, converting to Islam just got easier.
Peter Jackson celebrates 92-year-old Sir Christopher Lee’s last day of filming for "The Hobbit" as Saruman the White. The British actor is the only LOTR cast member who had ever met Tolkien, and received the author’s blessing to play Gandalf
The author and illustrator of Cliffwood the big red dog died today. Thanks for the memories Norman Bridwell.
"Google House View"
Australian dude on recent Russian Ruble crash
They’re Barkin’
South By Southwest
What Santa Is Bringing The Kiddos
Calming The Baby
Merry Christmas To All!
Don’t forget the newly
Did someone violate my cranberries?!
A military dog protects a soldier as he sleeps in the airport
How to dance
Vehicles stolen stateside end up in Middle East war zones.
Stunning street art
Scumbag Beverages
I can confirm at least 3 fairy tales took place here.
Futuristic looking yacht
Why is this picture on top of a microwave box…
A Beretta shotgun being made. This is marketing that works, because I want one now.
New movie idea.
When girls turn 30….
This chicken needs to be colored in.
Lisa Crashes her Punk Ass Moped
The single greatest review on Amazon
Giant tortoise rescues overturned comrade
Viral Videos of 2014 – Compilation under 7 Minutes
My favorite Reno 911 Scene
Opened my first Hanukkah gift from my brother
Peter Jackson celebrates 92-year-old Sir Christopher Lee’s last day of filming for "The Hobbit" as Saruman the White. The British actor is the only LOTR cast member who had ever met Tolkien, and received the author’s blessing to play Gandalf
Sometimes drunk purchases aren’t so bad.
These 5 Gum dares are getting pretty intense…
I don’t even care anymore
Going Out Or Staying In
Not The Smartest Thing He’s Done
Overly Attached EBay Seller
Riddle Me This
Just A Text Between My Mother And I
Waterless Water Slide
The Love I Always Wanted
Romantic Banananas
Everything In Your Pocket
Children Just Want To Play
Five Facts About Reading
So Efficient
Being A Dog Has Its Disadvantages
How To Wake Up A Dog
If Humans Had Evolved From Other Creatures
Bicycle Drift
That Feeling Of Complete Devastation
We Have Some Grave News
It’s What Friends Do, Rightq
Incredible She-Hulk Make Up
The Joy Of Being A Dad
So Many Herbs, So Little Thyme
My Son While Playing Hide And Seek
A Big True About Atheists
Nicely Done, Sir
his prophecies
Dare You To Say That
In the basement of God
Guitar Hero - You’re doing it right
Or He Is In
Beware! The flesh eating
Michele Bachmann, Everyone
This Might Be The Most Accurate Thing Ever Written
Happiness Is Simple For A Turtle
Ice Sliding
okay we can hold hands
kakiohse no jutsu!!!!
sopping cart
so i was eating and then...
You wot m8?
I have it SO much better
Let me help you
MRW my doctor informs me that a nemesis that I fought and beat 6 years ago is back for a rematch.
Let’s remember this man, Tori Johnson, who was tragically lost last night during a siege in Sydney, whilst trying to wrestle a gun off the dozing criminal.
MFW a student shows up to a final exam with eyes the color of cherries, a very relaxed smile, a strangely sweet-smelling aura, and only writes 4 sentences in 150 minutes, two of which sentences are identical.
When both sides of the channel tunnel first met 1990
My family’s reaction when we find a pinup of my grandma in her attic
Best handicap license plate ever.
Made from an old trampoline
My class in AP US History may be the most boring class ever.
Hope for her Birthday.
The other day was our school graduation.
a strangers kindness
dont you dare mix those colours i swear to god
Is it 2012 yet?
Apple flavored shampoo
Walmart has the best deals on grandmas
Having Some Fun
Peter Jackson celebrates 92-year-old Sir Christopher Lee’s last day of filming for "The Hobbit" as Saruman the White. The British actor is the only LOTR cast member who had ever met Tolkien, and received the author’s blessing to play Gandalf
Found in the restroom of a Korean restaurant in Seoul.
Good to the last drop
Don’t Feed The Reaper
*Not Actually Free
Unhappy Camper
Dirtier Sanchez
Autocorrect, The Bane Of Your Existence
Ron Swanson everybody
I just don’t want her to think I don’t care.
Ho Ho go to hell.
So my friend in New Orleans found a new roadie
MRW I read that Honey Boo Boo’s parents are being offered $1 million to make a porn video.
A record that stands to this day
Everyone needs a bathtub crocodile
I don’t even care anymore
My university doesn’t allow review sessions during finals week... This was my Anatomy professor’s response.
So this is why i don’t have a GF
MRW I realize tomorrow is the 3rd Tuesday of the month and my neighbors’ sprinklers are set to go off at 3:32 AM
Owl doesn’t like scale
This was my RA’s response to someone editing his meme
How to dance (i think)
Came home to my fiance cooking the cookie dough out of our ice cream..
Every year, the older brother puts the younger brother on his shoulders to set the star on top of the Christmas tree. They’ve been doing it since they were kids. Now they’re in their 20s..
Just add pony-tail
The Queen laughing as she passes her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, in uniform.
This plane — Probably the cutest aircraft ever made
My girlfriend sent me a picture of her neighbor’s Christmas tree.
Never have truer words been spoken
Peter Jackson celebrates 92-year-old Sir Christopher Lee’s last day of filming for "The Hobbit" as Saruman the White. The British actor is the only LOTR cast member who had ever met Tolkien, and received the author’s blessing to play Gandalf
I work on an oil rig and this just made my morning.
Some teenagers in my hometown spent their Sunday doing this
Zeitgeist 2014: Year In Review (wait for it)
My dad found my passive aggressive note that I wrote the toothfairy. It was better than I remembered.
Fuck up of the decade
My gf wants a cock ring for Christmas. I can hardly contain my excitement
I had WiFi all the way to Seattle.
Was exploring Google Street View in Japan when suddenly…..
A friend of mine had his wedding today. The Best Man is asked for the rings, the groom holds his hand out and the Best Man plays the "I don’t have them" card. Everyone checks pockets…and no one has the rings. Then…this guy rolls in
My life in a nutshell.
Dad I’m Serious. Hi Serious, I’m Dad
PID Control is the coolest thing ever
My Russian friend sent me this joke
My 11yr-old son’s home-made ugly Christmas sweater. Thought you guys might like it.
This is what happens when you turn off the neurostimulator of someone who has had Deep Brain Stimulation surgery for Parkinson’s disease
How I forfeited my security desposit
My housemates and I decided to make a christmas card. Unfortunately, I’m studying abroad in Japan so we had to improvise.
Every. Damn. Week.
The definition of cockblock
A Mathematician and a Philosopher talk about the importance of mathematical understanding and the failure of the education system in making children interested in science. Video gets amazing at 3:10.
This maybe my new favorite Conan segment
Christian Insanity !!
Crazy how nature does that
This artist creates pictures with packing tape
Mario is an asshole
Elephant caught on CCTV cleaning up the trash
An Ice Dam burst upstream and this was the result
Study for finals distraction-free!
Went out holiday shopping and found this monster.
it’s heavly snowing!
No one listens to me
A friend of mine had his wedding today. The Best Man is asked for the rings, the groom holds his hand out and the Best Man plays the "I don’t have them" card. Everyone checks pockets...and no one has the rings. Then...this guy rolls in
My sister just dropped a nuke in the war to get her kid to behave
Not all of tumblr is SJW ranting
MRW as a nerdy girl, an extremely hot guy tells me being smart is really attractive.
gotta string (theory) it out a little
11/10 would watch.
Time to get some answers.
Well Played Michael...
I was decorating Christmas cookies when...
About two pieces in we noticed a pattern on our pizza
My niece was learning Photoshop and asked me what she should do next. Here’s the result... I think she knocked it out of the park.
My housemates and I decided to make a christmas card. Unfortunately, I’m studying abroad in Japan so we had to improvise.
someone killed my dog this morning. Here’s how he used to hug me
Scottish Batman
Literally the most inspiring thing I have ever see
Attention Who--
dubstep song
This Artist Takes Terrible Dolls and Turns Them Into Masterpieces
That guy..
Sometimes alcohol helps me sleep
It snowed in the desert near Al Zulfi, Saudi Arabia. Still don’t believe in climate change?
Im drunk and laughing hysterically at this, join me.
Star Trek Correctly Predicting The Future
Reasons For Admission
There Is Always That One Guy
Life You Have Left
Being Fat Has Its Perks
Watch Out The Pawlice
How I Feel This Morning
Damn School Fire Alarms
The Major Issue At School
Pooping Next To Someone In A Silent Bathroom
Princes Vs. Kings
Anon Has A Bad Time At A Party
There Is Always A Bright Side In Life
The Ultimate Dad Joke!
Mike’s New Band
Her Only True Weakness
Yep, Totally
When She Asks For Your Duck Pic Instead Of Your Dick Pic
That’s My Kind Of Challenge
A Dangerous Prank
How To Get A Date With Customer Service
A Cunning Plan
And Now It Will Stay In Your Head
Natural Home Remedies
That Is What I Call Bending The Rules
I Shout At My Wife Starter Pack
They Aren’t Even Sorry
Ran a test print at work… oops!
SpongeBob SquarePants theme song played 800% slower is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever heard.
Somebody at work isn’t the brightest…
I am surprised that the worldwide ban on alcohol hasn’t had more attention!
Glenn Howerton just posted this on twitter
That frog has seen some shit
This guy allowed people to type in whatever they want as they donate and their message is being read by a text-to-speech whilst streaming. Results are as expected
Saw a wiper blade on a camera inside a car wash today
White Ravens
Six waterspouts form due to the intense heat from a lava flow- Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
The most amazing visual representation of music I’ve ever seen. Nothing in this video is CGI, all effects are real.
Act like a bitch, get treated like a bitch
Thug kid at a magic camp x-post /r/unexpectedthuglife
A baby just handed me this on my flight. I ain’t mad.
Pie selling for pi
My grandad turned 96 today. We filmed this a couple of years ago. Each week he calls me to proudly update me on his YouTube stats.
In anon we trust
I got a little too excited by the State sale. I now own this.
Joaquin Phoenix’s Confusing, Terrifyingly Hilarious Forehead (Rotated)
My reaction when girls call their boyfriend daddy
Found this little guy while working on the beach. He’ll have a ~14ft wingspan within two years!
Good guy Greg at it again
Laser mounted to dog’s collar. Hilarity ensues. [1:03]
Norwegian man saving a duck
Attention all: The revolution has begun
Nasa’s parody of "All about that Bass""All about that Space"
Student can’t stop his laptop playing "Fuck it all" in the library during finals
NYC hero explains to woman why she is late for work.
That’s a little terrifying
I’m moving out of my terrible apt complex in two days. I found this letter in our elevator. Guess at least one resident hates this apt as much as I do.
Best Christmas card ever
They were shouting, ‘kill whitey!’
It’s final’s week, and this was outside of a bar at my university.
I replaced my friend’s fancy soap with a block of fancy cheese
– What losing 60kgs did to my face
Remember Denver the guilty dog? He’s guilty again.
My coworker can’t park to save her life…this is just one week.
These were the names of my dad’s teachers in pre-school
In Detroit..
My two 85-year-old Grandmas
"It’s not that icy" is the exact words he said before this happened.
Mom just broke the first rule of Fight Club
Cutting a rubber band ball in half (1:30)
Hmm.. good question
Winter Party Bruh
Giant smoke ring blown by a volcano in Italy
My single cousin’s Christmas card this year
Dude Tests his Bark Control Collar on Himself…
Living in the Bible-belt here
Is that a ball
traitors, they’re every!!!!
Everybody loves boyfriends farting
le crush
Jenna Marbles is Genius
Rewrote one of my favorite scenes
Here’s the Super Girl That You Liked
Thanks Jeselnik
thought her agent said she got the role of "a net full of jell-o" then found out it was Annette Funicello
The Sun, photographed from the same spot, at the same hour, on different days throughout the year
These almond cookies are rather aggressive
Ladies’ man
It was our pilots final flight so they showered our plane as we came to the gate.
Well then
I think my family’s dog fell in love with me
On my flight to Detroit and happened to look at the seat behind me..
"What do you want to watch?" Idk, White people almost kissing seems good
As a twin..
A cunning plan...
That’s a little terrifying
He said the hardest job he had in his military career was not laughing during this shift. RIP to you both.
idk like pudding
Within everyone is a little arachnophobic girl.
Clever Mom
Over a month ago, my best friend’s brother died in a scuba diving accident.
In 5th grade I met a girl who I thought I would never relate to.
Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t having a bad day.
My reaction whenever i see something neat
I’m at chuckie cheese with the kids and my race car literally crashed.
My 13 year old daughter wants a nose ring for Christmas. I can hardly contain my excitement
MRW I get handed the teacher’s edition textbook by mistake
You can step on lava
Aww yisss, I enjoy that brushing.
One of my friends has two really hot sisters, this is him whenever i come over.
Police brutality protests right now in Washington Square park NYC
Best crossover
50 years later, I don’t think the years have been kind to me.
Timed Breathtaking ... Perfect click
r/polandball on why Britain should stay in the European Union
My uncle is out of town for a month and just got a new TV. Perfect opportunity for a little photoshop prank. He bought it.
Master Bate will help
Usersub.. can we make this happen? For science?
This is still my favorite picture.
My parents thought Los Angeles would be a bad influence on me so I sent them this Christmas card to let them know everything is just fine.
mrw my cakeday is coming up
Amazing human beings
I think they sell these at Sea World.
And losing weight is possible but gaining height isn’t.
This baby was sleeping when it was time to meet Santa, so Santa napped with her.
My single sister’s very single Christmas cards
Some cats bring home mice or birds, ours brings home sponges…
2015 Prediction
Got blackout drunk last night…my girlfriend helped me remember what happened.
USA be like, "Nah"
You know you’re a good parent when your kids are this happy with these presents
Dog’s real happiness
Mr.Bean In 11 Famous Classic Paintings.
What can you do with a drunk boyfriend and a dog.
Mom doesnt count
Harry Potter Duel
Bird Lady
The Great Forever Alone is found.
bitch your stu stu
I’m sure he needs to lose his license...
i like you too!
The truth at last!
Poor T-Rex Couple
Carl Is Too Cool
The Greatest Crimes Are Committed Behind A Desk
Life Only Gets Worse
How Gamers Talk To Girls
Disney Princess Inspired Rings
Just Hired The Best Contractor In My Town.
Dog’s really happiness
Live today like it is your last day.
My step cousin lost his mom and dad at a young age due to cancer.
My Aunt asked me the age old question the other day:
Never known such an amazing act of kindness
Today my little sister came home with a bruise on her arm.
These were the names of my dad’s teachers in pre-school
I Started Up the Old Game Boy Today
I replaced my friend’s fancy soap with a block of fancy cheese
Just realized the mess I have to clean up
What do you do for a living? "Well, currently I’m training an eagle to fist-bump Stephen Colbert..."
MFW When girls call their boyfriend daddy
my sister told me she’d rather watch paint dry than talk to me. She has an imgur account. Lets make it happen!
His expression was priceless
Some cats bring home mice or birds, ours brings home sponges...
Short people problems
All Bill Nye episodes
You little angel
Texts between a father and son during a school shooting
The .gif that got me to join Imgur
Forget the glass slipper
Early Christmas present.
This is perfection in my eyes
Yup, jetpacks are real. The future is here.
Mexican protests continue over government massacre of 43 students.
Feel Better About Yourself
Making my own Christmas cards this year…
How is your scarf game?
A woman proposing to a guy in a bathroom, aww
When you really need to use the bathroom
My dad’s a trash truck driver. He got this today from a little boy that comes out to his balcony to wave good morning.
My favorite Bill Nye quote.
This was my neighbors only decoration. Every single branch was lit.
Naked and Afraid
Target ordered blank name badges. So they got Blank name badges
Not a single person in South Dakota Government Caught this
Read my lips
Went to the office holiday party. Didn’t know corporate was going to be there.
According to National Geographic, this is what the average human will look like in 2050
Breaking: Huge explosion in Union Square, San Francisco, 1.5 hours ago.
Jingle all the way
It took us almost two years of spare time since neither of us knew what the hell we were doing, but today my friend and I can proudly say our epic IRON MAN parody is finally done.
As a 27 year old, this has been my facebook feed lately
I would watch the absolute fuck out of this.
Seen on a bus in Streatham, London. Intentional or not?
I never knew climbing competitions like this existed. All of these competitors are incredible.
My friend’s goat, Benjamin, became slightly viral across the UK, and he’s super cute!
I Found a great gift that I probably won’t give…
This straight line of snow between my garage and outside.
It’s the time of sails, swords, and sea shanties. How do you and your shipmates pass the time? Like this.
Best yelp review ever
Parking at my Grandma’s 90th birthday was a nightmare!
My buddy customized his leg cast
This guy..
The vet sent us this after having to put our 10 yr old dog down
Too the point advertising in Thailand
He is right you know.
Slinky Master
Found our costumes for our next drunk float trip
An Australian newspaper congratulates Benedict Cumberbatch on his engagement
When my fiancé was 12, she was Riff Raff
Dat gap
Was watching the 60′s Batman TV show and noticed the inmate number on the young lady
After 2,690 hours of programming and 896 cans of soda, my friend and I are officially launching our game today for iOS and Android. Here’s the trailer.
Big Magic Ball
127 Boys, 129 Girls.
My Is Oct 23
Arrow Nipples
why is he having beer
What i Think About Songs
have you seen cynthia?
Steve Jobs
The Only Effective Method To Remove Wine
They Have To Fix This
3D Printing Done Right
Installation Complete
Facebook Disappointments
Gourmet Lunch
Christmas Sh*t List
This Elephant Loves Playing in a Sprinkler
Listening To Illegally Downloaded Music
Blood Type Guide
Germans Know How To Do It
Inferior Technology, You Said...
Really Clever Packaging Design
Always Dress To Impress
We All Have Our Priorities
I Want Him On My Side
Moses Screwed Up Big Time
How Rats Climb Up Toilets
Graphics Are Not Everything
Now I’m Ready For Christmas
The Predalien Bike
Before And After The Weekend
Christmas In The IT Department
I have finally finished Hobbes! It took over two months, but it was well worth it :D
I too opened a jar of peanut butter.
Saved a Life Today
Yeah it’s pretty sad
Ali G interviews David Beckham and Posh Spice
Did I hear someone say they would rather have Helix back than another Javert?
You can’t fool me you little shit!
My friend and I recently made an IRON MAN parody. And if you don’t like it, well...
My coworker/ fellow imgurian is fed up with Javert...he will come into work tomorrow morning and find his mouse not working and soon find the source of the problem.
that definitely didn’t end well
how I feel after realizing I’m back to the heaviest I’ve ever been. (138+ kg)
Wanna play lets play
More awkward for him, I’m used to her shit.
[24/F] - What losing 60kgs did to my face
Smooth move
MRW I find the fourth wall.
A different view of the undercover officer
This is a diet I can get behind
How Women Work
Architecture Taking Care Of The Environment
Break the Internet Attempt of the Day: Gronk Poses Shirtless with Kittens
Documentary of the Day: Dogs Riding in Sidecars with Bikers
Hard core April fools day prank
may the odds be ever in your favor
No Courage
marker fail
Profanity? nahh..
why you no have this here, america?
black poptart
1 In 20,000,000,000,000
New Sport In Sochi
damn it,
Typical White Girl In America
stop messing around
When my grandmother was hit by a car and died, my world was turned upside down.
My grandmother suffers from Alzheimer’s and Dimensia.
Today I took my grandma to the zoo and she’s on Oxygen and I offered her to push her in a wheel chair and her response was "Hell no, I’m not dead yet."
Today in school I was talking to a group of people who sit close to me.
These two look like they are having fun
My old friend got stuck in an elevator with a crazy guy and recorded it.
Burger King Puts Wrong # on Site; Guy w/ That # Trolls Everyone
Canadian Dr.’s reply to companies requiring medical note after sick day
Man hacks coffe brewer’s DRM and makes a video about it featuring Empire Strikes Back Music.
Found this in walmart
my grandma showed me this letter i sent her when i was 6. she has kept this for over 20 years.
My favorite Danny Devito line ever.
New Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ Trailer
Thank you for not smoking
Malala, this year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Price, is so young that her father had to sign the papers for her today
A dad insisting on using his ‘selfie stick’…
Teacher gets teenagers to write a letter to their future selves, then mails it to them 20 years later.
From the creator of the Oscar-nominated short film, Fresh Guacamole, comes his newest short: Submarine Sandwich
So… I found this on the floor in class.
Orangutan covering himself from the rain
Can you please stop already
UPS guy gives no fucks
My dad’s orange trees cross-pollinated
US Navy now has lasers
Everybody I send cards to this year is getting one of these.
After recent developments…
Shaggy, The Pirate Bay’s co-founder
This Guy Takes Photos of Buildings and then Uses the Sky as His Canvas
For only $12 at Walmart, you can become a side hoe
A Little Something Extra
Mom Doesn’t Get It
Feliz Navidad!
Real Friends Stay With You No Matter What
Any Momsters Out There?
the children!
Lawyers Vs. Engineers
The Best TV Crossover Ever
Cookies For Santa
But Appendix, Why
I Can’t Wait To Order One
50 Shades Of Dark White
I Like Their Honesty
Some People Don’t Want To Be Helped
A Proud Moment In My Dad Career
Zaria Forman Is Raising Awareness About Climate Change With Art
This Is How You Know You Have Good Friends In Your Life
You Can Turn Instagram Posts Into Edible Works Of Art
Give Your Brain A Good Workout With These Interesting Facts
This Bear Has The Best View
Jon Stewart takes responsibility for his "single factual error"
Sometimes earthquakes can be good news
My Professor just sent out this email. I’m hoping I get the name of a D-lineman.
Pen made of recycled water bottles casts a shadow of a water bottle.
Director Peter Jackson takes a photo of Martin Freeman
I think such words need to be seen again these days.
Easily my favourite joke, ever.
The best joke of 2014
Ohio man exonerated after spending 27 years in prison for murder he didn’t commit
Abandoned 29 years ago, black baby is adopted by adorable Pennsylvania Dutch woman. Mom doesn’t know what youtube is. This is them discussing life.
Seven homeless guys in my country got a new chance and job. They aren’t just hanging around train station anymore. They’ve become baggagemen.
So my roommates and I got a denim couch, we figured this was the next logical step. Photo-jean-ic.
Best table ever!
People fail to realise that not everybody’s stories can be related to their own lives.
And you thought the police were bad…
"Adderall," a great short film made by a high school student.
Woke up and found this on my lawn this morning, with no rational explanation as to why it’s there…
Dad does this every time we decorate the lawn
He should probably just give it up.
It started as a mobile game, how did it end up this big? [Angry Birds]
Animated 10,000+ hex nuts for this stop-motion video back in 2012…never released until tonight!
Holy Tittymilk
babies, storks, factories
Finally understood it
I’ve been at my new school for over a year now.
The dying father of Toronto Blue Jays player John McDonald asked his son to hit a home run for him.
I recently found out that my friend, who is only 11, suffers from cystic fibrosis.
While washing my hands in a public restroom, a little girl about 6 years old walked in, and told me that I was beautiful.
Prank Reversal
It Was A Guy!
He’s Bad To The Bone
Goddamnit Frodo, Take The Ring Off!
Guest Speaker
Anon Prevents WWIII
The Best Secret Passage
He Sees You When You’re Eating
Mom, The Dog Is Digging In The Yard Again
Being At Home Vs. Being In Public
Top Gear Track Comments
Extremely Expensive TV Reviews
The Look Of Pure Loathing And Hatred