You Had One Job, Carl
what’s wrong
My parents unconditional love :)
Today, my best friend dropped and scattered over $50 on the floor while getting lunch at school.
Heaven’s New Angel
Bruh, Smell My Fingers
This Guy Made It To Dad Status Before He Was Even A Real Dad
You Know That Burning Feeling
40k A Year Is Nothing Compared To The Best Years Of His Life Lost
This May Cause Loneliness And Depression
Damn It Chad!
The Amazing Story Of John
Sure, Come On In
It Just Takes Me One Step Closer To The Edge
If You Ever Feel Awkward Just Watch This
How Can They Handle All That
Instant Justice In America
The Eclipses
But Babe
Pizza Vs Love
Seeing The Side Chick In Public
Forever Alone Girl Problems
Crip By Default
Massive Respect
The Problem With Actually Having Superpowers
Faith In Humanity Restored In Peru
Am I Alone In This
I Ain’t No Hoe
Do You Want To Touch My Ball
Heater Vent
My sons a failure
All the food!
Perfection not in in One Direction
I don’t believe that for a second
Don’t hug me I’m scared 4
Girls with SOs, please please please remember this.
The April Fools prank 3 years in the making (11 Pictures)
Hmm.. is that really the best reason to not vote for Hilary Clinton?
Google Japan’s keyless keyboard
Rick Astley – Never gonna give you up
Rockstar on point as usual.
"Need some help honey?"
My April fools prank on my 11 year old son. The bait and switch…
Oh my god this is abnormally adorable.
Looking through my parent’s old photo album makes me appreciate the fact that I made it to where I am today.
And yet my girl can’t even handle a money shot.
Hot Topic
What a Pain
Dr Mae Jemison, ladies and gentlemen
Posted at 2015-04-01 12:30
3 hours later…
In the end it will be him and the cockroaches
As a father with a young daughter I really appreciate this being a thing, thank you Brookfield Zoo!
How my husband bonds with our daughter
Wait a moment, How he’s holding the cigar?
Basic Bitch Crossing
Dick Move, Ya Cock
She doesn’t know what she’s missing,
How the physics teacher lost his job
Taylor Swift In Short Shorts
Serving Suggestion
I Greatly Respect This Man
When I’m Looking For Another Job
SO close to gold!!
Not nutella
Chips and Salsa
We all had this moment
It’s happened to every learner...
The kid in the seat behind me took out his life jacket and inflated it mid flight.
Really cool visible shockwave
Bryan Cranston & Jon Hamm at a photoshoot for AMC
Gone with the wind
This flight goes nowhere near Disney World.
She tried to make friends with the polar bears during feeding time.
Physicist Richard Feynman describing what fire really is and how it works. The way he can explain such a complicated concept so simply and elegantly is genius.
Uberhumor in a nutshell
It’s weird…
Delivery truck dropped Ben and Jerry’s all over the street
hot girls puttin on a mask
This bunny has amazing eyebrows
What if Walter White told stupid chemistry jokes instead of cooking meth. (6 Pictures)
I customised my water cup today
Here’s to hoping we don’t accidentally kill a hooker
I like the weird dick shaped one with heart testicles half way up the shaft.
my friends work requires a doctors note if you call in sick
My step dad forced me to upload this.
Woman takes a dump in a hospital corridor with people around and no one notices until she’s done
Hugh Jackman’s physique in the 7 movies he played Wolverine
WTF?! Uhh… Please insert your card?
Swiss TV making fun of American tourists
He spent the rest of the night complaining how someone spilled beer on him
Give 3D printers a chance.
Umm.. You’re My Sister
A Sinner’s Job
You Did What?
Now That’s Awkward
Toddler’s Input
candy crush killer
Soulmates 5ever
I feel for ya, Jeffrey
talk like cannibal day
York Peppermint Puppies
Never There When You Need Them
So I Asked For A Raise
Childhood Fears Of Swimming In Rivers Reinforced
It Really Was
The Shape Of Your Body Depends On The Sport You Do
What Is Beauty Though
Perfect For When You Wanna Beat The Hell Out Of A Stranger
So It Does Work
Kid Cheats But Still Comes In Last
A True Fact About The Perfect Man
Use A Potion, Mom
Richard Hammond Is A Cool Dude
Smooth Move Doctor
What Maturity Is All About
And On That Bombshell
His Brightest Invention
A True Tolkien Defender
Britney Spears Bikini Beach Candids From Hawaii
Changing The Way They Stand In Their Religion
I’m Going To Bed: Wife Vs. Husband
Which Is Better?
That’s A Friend To Keep
Great Find At Legoland
I’m Such A Good Parent
How Is This Even PossiblQ Someone Please Explain
History Repeats Again
OOOOH Shots Fired!
There Is Nothing More Comfortable
Disney Movie Lesson
I’m just gonna take this....yeaahh
I Volunteer As Tribute
Rowing Bike
I’ll Miss The Colbert Report
Gender Wage Gap In Facts
I Like My Odds
Have You Dreamed Of This Man
Have A Heart
The Best Useless Superpowers
I Will Use This Joke
Hes Being A Dad Already
What I Learned Watching Supernatural
Facts About Subway
He Is A Vindictive King
Guess Who Is The Dumb Brother
MRW Hunting For A Dropped Pencil In Class
Hodor. I have no words for this. This is why the Internet was invented
Steven Spielberg wanted the logo for DreamWorks to be reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. He wanted the logo to be CGI at first, but Robert Hunt, who had worked on many of his fims, suggested a hand-painted logo might look better and painted his son
Eminem blatantly plagiarizing
Steven Spielberg wanted the logo for DreamWorks to be reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. He wanted the logo to be CGI at first, but Robert Hunt, who had worked on many of his fims, suggested a hand-painted logo might look better and painted his son
Went to the park today, saw this.
Sounds of the Sea – Vol. 3
This is how you know a guy is ready to be a dad.
So deep, I can’t even see anymore
Get Lost in Nature
Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in Times Square
I am done asking my roommate what his deal is
Ginny Weasley all grown up.
This is what Lithuanian officers do on International Women’s day
This is Tevor Noah, he will replace Jon Stewart on the Daily Show when he retires later this year.
These backpacks look like cartoons
This is how you get 3 years in jail
Elmo teaches Ricky Gervais a lesson
This 4th of July, me and my friends went to a big park to watch the fireworks.
Clean Eating
No one is Perfect
Only the people that played the old tony hawk games will understand this.
Made a imgur bet with a friend that I could get glorious first. See that she is already at 18,000
The dogs in Charge
I searched ages for this...
old shirt vs. new shirt
C’mon baby, smile for the cameras!
When you’re with a girl at a bar and then you try to buy her a drink and she says she has a boyfriend
@ The people who post borderline porn pics in user-sub
Still one of my favorite movies
Making a grocery list after watching the Food Network all weekend is hard.
Anyone know a Hank Hoffman?
MRW I remember that I have to defend my thesis tomorrow
Whatcha’ readin?
My parents just got married, and I thought I should share a picture. (I’m the guy in the middle)
You Wouldn’t Steal A Car
I was told to never let this gif die, so today I did my duty
I feel sorry for him
Florida Man: Not the Hero We Need, But the Hero We Deserve
These bears always make me happy when I’m sad.
Live each day as though it were your last
Favorite then forget
MRW someone uses my username to get to the front page
Who Destroys Wood
Technically there is ten
that means
Made By
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... Sort of.
False. The math says
Access to internet=
A Boy? Ok
Yes, Indubitably
Or We Could
Perfect shot.
When she lets out that little gasp, when you first slip it in
A husky walks on water in northern Russia. The image was taken after heavy rainfall covered the frozen lake.
Won a trip to Puerto Rico and couldn’t take my wife. Didn’t have a single second of fun. (14 Pictures)
Steven Spielberg wanted the logo for DreamWorks to be reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. He wanted the logo to be CGI at first, but Robert Hunt, who had worked on many of his fims, suggested a hand-painted logo might look better and painted his son
In Busta Rhymes’ 2012 song "Why Stop Now", at the end of his blazingly fast first verse he challenges Youtubers to attempt to rap it. Here’s Busta watching the videos.
Naughty Harry Potter
The supreme leader enjoying a beer at the Hong Kong Rugby 7′s
First Class on an A-380
3D printing with easy cheese is not so easy
MRW the president of the company i work for walked into the shop this morning and accused the vice-president of sleeping with his wife.
We Bring Giant Snails, Lizards, And Owls To Retirement Homes
Instantly Make Your Home Classier With These 12 DIY Upcycling Ideas
There’s No Way I Would Let You Guys Start Monday Without An Appropriate Dose Of Motivation
Wacky inventions from the old days
Breaking Dad (Jokes)
Last year when I used to cut severely
On Christmas Eve in 06 I found out that my great grandfathers pneomonia had left him motionless, speechless, and he wouldnt make it past christmas.
A few days ago I lost my bus pass, which had my bank card, student ID, and Sin Card in it.
A couple of months ago, my mom died after a long battle with cancer.
I know one guy.
I have been in depression for fifteen months now.
I made an optical illusion clock. Let me know what you think!
My buddy just snapped me this after a break-up
Steven Spielberg wanted the logo for DreamWorks to be reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. He wanted the logo to be CGI at first, but Robert Hunt, who had worked on many of his fims, suggested a hand-painted logo might look better and painted his son
found in my break room
Got dragged to the mall today. Now I’m glad I did.
ESPN Presents
Steven Spielberg wanted the logo for DreamWorks to be reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. He wanted the logo to be CGI at first, but Robert Hunt, who had worked on many of his fims, suggested a hand-painted logo might look better and painted his son
Unimpressed Zahara Jolie-Pitt
Easy Cheese 3D Printer
Y’all Got a Cigarette?
Steven Spielberg wanted the logo for DreamWorks to be reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. He wanted the logo to be CGI at first, but Robert Hunt, who had worked on many of his fims, suggested a hand-painted logo might look better and painted his son
A look into the life of a junkie. A jaw-dropping look at reality (40 Pictures)
You can pick your own mushrooms at this grocery store
Come Judge People
These guys are as Canadian as it gets
Ah man, busted and burned. I try to keep the volume down….
This car parked beside me yesterday
Typical Girl Tattoo Form
I’m a teacher. one of my kids drew me for an art project. Ended up buying it.
Thorium, Why aren’t we funding this!
Iggy Azalea blatantly plagiarizing
The product of 15 years collecting shedded antlers from the woods.
There are two types of horses in this world…
Some friends of mine built a tower of hammocks
Snoop’s senior photo, 1989.
spring break. circa 1260, A.D.
Uh yes she is.. how did you know?
Was trying to land my quadcopter on my dad’s head
Kid accidentally shoots computer monitor with an airsoft gun while trying to make a special effects video.
Someone Really Loves Bob Marley
Bring You a What?
Don’t Throw Them Out
Fill ‘em Up
If anyone needed some inspiration today:
True Murican!
Puppy unable to move from tar pit is rescued
MRW a gif is taking forever to load and finally moves
Woman peacefully engaged in an underwater yoga pose beside a 1,500 lb manta ray
wooden kinetic high wheel bicycle sculpture
I Hate You, Listerine
Meme Lion
I really do envy them
Behold the husky, in his infinate majesty.
there are some good people around
Astronaut forgets that gravity is a thing
as someone who can’t math and has no idea what a limerick
Cat recognises his owner in a video chat
Sera, pls
My buddy was at a renaissance fair today and spotted these two...
I was gonna post that!
You can’t demand a service
The other side of Black twitter
Sometimes you just need space
Charles is gonna die before The Queen does
Steven Spielberg wanted the logo for DreamWorks to be reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. He wanted the logo to be CGI at first, but Robert Hunt, who had worked on many of his fims, suggested a hand-painted logo might look better and painted his son
Double the protection
Imagine if we had game ads like this today, people would be rioting.
90% of the workforce
Every episode of Family Feud ever
No Wonder He Bit You
That’s How Rumors Start
Best Ever!
Tweet Of The Day
That Is A Nice Ass
British English Vs "American" English
My Favourite Childhood Memory
Trust Me, Your Mothers Side Of The Family Is Creepy
What Happens When You’re Growing Up
The Best Superhero Of All
What A Scoundrel, Misusing Typography Like That
Not The Worst Thing That Could Happen To You
Rules Between Brothers
Like Susan Is Any Better?!
The Life Of Corals Suck
MRW I Had To Scroll Down To Find My Year Of Birth
Steven Spielberg wanted the logo for DreamWorks to be reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. He wanted the logo to be CGI at first, but Robert Hunt, who had worked on many of his fims, suggested a hand-painted logo might look better and painted his son
Someone graffitied one of our election posters – I’m not even mad
The sky turned completely purple outside where I work.
WTF?! I do mobile windshield replacements. Had to do this car today.
RxTimerCaps save lives. The clock resets to 00:00 every time the bottle is opened so I’ll know if I’ve missed a dose. I bought these online.
The crash scene in Flight with the docking music from Interstellar is a near perfect fit.
How Russians tow their car
Friendzone level: Married
One twin goes to prom, other twin gets boobs
i should live my life like this!
I found Alec Baldwin’s doppelganger from the 1940′s at my local Elk’s lodge.
I have seen a lot of lies on the Internet but this is getting out of hand..
The last moments of Russian Aeroflot Flight 593 after the pilot let his 16-year-old son go on the controls
I can’t say that I disagree with her
Indiana’s "Religious Liberty" bill is really taking off
I danced to Taylor Swift in front of 20,000 people.
Steven Spielberg wanted the logo for DreamWorks to be reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. He wanted the logo to be CGI at first, but Robert Hunt, who had worked on many of his fims, suggested a hand-painted logo might look better and painted his son
fucking knitters
Where did we go wrong?
Oddly Satisfying
The Three Faces
Darth Crawl
For Anyone In A Tough Place Right Now
Pick One, You’re Either Invisible Or Very Visible
People Say She’s Just A Lioness
Dad Had Some Free Time
They Are Harmful
What Flavors?
My Way Of Life
Advice 101 By Ron Swanson
Very Smart Kid Indeed
Just German Things
I Just Can’t Even
Waiting For The Shower To Warm Up
Brokeback Asgard
The Joker Philosophy
We Need More Bort License Plates
What Are You Gonna Do? Stab Me?
Jesus’ Priorities
Easy Way To Check Online If Your Credit Card Info Has Been Stolen
My Cat With Paper Drawn Expressions
Close But Wrong
Where Did We Go Wrong
The Banana Bunker
Supermarket Finds
Holy Ribs
Laser cleaninnnnnnngh
Pho’s ready, everyone!
I live in Sydney and have been planning/ saving to go to an American college for years. This morning was accepted into Louisiana State University, totally stoked and have already picked out the most patriotic thing I own to wear on my first day.
OOOO Shots fired!
Super Swearing
I really want to intern at Imgur!
Oi aladin y’cunt, that is a tad fucked.
Oh god why is this so funny to me
My Grandad sending his very first tweet from a tank
Who’s the greatest?
My turtle dog hybrid is coming along nicely
In memory of Jorge Adkins
Michael Sibley plants backpack with two pipebombs in local park to stir up muslim hate.
Corporations and Ideologies
No Squirrels
Hard Breakup
It’s the economy stupid.
His mum thinks he’s cool.
WTTF?! The result of wearing fake braces
Date bailed on my housemate. brown bear’s got Vanilla bear’s back.
Stupidest design I have ever seen
Aziz knows how to troll
the proudest girlfriend
This brutally honest Tinder profile of a girl
You can’t even tell I’m wearing a patch!!
Bro A Little Help
I Colorized an image taken in 1931 of a girl and her kittens
Three Skateboarders Passing Cyclists as They Descend the Alps.
Found this on the bus this morning
One of the biggest struggles of my life.
One true nature fact
Damn kids and their new-age technology getting in the way of face-to-face interactions
The only tree that survived the tsunami in Japan between 70,000 trees. Today protected and restored.
They really need a new logo…
Naughty Girl
Lick Her Good
How Many Did You Get?
What’s Her Name?
My buddy brings this cutout to raves
It was her idea...
Is this shit makes it to the front page, I’ll go topless for Imgur.
This might piss off some people
I didn’t make thissss
hey, hey, hey, hey, wake up, hey. Oh good your awake, lets play!
Assassin’s Creed Dual-Action Connor’s Hidden Blade
Harry Potter Love
Is it too soon?
Someone failed Geometry
how to use google
Don’t Text and Walk
Great find at Legoland.
OPs Unite!
Little girl in Haiti waiting line with her pup at the vet clinic.
Navy father surprises daughter
He gets cold at Bonfires
Just mark it right!
The best Han and Leia at the Emerald City Comicon
So THIS is how it feels to have hands
Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony
You were meant to explode!
That’s very conkniving of them.
Tommy Lee Jones Sensei
This is why seat belts are important.
I love seeing pussy in anime
proper burn
The Sausage Principle.
Having 100,000 link karma and 6,000 comment karma
some emotions to spice up your comments
Security checks, searches, questionable laws etc All in name of keeping the freedom, but we’ve never been less free.
Signs A Woman Likes You. The last two mean true love.
Minnesota weather man finds coat hanger in his suit on air
My boss found this on her car, she was not happy.
The most irritating thing in the world. My car might as well be totaled
It’s a new system they are working on babe
Why do people complain about stuff like that? Boobies are something we should all enjoy!
I wish all supermarkets did this
This couple exists..
What ex Top Gear presenter James May has been up to lately
Can you just stop?
Lobbyist Claims Monsanto’s Roundup Is Safe To Drink, Freaks Out When Offered A Glass
Hey kid, turn around!
The types
I’ve never agreed with something more than THIS
This guy’s Twitter game is strong
First Teaser Trailer for the next Bond film, Spectre!
I wasn’t trained for this.
What matters most in life…
Monkey meeting puppies
Best response I’ve seen to Indiana’s "Religious Freedom Act"
My parents house has a floor above the front door that is carpeted but not accessible
She wants the N
My girlfriend was not happy when she saw THIS
Nebraska man offers fracking polluted water to Oil & Gas commissioners
Been driving like a prick around the local area for a couple of weeks. Laughed my cock off when I saw this.
Amazing self control to not look at that ass
When Eddie Murphy was in his prime.
I’m Not Afraid Of Flying
Working That Booty
This Pizza Joint Employs Some Nerdy People
Blue = Baby Brother, Pink = Baby Sister
They Weren’t Kidding
The Correct Response
90’s Cats Will Understand
Need A Little Motivation?
Obviously This Kid Will Go Far In Life
Korean Solitaire
This Thief Absolutely Fails At Life
The Hood Never Bothered You Anyway
Two Kinds Of People When Going Out To Eat
One of my dad’s friends made a commercial about aids a while ago, with a man crying about his lost husband.
Today on my way home from work, a large truck in front of me slammed on his breaks on a busy road.
This year at school I spent lunch recesses with a little boy in grade 2.
The principal was giving out awards on the last day of school, and one of them was Principal’s Choice (basically, the best role model).
I have Aspergers syndrome.
Act of Kindness
My best friends dad committed suicide the other night,
Why Guys Get Jealous
Never Pass Out At A Hockey Game
President Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself
Money = Freedom Tokens
A Healthy Tip
Let Peanut Girl Be
It’s A Little Tricky
It’s Practically The Same
4 Out Of 5 People
The Sweetest Thing Ever
Van Gogh Problems
I Think This Is Where I Get Off
They Got Sully!
It’s A Little Tricky
Doctors Vs. English
Jesus’ Priorities
People In Class
Rain Forest Biking
Big Clock
Fun and Failure
In My Days This Was Gold
Kurt Cobain Once Said
Teacher’s Last Resource
Maybe Because Science
10 Out Of 10 Would Buy On Blu-Ray
Whenever I Get A New Phone
These Guys Are Just Awesome
That’s Not A Yearbook
Duck It!
Hands Off, Joey!
A Very Special Party
Japan Time
He Gave Me
Awesome (hellz Yeah)
Black Hair
But What
*we’re Gonna Do Today
This Is Sad
Fly Ass Kicks
I’m The Only Bitch You Need
Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours
That Special Feeling After You Run
People Getting In The Way Of Photos
When Yo Girl Says She Gonna Poop
Who’s The Burger Now
Army Training
Remember Guys, Next Time You Slap A Little Bitch Unconscious, Roll Them On Their Side So They Don’t Choke On Their Own Vomit
50 Shades Of Orange
Not The Best Birthday Surprise
I Wonder If You Really Can Get AIDS From Doing It With A Monkey
Oh, I See You Have Food
Mama At Church
Big Is A Relative Term
Not Afraid Of Flying
Father Most Have Been Proud
Let’s Make It Official
Me As A Grandpa
Hang On, Wtf?
Hard To Unsee It Now
One More Day Until Payday
So Young, Yet So Sterile
The Decade That Will Live Only In Our Hearts
German Engineering
You Gotta Dress For Success!
South Park – Wendy’s Audition Song (Uncensored)
Gym expectations vs reality
So my wife agreed to try to watch porn with me… SFW
I’ve never felt so guilty eating a piece of cake…
This picture of me presenting a cheesecake to my friend looks like I’ve just photoshopped the cake into the picture.
This guy’s Tinder game is fucking strong
This terrified little girl is forced to eat her Rice Krispies while her mom laughs in her face.
Ryan Reynolds just posted the first official photo of him as Deadpool
The best cosplay I have ever seen. This man has really made the best out of his situation.
Start Drinking
Guy annoys coworkers by telling "bad" jokes all day.
This guy needs some help… seen on the way to work today.
This is how you handle rejection like a boss
I am le scientist!
Virginity For Sale
Girls just wanna have fun
This man worked at a gas station near me. His goal was to make everyone laugh while doing his job. Someone made a complaint and he was fired today. People suck
Coffee with Jesus
Confusing Relationship
I’m such a good parent.
Out of the way buddy. I’m working here.
ahhh great story for the kids
FW The cutscene blends into the gameplay
Girl who cried rape after threesome with two soldiers has been jailed
MRW I had to scroll down to find my year of birth.
Every. Dang. Time.
Still hurts
All pilots after the German Wings accident...
So my wife agreed to try to watch porn with me... SFW
Better Call Saul
Angry space whales!
Last bill my Dad had but never got the chance to spend. Carried it with me for 2 years until I could buy my first legal beverage. Cheers to you big guy. Thanks for picking up the tab.
Orange pointy chicken pokes hamster dog
We had a party and the theme was "why is this in my closet?" this guy wins
Archer Cast with Models and Voice Actors
Pretty much gets the message through
A true connoisseur
Some Oil fell on a rock and froze in place
Blake Anderson on Drugs and Depression
I do that too, except I think I’m retarded
Incredible bedside manner from a sonogram tech. I was speechless.
The stiff arm of the law is now economy sized
Death by Snu Snu
Teletubbies in black and white
Little guy lost in the mall
Yeah you right
LED Cathedral
a terrifying video of distracted teen drivers
How to make someone mad with just one question
You did WHAT as a joke?!?
Guy’s Brutally Honest Reaction When He Learns He’s Going to Be a Dad [0:20]
Wisconsin Badgers’ Nigel Hayes Unknowingly Calls Woman ‘Beautiful’ in Microphone
Walked into my friends house and this made me jump! As a gift someone gave him a cushion with his face on it.
The Interstellar behind the scenes video I have been waiting to see ever since I found out TARS was a practical effect and controlled by a puppeteer.
The Last Ever Top Gear
I hope the future looks like THIS…
Best way to end a film.
At least he stuck to his word in the end.
Strategy: Shoot any member of your sex who is fitter than you to improve your breeding chances.
I want the hero’s name
I made a video pretending to care about One Direction. CBS aired it.
I had a conversation with a 96-year-old woman. She went out of her way to say she was sexually active.
Shattering a CD at 170,000 FPS
He’s definitely suffering from a reptile dysfunction in the bedroom.
Woman caught smuggling WHAT in her bra? (4 Photos)
Are you a scantron? Cuz I’d fill you in with my pencil until it breaks.
Syrian girl thought the photojournalist was holding a weapon, so she "surrendered"
The kid who called the IT a PDFile is going places
Guy caught using the HOV lane illegally with a cardboard cutout of the most interesting man in the world
I got bored and photo-shopped jupiter into a coffee mug.
Albino Alligator
Anyone else as turned on as I am?
The ten grossest foods I have ever seen (10 Pictures)
A very serious interview
Jeremy Clarkson: "Leave the man I hit alone. None of this is his fault."
So my mum decided the bible was a little too ‘wordy’ and handed me this.
Ricky Gervais in a super awesome commercial
My favourite segment from a BBC neanderthal documentary.
My friend was watering and noticed something strange
My copy machine was programmed not to completely copy money
On Community Beetlejuice is said three times, spanning over 3 seasons. After the third one, you know who shows up.
All because you touch yourself at night
Ball is life son!
Just accidentally signed off an important email with ‘Many hanks’.
Master shipwright explains the difference between White Oak and Red Oak
So my husky stole my dad’s potato skin off his plate. This was the ensuing argument.
Toyota made a tribute to Jeremy Clarkson, former presenter of Top Gear UK
Girl, Ima have to call you back
I was robbed, they came through the roof.
WTF?! So my neighbor got a package..
The best pick-up line ever
Whoopi Goldberg: If you hit a man don’t be surprised if he hits you back
It would have made it better and worse at the same time.
My dad asked the waitress for "one very small check." I think that she out-dadjoked him in response.
Not you mom..
Just for You!
Making Sure Everything Is Secured
Awkward Moment At The Farm
How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend
Basketball Shorts
Firemen At Work
I Want Him To Be Mein
Team Work At The Jungle
I Can’t See The Future
A Very Mean Thing To Do
Run And Trust Nobody
College Girls
Foot Petting
Strict Rules For Dating My Daughter
Impressive Negative Drawing
The Future Is Among Us
Teletubbies In Black And White Are A Goddamned Horrorshow
Aim For The Bushes
Probably The Perfect Camouflage
Thunderbolt attack
Wrapping Presents
THIS IS SPARTA !!!!!!!!!!
Narrating my chickens
I feel bad for laughing.
...and here’s a gif of static balloon cat.
I want the hero’s name
My Popsicle had three sticks and a terrifying message.
Remember guys, next time you slap a little bitch unconscious, roll them on their side so they don’t choke on their own vomit.
Ridiculous B-ball shots!!!
The New Mile High Club
Like a Sponge
She’s So Sloppy
These People Should Be Ashamed
This Should Be A Disney Movie
Victoria Justice Shows Some Skin In Kode Magazine
Let’s Make It Official
This Teacher Is Evil
MRW I make it to the front page
Zayn quits 1D, Yeezy seizes the opportunity
Thought this was needed after browsing imgur...
There is no cure...
I took a panoramic picture of our living room. But my cat decided to walk through.
What fingers are really for
Sims Party
that doesn’t even come close
Forgot facebook password
Than and Then
Don’t Tell Me What To Do
Rihanna’s Ex
the dentist
Greatest scene of all time.
it’s oc, i swear
At least some Police agencies know how to interact with dogs.
... and this is why we can’t have birthdays with a cat in the house.
’Straya. My state’s police service posted this today.
If you’re like the woman in red and don’t think you need to wear a seat belt in the back seat, please consider the safety of those that choose to do so. Your body is a projectile.
MRW my friends ask me if I would like to try sailing round the bottom of Africa or South America
Yay, college debt!
We adopted a badly injured baby squirrel. Here’s one of the first photos of him.
What muslims think, when they hear the co-pilot did crash the plane on purpose.
some more dancing security guard
I would have given them an A+
There’s a kid in my grade, he gets bullied cause he’s smart and he’s different.
My best friend was approached by a 17 year old.
My brother suffers from depression.
James will beat it
I have chronic tendonitis in my ankle and severe carpal tunnel in my dominant wrist.
I had surgery a year ago.
Today I climbed over the railing of a bridge, intending to jump.
Expletive Robot. How Clev
Really Sneaky
this still scares me
wise-guy fan
New Gril in Town
Don’t mean to steal OPs thunder but I just felt like this ended much too soon.
Blast from the past with this one.
Perks of being related to an Avenger
Meet Mike
I wonder if you really can get AIDS from doing it with a monkey...
You think FIFA is sinister??!! Check out the Heckler & Koch boardroom.
rave party in my bathroom
Gravy Producing Uncle
I can’t come up with a half-way decent title,
Looking at your mid-term marks in class front of your peers and you did better than all of them.
The whiteboard at my gym.
So I saw this a few years ago and last night I finally did it. What time is it? Its 2am. Time for chili.
Just had a girl tell me "You’re pretty handsome for a fat guy."
I Dunno...
German soldiers mocking Tom Cruise after he said his job is just as hard as fighting in Afghanistan.
You Forgot,
Let The Hunger Games
Used To?
So Cold Today
When You Got Prom At 9 But A Pickup Game At 10
Determined AF
Making The Coolest Captain American Fan.
Tug Of Oar everybody
I love Dave Grohl.
This is without a doubt the best ad I’ve seen in years.
I do that all the time!
Jim Parsons comparing himself with Sheldon.
Come on and SLAM!
Cut 9/11 Joke from Norm Macdonald Live
This is a busy time of year for me.
Unsung hero
A true king always defends his castle.
Vending machine at work: The type of gambling I get to do in Utah.
That his dick or what?
Montreal cop points smoke grenade launcher point black at protester who is protesting education cuts. Cop is wearing stickers protesting cuts to his pension.
AAARRRRGHHHH EXAMS! This might help a little
My online dating profile picture.
The best paper airplane throw of my life (Memorialized)
Yes, I would like the sex with the hot cop.
First image of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
My dad recorded these kids at Walmart today
Who’s laughing now?
Just a tiny little edit makes all the difference in this commercial.
My mild mannered pharmacist dad was lost from his pal George at the premier and was lucky enough to have help from Sophie (Sansa Stark) to help him find the right table through the massive crowd!
Brutal, but fair.
Top Gear Presenter James May Reacts To Jeremy Clarkson Being Sacked By BBC
This is a perfectly acceptable way to deal with problems.
Sooo I forgot I had potatoes…
TIL: The Rock improvised his famous line in The Fast & Furious 6.
I did the math… there could be a bear outside my door in about 6 minutes O_o
After you clear your browser history
These girls have some of the sexiest yet funniest Tinder profiles (17 Pictures)
the truth about ads
Hot coffee
Word On The Street Is
Well Said, Marine
This Really Blows Me Away
Low Carb And Gluten Free Salad
It’s Hard To Not Feel Good About Pie
Garage Converted Into Awesome Apartment
Very Time I Start A New Diet
Don’t Lie To Me, Idris
Upside Down Fish Tank
Not Now, Spongebob
You Watch Your Meowth
The Average Meat Eater
Massage Points, Apparently
Oh, My God! I Hit The Jackpot!!
Solving Problems The Creative Way
Pretty Much Sums Up My First Year Of College
Let Yourself In
Finns Like It Simple
One Baby Please
Tigers Can’t Purr
In The Face; With A Chair
Black Beauty
Did That Kid
True Story at School
Run ya zombies!
Happy un-valentines day
Find them!
Do Blueberries actually turn poop purple???
coming home
he doesn’t just sell them
Always Ready!
National geographic might want to get this pictures
I’m pretty proud of this one:
When you collab with the pizza guy
Frost on windshield this morning looks like choppy oceanscape.
Super Troopers 2 Pitch
Woman manipulated the criminal justice system in hopes of getting custody of her child, Judge Judy sees right through her. Ex wins case without saying a word.
Solid advice from the Yak.
The best way to a man’s heart
It didn’t quite go as planned
Something About Us
You Mean You
But in your case, i wouldn’t bet on it
This kid came to class wearing this today
As a fat guy I can relate
Street name.
This hotel thinks of everything
"Just… don’t make eye contact"
Parents letting their children play on the "Vietnam Women’s Memorial" Right in front of Veterans.
I got tired of people at working asking permission to take one.
Matches have increased exponentially with new profile
My housemates used Faceswap and we were not disappointed with the results.
True evil.
Incredible 301 yard bow and arrow shot.
My photogenic sister as a child
It’s not like he’s going to stop...
Just Breathe
Lube Up
A Very Close Family
My friend works as an English teacher in China.
Not going out without a fight.
"Tie Fighter" Incredible animated Star Wars Short by Paul Johnson finally finished.
Went to Disney World over in Orlando and got to meet Gaston while I was there. It seems I’ve made him forget about Belle for a little while…
Wassabi Woman
The realest thing I’ve heard all day and It was at the roast of Justin Beiber (2 Pictures)
everybody did this
Old baby. My son just as he plopped down from standing.
This fucker broke into my garage through the ceiling last night. Got a security alert at 3AM. Caught it all on camera.
Don’t Fall Asleep in the Military
Spotted this winner on the street in NYC
This guy literally grew a beard while pronouncing the longest word in English
Useful Netflix tips that will murder your productivity in the face (14 Photos)
"Are they moving?"
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
The Koenigsegg Agera R’s electronic stability is insane
So Jamie Oliver showed us how the Americans, British, and French prepare their eggs… this is the Japanese take
Our dog now climbs trees, no squirrel is safe.
Faster than lightning…
The niece was embarrassed to wear her princess costume to the movies. The Uncle didn’t like that..
I shot this video of these guys a few weeks back. Pretty sure they came from 1925.
My friend lost his phone yesterday. Found it today with this video on it.
Guy I Worked For This Past Summer
It is all about the angle
Cactus in Oaxaca
Someone is selling a prom dress on a local sell/trade page… clearly a dude model
The smartest app ever
Instant friendship
Ex girlfriends be like
They almost had me.
Classy Courtroom Entrance
I found an old thumb drive and this was the only thing loaded on it.
How to make shit even shittier.
That came out wrong
Roommate got drunk last night and I woke up to this in the kitchen this morning…
My twin brother who I haven’t seen for 6 months visited this weekend. Still got it.
Pope Francis accepting a pizza delivered to him while riding in the Popemobile
A choice was made today: a lazy one.
When you grow up poor af
This girl ordered pokemon fabrics and made an awesomely sexy dress
I strapped a GoPro to my friend’s dog and he took this.
I can’t believe it’s been roughly 10 years. Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny
Um.. good job Pampers
Saw this sticker on the back of a minivan this morning
Civil Rights Activist Experiences Shoot or Don’t Shoot Scenarios
Now this is a true genius
These kids had a pretty cool concept for a video.
Can someone explain this to me?
Repurposed parking meter
Parents ordered a Super Man arrangement for their son’s funeral. This is what I made for them.
Some men call me an impulse buyer, some men are not prepared for battle.
Insane photo of the Vietnam war.
I found a baby bird in a PVC pipe in a parking lot near my work. His parents were happy to have him back.
DayZ player sings a song to save his life (song starts at 3:44) – [6:08]
Just Wile E. Coyote doing his thing
My wife made me a passive aggressive flow chart to use every time I get hungry
She thinks she’s a human baby
I got a Churro Ice Cream sandwich at Disneyland today. Awesome!
That’s just an oddly shaped bedsheet, right?
Kid wants a note to get out of physical education because it’s "too cold", mother delivers!
I’m a food writer, and Cheez-Its just sent me a giant portrait of myself in Cheez-It form.
Black and White outlined Lamborghini
You know you’ve got that base model when…
Holds true at my home
With heels..
Modern-day feminists
[SPOILERS] The thing about smart mother fuckers is....
here it comes
Rule 47
A Definite Darwin Awards Candidate
Bruh Don’t Laugh
Sounds Like A Reasonable Response
Japanese Guy Vs Hamster
I Did A Thing!
Troll Genie
That’s A Strange Pattern
Awesome 200 Kg Steel Door
These Coke Guys Are Really Something
Question Right
I’m so good at this
Not Alone
oops i did it again
And They Called
I slapped chuck norris
desparate times
And 1
August 23?
since when do babies
Screw The Photobomb
bacon. is that bacon? bacon. BACON . i bet it’s bacon.
I set a trap for my girlfriend in my sock drawer on laundry day, she fell for it
Thought of you guys
Disney Princesses... they ain’t all white
If women used pickup lines
When my dad was 16, he entered his name in a drawing, for what he thought was a sports jacket, at a local shoe store. The drawing was actually for a 1967 Shelby GT 500. He won.
Pope Accepts A Pizza While Riding In His Popemobile
Served a customer on the weekend. When he stood up I made a comment on his height. He handed me this card and walked away.
DIY Foam Shaping Guide
Good work drunk me
Please? I have been trying to get your attention for almost an hour.
A dress that’s out of this world
Double Take and Smile
He asked the teacher for a pen
Ariana Grande Dressed As A Cheerleader
IT Support Through The Ages
Surface Tension Tiger
Terrible Life Choice
24 Hour Daylight
Suspiciously Small
A Man And His Cake
Awkward Jellyfish
Award Winning Cast
Dad Joke In Physical Form
Wait For The Call
I’m Usually A Nice Guy, But
How Chess Was Invented
Beautiful & Amazing Friends
Today, I attended the 9/11 memorial ceremony.
Today, I was very upset, nearly crying because I had been crudely rejected by my crush stating he was not interested in guys, let alone an idiot like me.
Today, it’s Valentines Day.
summoning bonus
My first sexual experience
"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." -Immanuel Kant
Goodnight Imgur
Average reaction of anyone who thinks he or she is gonna make it to the front page
Went to Disney World over in Orlando and got to meet Gaston while I was there. It seems I’ve made him forget about Belle for a little while...
Bull dog meets Cows
Massive dump of wallpapers.
Laughed more than I should have.
3D tattoo
The shit I have to put up with
His date cancelled.
How dutch moms take their kids to school
Electricity is amazing, 500kV Switch Opening.
Not Even His Blue Eyes Can Compete
You can’t see me.
Is Pepsi Okay?
The Best Friend Man Can Get
This Is How Innocent I Was
Well, I Guess I’m Walking Home
A Rare Moment In Nature
Getting Closer Every Time
Allergie Polices
For Real Tho
Maybe He Likes It That Way
Ice Cubes Pissed Off Face
She’s A Dog Person
Justin’s Aging Process
The Brain Of An Introvert
Snape At An Airport
Police Back Then
Flying For The First Time
Meanwhile At McDonald’s
No Glasses Then
Kid’s Going Places
Simpsons Always Nailed It
Oh Piccolo
Applying For Jobs
Makes It Easier To Scratch Your Balls Too
So Very, Painfully, Accurate
Are Y’all Done Yet?
No Problem, I Guess
A True Little Gentleman
We All Need A Secret Room
What Is Wrong With Japanese Prank Shows
Sometimes Twitter Can Be Hilarious
Waking Up Naturally Vs Alarm Clock
Whales Are Really Cool Animals
Febreez it.