The First Few Weeks of Life Can Be Scary, But These Tiger Cubs Are Fearless
Celebrity Guest of the Day: Bill Nye Appears on ’Whose Line is it Anyway’
But R2 Wants The D2
The Friendship Noodle
Snow Leopards Can Jump 9 Meters That’s 30 Feet.
This Bed Is All Mine, Oh No
Smart Crow
MRW My Balls Are Stuck To My Leg
When you come in drunk and your dad is lecturing you, but you don’t want to give away how drunk you are.
Kentucky clerk ordered to jail fo..ARGHH..
MRW I see a good OC post in usersub at -6 points
When you wake up and don’t know who’s sleeping next to you
Imgur once told me to not let this gif disappear in the sands of time...
довольно круто
Ice cream vending machine
Floating cards
Kid Notices Eyebrows For The First Time
’Adorable confused puppy’
Kings don’t get away with everything
You know the relationships in trouble when your SO packs a baby killer in your lunchbox
Thief Skills
Tricks For My Food Forget It
Being The Third Wheel And They Start Saying Cute Shit
MRW I move up from Accepted to Trusted
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Latte Art Tutorial
MRW I’m stuck behind a slow walker
This is how fast the space probe is
Don’t move. He can’t see us if we don’t move. (OC)
This was the first gif I ever Favorited on Imgur. WTF?
Fixed the gif from the front page (OC)
The Best McDonald’s Toy Ever
He’s teething.
give me a boost ...
Sword + Pepsi + Mentos
She Was Too Noble For Them Anyway
MRW a hot girl way out of my league is hitting on me but I’m not sure if she is trolling or serious
Player 3 has joined the game.
This me when im playing online game.
The Moment You Realize You Messed With The Wrong Guy
MRW my cousin told me she was pregnant but I needed to act as though I didn’t hear about it beforehand
The best McDonald’s toy ever?
Slime mould solving a maze to get food.
Welcome, to late night imgur
MRW I make eye contact with a girl I was staring at
finally meeting the hot chick I met online
MRW I make a comment about imgurians being a bunch of assholes and I get nearly 600 points
"Five more minutes, hooman!"
Sounds About Right...
MRW I’m a magician and someone insults me and calls my act a sham in the street
Making it to my next paycheck like...
Horse Whispered
This Is The Most Durable Phone Case We Have Ever Seen
Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop... Boop, boop, boop.
Quick get into the lifeboat where you’ll be safe.
Selfies time
This Guy’s Form
MJ’s secret
Too Long, Didn’t Read
Baby penguin meets a human for the first time. Determines they can be used for warmth.
"Is the guy who posts the same picture of Michael Cera every day here?"
Them Duke boys are at it again
When you’re having a bad day and it gets worse.
I’m teaching this to my nephew
Trolling a dude who’s just about to drop in a virtual reality rollercoaster
MRW when, 20 minutes into Star Wars (IV), my 6-year-old princess tells me that she thinks that Darth Vader is Luke’s father
life struggles
When those jackasses on YouTube prank the wrong guy...
The best Chris Pratt outtake
The moment when he figured out we were going to the vet and not the dog park
How I imagine imgur lurkers
The really cute girl’s reaction when I ask if I can make sweet sweet love to her
MRW I’m reading the bible and my favorite character dies
Gif Vs. Jif
This Elephant Escaped the Circus Just to Go Shop at a Flea Market?
Couple hours to set up.... less than a minute of glorious fun ...
Hillary ¯_(ツ)_/¯
The Shire changed
MRW I just installed new clapper lights
As per requested.
I heard you guys like High Pressure Cleaning
This Dog Takes The Phrase "Fur-Baby" To a Whole New Level
Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down, I AM CALM!
This Puppy Has Rhythm
Fight over the pusswagon.
When you’re on 1% battery life but still decide to downvote one last post
Pole Dancing Kitty
Oh, You Mean This
25 Great Movies That..
This is what happens when you rub Elfie’s belly...
fake speed camera guy caught by cops
What It’s Like To Get Hit With Flame Retardant From A DC-10
When you spend all day successfully troubleshooting one tiny computer problem for your Boss and you try to explain everything you did to fix it.
Oh, you mean this?
Meanwhile in Russia...
Wait for itttt....
Rolling out of bed in the morning
The Cinematography Of The 1927’s Film ’Wings’ Is Mindblowing
No more playing! It’s nap time!
It’s cool, but I’d shit my pants doing this
Jesus Tap-dancing Christ
How Kids Imagine Nerf Wars
Congrats Man!
Guaranteed To Shit Your Pants Or Your Money Back
He’s Always Listening
It Hurts So Much
Whenever I Need To Do Something Important
MRW She comes home drunk and I’m sober
Oh Hagrid
Hey guys! I’m only 50 points from beco-
showing my roommate Monster Musume
Just watching a documentary
I Love Seeing People Scared
My reaction when my girlfriend says she wants to go horseback riding
When You’re Single And You Go To Bed
Mermaids Are Majestic Creatures
0 fucks given
On Your Marks, Get Set, Go
Useful Egg Yolk Hack
Ghosts On Different Continents. Know The Difference.
Emus Vs. Weasel Ball Toy
Mule Bodyguard Protects Farmer As He Checks Over Calf
MRW My Girlfriend Says She Wants To Go Horseback Riding
This Dog Can Jump!
Because..... Why would you not make this.
MFW my girlfiend says I’m much better at sex than all my friends
Cops hand smack down to Black Lives Matter protestor blocking freeway
Snow tubing
(╯°□°)╯︵ □□□
There’s always that one couple
When i see black lives matter posts everywhere but its RHM
When you finally get your life in order
Yo dawgs... sup?
GMO is starting to get out of hand
And Behind THIS Door!!
Earth’s rotation stabilized
Next Level Bird Watching
Taking A Dip By The Lake
I’ll Just Have One Glass Of Wine
When your brain says play but your legs say nope
MRW I got felt up in a bar but I was still pre-op
So, my junior year of engineering starts Monday.Instead of $634.98 on books, i used these links and only paid $23 for one workbook!!
This is what happens when Vader finds you in Battlefront
"get my good side for the bitches"
Farm Dog Level: Expert
smore roll-ups... yeah, thanks for that babe
The Story of Romeo and Juliet Condensed Into a Single GIF
when i come across weird stuff on the internet
Incredible Tetris skill
Squint Your Eyes As Much As You Can To See How Great This Is
Doll Prank
She’s About To Jump, Such A Tense Situation
German Shepherd puppy wants her dad to play!
Graceful racing pig
Are you human? Then you suck at driving.
MRW Donald Trump says something stupid and his polls numbers continue to rise
Is it play time? We play? Yes? PLAY!
Give this little guy a piece of cheese and...
Florida flooding currently
Let Me Show You How To Handle The Ball
Substitute Father Appears Out Of Nowhere
Oh Bother...
Google demonstrating how fast Google Translate works in real time by using lyrics from the song, "La Bamba"
Someone call 911! Oh nevermind
Accident in crocodile show.
How I imagine being on the front page feels
Balancing speed of trains
MRW I make coffee using redbull instead of water.
Fresh Guacamole!
Look at this cake with your special eyes
GIF Busters
Being asked strange questions at the grocery store
You may be cool, but you’ll never be "Ronda Rousey fist bumping The Rock while wearing a Vegeta shirt" cool.
Instant paper bow-tie contraption.
Adorable coffee table game, I love Golden Retrievers.
So, it worked. Congrats Italy!
Protective Mama Cat Nursed Her Duck Babies
Pop the Balloon!
I bet she’s really pissed.
Fireball over Argentina 7/31/2015
3 Heart Attacks in 10 seconds
Redneck couch moving
Please stop what you’re doing and watch this baby elephant play with birds
I Can’t Be the Only One Who Does This
Finally, a Diver Found Something Not-Horrifing off the Florida Coast
Lopping the caps off honeycombs
A Very Special Cookie
Well, Maybe Just One Sip
Dolphins watching a human show
From Windows 1 to Windows 10 in just one gif
When your eyebrow game is out of control.
Mother Nature Has Gone Too Far, This Alligator Can Climb Fences
Zero G-spot
Look I’m a Tiger Shark... Shut up Carl
Daily Funny
Hippo Goes Where He Pleases
A Casual K.O
Walking Into An Exam I Didn’t Study Enough For
Gymnastics coach makes a great save
Dirty cop takes a bribe.
It’s Sunday at 5PM and I’m still at the office. Just realized that after 4 years on Imgur, I’m ~200 points from glorious. Here’s the first post I favorited. Help bring some happiness to my day.
The Price Of The American Dream
That Moment When You Try To Cheat On Your Diet
When I expect a post to die a glorious death in usersub
One of the coolest tattoos I have seen.
If you were wondering how to waste your day, here’s all of peggysue’s tumblr collections
[mlem intensifies]
My GF daughter said I’m her dad!
Blind dog from FP tests out his bumper harness
Poor kitten just wanted to be a star
Pressure washing a filthy patio
MRW I’m mad at my wife, but she brings me a delicious snack.
Kitty excited to see her human.
This kid has skills
4-Year-Old Goes On Her First Aerobatic Flight With Her Dad
And you will know my file type is GIF when I lay my frames upon you.
Uh …
Everyone told me I need softcore porn to get to the front-page. but all I got was this seal
Squirrel ate the entire food supply in a birdfeeder.
Husky reunited with its owner after six week trip
A firework under ice is a lot more satisfying than you’d think!
When I heard my boyfriend mumble "Okay, Miss Attitude" quietly under his breath
MRW Its my first day on imgur and my name is On the front page
MRW I realized ScruffyTheJanitor was available as a user name.
I’ve been told the internet will like Oscar
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MRW I’m browsing Imgur and my wife asks why there is a flexing butthole on my phone
MRW My Grandpa Pulls A Quarter From My Ear And I Still Owe $45K In Student Loans....
Summer Kickball done right
Its all fun and games until someone gets fucking annihilated
(OC) Found something i made years ago
Was having a bad day until I saw Monty Python on dominating the front page..
psycho pass cosplay
What Magnificent Art Of Engineering
No one told me there was a dress code.. phh like I even care
Player 3 has joined the game of boop
That Looks Terrifying Fun
Keep Your Hands Off My Children
Fancy Footwork Girl
The toy my cats need
Tutorial drawing baloon and cloud (OC)
Being old means only clapping when you damn well want to
Cop pulls over driver driving slow in the fast lane
Good morning Imgur
MRW people start making way too many Rafiki gifs
MRW when I realise there is very little Monthy Python on Imgur!
When one of your friends is high, and mistakes an argument for a love-fest
Nightmares all thanks to Dad
Cobra Weave Stick Bomb
Orangutan Magic Show
When I Go Jogging Wearing Boxers
Never Mess With A Piglet
Quite The Balancing Act
That "victory" dance at the end tho
Baby Feeds Chickens
Neat trick, you gotta hand it to him!
when you’re singing in the shower and really get into it.
Make your handwriting a font
MRW I go to see Ant-Man
TIL the Old Spice ad was done in one take
Doggy retirement home
Spoiled Girlfriends Be Like
She’d Be Great For Changing Oil
The Magnus Effect - When a small amount of spin is added to a dropped object, the object moves forward (Science explanation in comments)
Take a leap of faith
Wingardium Levioshia
The infamous Blue Angels "Tent Pass"
I wanted to catch a slow-mo of my Rottie catching a carrot. His skills never fail to impress.
Viewers of a squeamish temperament are advised to look away now
Satin sheets are treadmills for snakes
Bow and Arrow Hunting truly is the most graceful way to hunt
Dog Doesn’t Want His Lobster Friend To Become Dinner
Bet you didnt know they could move
Fully Mechanized Hulk Buster toy with a full Iron Man INSIDE !!
Guy buys his Dad a house
Guy flawlessly grabs tomato through spinning ceiling fan
My life in one GIF
When your windshield wipers don’t work...
Girl who was paralyzed for 11 days surprises her nurse. I love it!
The Drones We’ve Been Waiting For
That’s Amazing Accuracy
When an upvote just isn’t enough (OC)
So my girlfriend is trying to get me to eat less
good questions for a first date.
Professional Slap Fighting, Ladies and Gentlemen,
When you remember the raptor cage is unlocked
Am I a bad person for laughing at this?
When i try to show off
I thought Imgur might like this Skittles commercial
MRW I’m hanging out with total stangers and they treat me like their friend
Mother Nature wasn’t about to be outdone
How to open a Bottle of Beer without a Bottle opener
Take Aim.
When my boo gets a booboo.
Invisible methanol fire in the pit.
MRW I don’t have a reflection and realize I’m probably dead
Ball girl removes bug from tennis court. And then sees the slomotion replay
Shirt can’t handle me
panda bank
Greek banks employing drastic measures to stop customers from emptying their accounts
There Is A Sun Tzu Quote In Here
MRW someone downvotes me because of a single spelling error in the totle.
Gimli, you little shit.
All the fun of shooting arrows at your friends, none of the jailtime
MRW I told her it’d feel good...
MRW my stepmother is taking over the front page
She is so elegant..
This is relaxing
MRW my wife asks what we should do tonight
Never Give Up, My Friends
When A Girl Enters An Engineering Class
Don’t know why this isn’t on the front page on July 4th
"One-Two-Three-Four-Five. Awww Yisss"
So I just made my first gif so I decided to go with RoosterTeeth
MRW everyone in the back of the car finally smells my fart
Jurassic World in 6 Seconds
Caaaaaaaaat! Cat! Cat! Cat!
I’ve never seen this before, and now my day is better
When it’s 12:01am on July 5th and people think the America posts are over
Cats are magnificent creatures
British TV in one image
Breathe in – breathe out
The best kill I’ve seen in Dishonored.
MRW my nephew asks me what anti-aircraft guns look like.
Reporting For Duty
Nobody Can Resist Chocolate And Marshmallows
World’s most helpful Sphynx kittens.
Rocket Launch in 3-2-1
Never let this die
Do you like the KKK?
MR to the guy who learned how to animate in Blender
How most of America is going to be tomorrow
Things Made In China
Confirmed Boy Can Parkour
"How... how long have you been standing there?"
Breathe in - breathe out
Worst Of Luck
Shits Getting Too Real
Easily The Best Entrance In Wrestling
Sleepy Little Elephant
When She Teased You For Hours And Eventually Unzips Your Pants
This Prank Did Not Go As Planned
When A New Apple Product Is Out
Me, when browsing Imgur.
MRW it’s my birthday and my sister gets proposed to at the party and my brother also says my sister-in-law is pregnant with their second baby
I hate how much I love this.
Jedis Are Hiding Among Us
Manliest reaction to a new puppy
Last kid just wanted to fit in.
When You Eat A Hot Pocket Fresh Out The Microwave
What Happened To The Physics?
Now that’s just cheeky
"Anyways, here’s Wonderwall."
Beauty ads are the biggest lie of all
Science Is Like Magic
This 3D Technique Keeps On Blowing My Mind
Even The Evil Lord Needs To Look Good
So Smooth
How I feel about the viral posts half the time.
MRW I show my girlfriend imgur for the first time.
Can’t touch this.
MRW I spend my first night in minecraft.
I can’t even hate on this... pizza dip! YASSSS.
MRW I see all the Kocoum gifs
Quick Dad, Answer The Phone
Rattlesnake attacks roadrunner
Ignore everything. Upvote 1980 something space guy.
MRW I log in to Imgur this week
MRW I encounter a Zubat
The Struggle Is Real.
Just A Cat Being A Cat
He Always Watching You
That’s One Way To Exit A Truck
The Cat That Loves Water
Where Did The Balloon Go?
Bottle Rocket Under Ice
MRW I can’t figure out how to beat the level in Portal
MRW i sleep through my alarm in the morning.
MRW a drawing takes me on
Steven Matz’ grandpa watches his grandson’s MLB debut
MRW I tried something else than Imgur.
MRW its my first day on the job
supramolecular ionic engine
MRW I need to chase batman from my yard at 3:32am every third Tuesday of the month.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Turtle position front flip
MRW I get the Invincibility Star in Super Mario Bros
MRW I’m at the club and the only song I know how to dance to comes on
When you try to close Imgur and realize the next tab in your browser is also Imgur
MRW I switch off the lights and need to run to my bed before the monsters get me
pitbull enjoys spending time with the baby birds
When your post gets as many downvotes as upvotes
Please pay attention to us
Ignore other posts, upvote polywhirl
"Shhh, she’s sleeping..."
Sometimes Baseball Players Get Bored
This Is My Spot
Suddenly, A Sea Monster
An Example Of Perfect Evolution
When Your Time Hasn’t Come
MRW I’m the new gif thats used for posts
When the gays use their gay-rays on straights
MFW there are only 180 days until Christmas
Before the episode with the dog and the one with his mom, Futurama had this feels moment
disregard gays, updoot space dog
Master I will win this race for you !
MRW driving again for the first time in 5 years
When you don’t finish your plate
Here, you take it!
Girl learning to water ski.
MRW as a European I have been away from imgur some time, come back and see all these flags
MRW i am patiently waiting for imgur to get back to boobs and cats.
Break It Up, Guys
Kinetic Sand Is Amazing
Cats being cats and their humans being humans.
Nerf dart to the eye
As Above, So Below
That day when not even a gun to your head can make you give a fuck.
How To Make Delicious Nutella Oreo Cheesecake
Paul, everybody
He Can’t Keep Lying To Me Like This
To all the Southerners looking for a flag to honor those who died in the Civil War: I found one.
Modding has progressed nicely
My knees slammed against the bottom of my desk when I felt something lick my ankle. No idea how he got in or where he came from...
Sleep is life
Went to clean my bathtub and found a spider wielding a toenail as a weapon. The house is his now.
Jupiter And Venus
Thank you urban dictionary. Most helpful
Audi’s Awesome Transforming Steering Wheel
Where I think I’m going wrong...
Wtf cleverbot?
Teen Dreams Got Shot Down
Old Spice and Divorce?
I Like His Approach, This Kid Is Going Places
10 Things She Never Told You
Gotham Needs You
Chloe Grace Moretz Upskirt
Something Important We Should Think About
Ever Wondered What The Earth Would Look Like If All The Ice Melted
But... But... I Want Attention!
Survey Says
When Dogs Find Something New
This Is Getting Way To Complicated!
He’s Making The Right Choices
When An Ex Tries To Come Back Into Your Life
We Should Combine Forces!
Big Boned Albert
There’s A Double Standard Somewhere
God As My Witness, I Thought She Was Being Attacked By A Giant Donger
The Never Told Stories Of Harry Potter
You Weren’t Loyal But That’s None Of My Business
You’ll Never Be Late For School Again
I Don’t Need To Take A Bath, Bye
Whenever I Tell The Truth
Metal Heads
Not Everything Is What It Seems In This Picture
Unisex, Joey
Scary Movies Logic
Stop Comparing Yourself
Everyone Has A Twin Somewhere
Every Teacher Logic
The Loudest Animal On Earth
Marry That Guy
How To Open A Hedgehog
My dad went into a deep depression a couple of years ago because of his weight.
A Little Inspiration Never Hurt Anyone
On Second Thought Maybe There Are Stupid Questions
Surprising facts about your favorite addiction, Netflix
The world’s most expensive boob job ends in an arrest
2o of the Worst Criminals Known to Man Kind
Classic DYAC: Sharing Is Caring
You Must Have a Big Mouth
Dad’s Not Well
Lesson Plans
I Fried!
I wish i was young
substitute teachers rule!
even cleaverbot likes sex
Fire Damage
Girls are complicated.
Carpet for 5!
Nickelback lover
3 years ago my husband was hit by a drunk driver.
My sister, Cassidy, was born with autism and has been living through it’s struggles for all of her life.
Today, while I was at work, we were robbed.
He’s paralyzed from the neck down.
In December a girl in my grade was diagnose with a rare and aggressive form of cancer.
Today I met a lady who could not speak nor hear.
The Real Question
Headless dogs
People Here
I will Travel across
did anyone
Stop Motion Karate
Here’s how I made my own nutella
A Sister’s Confession
Umm… what?
That’s Something to Celebrate
We’ll Never Be Royals
Irreversible pencils
The Good Fight
My 10+year old iPod. "kill me"
MRW I’m at a restaurant and I can see the waiter with my food coming towards me.
How to stop batman
Born with Amniotic Sac intact
Meet Milo the 16 week old chocolate Labrador
Oh Ziggy
How can you say no to this face! My neighbor’s 120 pound pit bull mix appropriately named Tank.
It took her a while to realize they couldn’t nap together anymore
MRW the username HappyDalek is taken
When you don’t upgrade old units in Civ
This might be one of the best/worst things I laughed at on Imgur...
MRW my 5yr-old son throws me a toy car and busts my lip.
Life is hard, Have a poem.
Sorry for the rotato
Well I bet he didn’t hear that coming
Pleased to meet you, Your Grace
When my daughter said, "It’s weird that there are two kinds of chicken: the chicken that’s an animal, and the chicken we eat."
The Human Body Is Weirdly Awesome
Candice Swanepoel Showing Her Nips
Some Strange And Sad Animal Facts
When People Complain About Imperfections
Just In Case Of Plane Crash
Embrace Usersub
My sister and dad wanted me to take a picture of them, and this lady tried to crouch under the shot, so I took a picture of her instead.
Hope this helps somebody
MRW i install adblock plus, and all of a sudden the single girls in my area seem to have lost interest
Asphalt tar truck tipped over near my bodyshop. This just rolled in for an estimate [x-post from r/justrolledintotheshop]
Well, I’ve been misinformed by my preacher!
Fucking Norway.
My wife and I are going through a box of pictures and we found ones from us in college.
Erin Skye
The yogurt that stuck to my lid looks like the Americas
Tyra Banks Without Makeup
Someone realized mid walk that it wasn’t 1994 anymore.
Emotional lotion
In 1986 my friend bought a ticket to see Prince live in Copenhagen, he lost it and couldn’t go. 29 years later he finds the unused ticket in the back off a book.
All my old casting spots have no trespassing signs, so this was a breath of fresh air
I found Asian Mark Wahlberg at the Apple Store
Blackboard in my gym
Drunk Idiot Rides a Moose
Ever had a penis so small that you had to take up 5 parking spots at once to feel like a man? No? Well, this guy knows what I’m talking about.
This was on the news.
Insurance in Colorado…
Today my Dad finally decided to cash this chip in, I’m 35.
Got this graduation present from my uncle
My dad raised three girls so he played princess, tea party and all of that. Now that we’re older we can play what he wants to, here is him enjoying some intense "Capture the Flag"
Oh hey…
Cute piggy usb hub.
I really hope this pigeon gets the job.
I think the Red Cross just slut-shamed me
surprise kitty
Going to the bathroom at a friends house when i heard a sound.
This kid shows us just how tough his new case is
His scooter died and she pulled over to give him a boost
When you casually embody Whitney Houston
This is what Stonehenge looked like after 23,000 hippies, new-agers and self-styled Druids gathered for the 2015 Summer Solstice
So a friend of mine is in Spain…
The saddest cat I’ve ever seen… sad all the time.
I almost stepped on a Killdeer and her eggs today, so I put a sign up to warn others.
I guess that’s one way to stay cool?
If I owned a plane, I admit I would do this too
There is no cloud.
"See, honey? That’s what it says in the instructions"
Yeaa so let me know how this goes
Colin Mochrie tries to kill Ryan Stiles on Whose Line
sheep picked up by plane in full speed
I was really excited to finally check it out
Damn right it was Father’s Day yesterday
Father and Son, both enlisted at 19yrs old. these pics are 25 yrs apart.
Happy Father’s Day Snapchat
Comparing Pitstops Across Motorsports
The sign outside my local coffee shop
So I found this Call of Duty commentary
Get out girl! I’m fabulous alone.
I’ve been recording my golden retriever pups running to dinner from 11 weeks to 11 months. Watch them grow!
Hilarious photobomb from a complete stranger
Daenerys tries duck face.
I found this today in a public toilet.
7 years ago George Carlin died. Here’s his bit on the American Dream.
I suddenly want kids
Tanking at it’s finest
I am not a proud man.
A good workout routine to start your day
A mosquito sucked the blood out of a bruise
Unsolicited Advice
Just another daily dose of awwww. Have a great Monday!
My Dad’s eighteen foot tall agave flower, one of only four known to have ever bloomed in Oregon
How to display art in your home
A Norse God Family Tree
50% Wolf, 50% Husky, 100% Cute
Awkward moment seal
Even if you don’t like Taylor Swift, you need to see this
Face Generator
10/10 would use as a diving board again
shut up, it’s f-ing red
He can have all the candy he wants
oh the glory
Mum...Why u so stupid
well that was smooth as fu*k
how to spell ’me’
Edward or Jacob?
im a martian!
Needed Questions
Raise Your Hand
Mario troll
So Much Evilness
Sensory Deprivation
No Doubt He Deserves To Be Superman
Fiction And Reality
What Does She Think The Drawer Is Divided For
Vegan Food
Having Fun With An Electric Car
So I Bought My Wife A Car...
That’s No Moon
Snowmen Life
The Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree
Still My Favourite Gif Of All Time
Beware Of Cows
Be Careful Who You Call Your Friends
Women Getting Ready
Oh My, I Never Knew
Some Doctors Are So Cool
Let’s See If You Can See It
Happy Father’s Day
Oooh Shit...
How Girls Take Pictures At The Beach...
A Mystery That Men Can’t Solve
Lookin Like MegaMind Out Here
Important Lesson That I Learned
Always Know Your Movies
When Evolution Backfires
Compliment Gone Wrong
Who’s Jake?
Holy Traffic
Classic DYAC: Secret Ingredient
On Facebook sometimes you’re ahead, and sometimes you’re way behind
Spam Emails and Tabloids Are the Same Thing
Fathers And Daughters Who Took The Plunge And Got Matching Tattoos
Tell us the creepiest thing you’ve witnessed, a social callout
Everyone Could Use Some Interesting Shower Thoughts
They’re Fruit
Senior Year Derp Festival
I hate this guy forever now
my life rocks
Liked Reactions
That Horrifying Moment
The Reason Men And Women Are So Different
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Nude
Well, It Has Spoken
When They Burn Books
I send this to my dad every Father’s Day
an old house sandwiched between modern construction
Be careful what you wish for. This is the result of my mom nagging my dad to get a haircut. Glorious.
Open Slather
Felt like I was interrupting a cat drug deal today…
This supermarket has magnifying lenses on their carts to help people read product’s lables
Amazing obstacle race in Chile.
Cloud pouring Rain…. Captured from flight
More uncle success: My nephews believe this is marshmallow farm…
WTF?! Pothole how to in Romania
Went to record an apartment fire I spotted with my new camera. My friend and I then realized we could probably help.
If you ever feel ignored…
I see kids around my school wearing To Write Love On Her Arms shirts, it shows me our school really does care.
This makes me uncomfortable…
Is the men’s side for super relaxed peeing or explosive diarrhea?
I love this guy
I do have one
His Name Starts With "r"
Pack Your Bags Kids
Squirrel Dive Bombs Phillies Dugout
Ayyy lmao
If you’re going 80 miles per hour…
Donate now
My wife said "found your mom’s butt plug"
This is adorable
Wise words from a funny man
We gave our bearded dragon a toy lizard, now he’s attached and won’t leave its side ever this is how he sleeps every day
Biggest Badass in Jeopardy history – Roger Craig
Truck with asphalt sealant tipped over today
A stranger took this picture of me and my girlfriend yesterday without us knowing then came up to show us :)
Insurance scam doesn’t go as planned
The roof of this restaurant is a koi pond.
Doberman Attack
Unpopular Opinion Adama
Surprised seal
Two girls and a water hose
So I bought a bag of chocolates from Rite Aid.
Get Away From Me
Further Proof Of Patrick Stewart’s Immortality
Speedwalkin To The Lunch Line Like
What Did You Say To Me Mate?
The Best Power Rangers Cosplay Ever
This Could Happen To You
Summer Every Year
The Kids Are Going To Remember His Dad As Being Awesome!
The Sobering Reality Of Falling Out Of Love
LOTR Facts
Not Such A Good Idea, Bruno
My Turn Again! My Turn Again!
I Only Feel Guilty If It’s A Good Pen
Obvious Irony
I never thought I could find a guy who accepted me, I felt like damaged goods.
Today I’m reading your stories.
Baby Photos
My best mortal enemy
How to get rid of them
25 Funny Autocorrects for Father’s Day
Wtf charles
So much cuter than a clock made from rabbit parts.
An introduction to boobs
My entry in the legs competition. Sorry, haven’t shaved in a couple of days
When I favorite a post that’s at -6
In response to the boring ceiling fan: I’ve had this since I was a baby. I’m 23 now. I refuse to get a new one.
Ford just posted this on their Twitter account.
I tried to make a non-offensive Caitlyn Jenner joke
If someone could take my idea and make it, that’d be great
The level of creepiness I see in /r/creepy
A car like mine parked next to me so I snapped a photo. I noticed weeks later that a 3rd Mountaineer was driving by at the exact moment I took the photo.
Still the greatest line and delivery I’ve ever heard
My wife said "found your mom’s butt plug"
German city of Karlsruhe just issued a parking ticket to Austrian artist Erwin Wurm for one of his bent car sculptures.
Kid Rock
WTF?! Shampoo in Guatemala. Sorry. I couldn’t believe it.
My girlfriend painted a canvas as a present for a friend..
My friend took a picture with a solitary old man in Paris…apparently he had a wife.
Who invented the tablet?
Chris Pratt brought his velociraptor training skills to my local children’s hospital today.
My 4y/o picks the best books from the library.
At least they have a sense of humor…
Someone colorized an image, from 1943, of a woman & her dog in the Harlem section of NY looking out their apartment window.
Went to a gay bar with my buddies, got stamped at the door
My British boss is pretty pleased with his 4th of July outfit
How girls take pictures at the beach…
If fairytales took place in the present time…
Dude builds a pretty impressive shelter in the wilderness with nothing but his bare hands.
Someone in Norway have furnished a bus stop, nobody knows who
Dribble castles are the best.
Jeff Ross Roasting Female Prisoners (Full version)
Caught the moment when my dog realized he wasn’t laying next to a rock
How to adult
Dog making ridiculous noises after seeing a squirrel
Reno 911 never failed me..
Anon befriends a crow
Ducks nesting in a Walmart garden area
Laura knows her limitations
WTF?! Middle-east themed theme park in China
This dog was hugging his/her owner the whole time…
The guy who wrote & produced "Call Me Maybe" sang a song about writing Pop songs because people wouldn’t stop asking him
Lemme show you my tough new smartphone case....
We gave our bearded dragon a toy lizard, now he’s attached and won’t leave its side ever this is how he sleeps every day
MRW I’ve been lurking on Imgur for 2 years and I’ve earned 5 points.
Imgur right now
Going Down for Lunch
Happy Father’s Day
That’s Not Nice, Son
Come Over Here And Give
Shadow Creeper
Quit playing with my emotions!
I’ll Think
Lion King...
I can honestly say,
Today is my friends last day of unemployment before he starts a new job.
I was shopping one day.
Are You Totally Sure?
He Already Did That
I Do Feel Better
I Do This Too
The Life Of A Grenadier Gaurd
Netflix Needs This Change
For Fox Sake Mugs
Please Make This Happen All Over The World
It’s Like One Of My Nightmares
I’ve Made My Choice
Cat Will Face All Fears
Grizzly Stealth Techniques
When Summer Comes, It’s Time To Take Some Measures
Sunburn Pocket
Did you took your joy today?
This Is How
Can somebody say
This smoke cloud looks like a bear holding a flower
I make the best jokes in bed when I’m about to go to sleep. Then I lie all alone laughing in the darkness.
Police officer distracts bike whose owner was in horrific accident.
Dadholes are back for father’s day!
72 years after being forced into an internment camp during WWII, this couple received their high school diplomas
From what I know about asian aging, that could still be his mom, or possibly his girlfriend.
What the internet is like explained in one picture
"He guards the tomatoes."
Making the Asians proud
Jump starting a car with AA batteries
The most misused english words
My girlfriend and I broke up today and my friend sent me this.
Jon Stewart on Charleston: “By acknowledging it, by staring into that and seeing it for what it is, we still won’t do jackshit."
Trust ride
When Ontrac isn’t busy throwing your fragile packages, they are crashing into your car . . . twice
Funny what you find out about friends on tinder
Thank you Steve…for your service and putting this bitch in check.
Co-worker took a picture of storm clouds, but his reflection in the window made him look like the god of thunder
That picture of a pool in Lake Tahoe is a few years old. Here’s what it looks like these days.
The drive for Internet popularity remains strong
Not all Super-heroes wear capes
it’s my cakeday, I present to you my most viewed imgur image.
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides...
My dad makes art in his spare time, but he doesn’t think it’s very good. Can Imgur help me out?
I told my boyfriend the new puppy wasn’t allowed in the bed.
If fairytales took place in the present time...
Are You Hungry?
Classic DYAC: Happy Birthday, Mom!
Dirty Mouth
So Lucky
Let’s Chat
The oldest working nurse In the US turns 90
Adventure time is such an amazing show
When the Cheetah sees all the Tiger posts make it to FP
For the people wondering the difference between science and engineering
mexican champagne
May not count, just thought this comment needed to be here
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. On that day, that kid was on point.
Found in my moms pantry. Expired 7.5 years ago....
a baby otter
MRW I floss
My friend’s wife and cat watching a shy stray kitten eat the food they put out.
This guy made a PipBoy 3000A
Ariana Grande Ass Shaking Compilation Video
I’m deaf.
Sometimes, I pretend to be asleep around my new best friends to see if they say bad things about me.
I have horrible self esteem and always put myself down.
I’m Sure I’m Not The Only One Here
This Guy’s A Rockstar
It’s Always Good To Look Back And See How Far You’ve Come
And then he realized he wasn’t laying next to a rock
Too good not to share.
My Great Dane puppy makes this face every time I take carrots out of the fridge...
arresting a wanker in the park
I had 3 separate DNA tests done on my son that I’ve been helping raise for 3 years. All of them say that I am not the biological father. Today I am confronting his mother about it.
Toddler caught trying to steal chocolate bar
Stop! You got the wrong guy! You’re killing him!
Flight Simulator
Boredom Is Alive And Well In 2015
Photoshop Tutorials
Murder statistics of blacks and whites in the US, 2013 (fixed) [OC]
Spent ages trying to think of a username. Then it hit me
A baby getting an X-Ray looks hilarious.
My turn again! My turn again!
I don’t have a title
real life skills
(.gif) A girl standing on two strollers does the splits when they separate
Something’s wrong here...
It’s Awkward
Table of contents
Parenting Summed Up
Ill Be Laughing Straight To The Bank
I Guess I’m The Terrorist
The Art Of Prattkeeping
Now These Are Pranks I Can Get Behind
These Rats In Africa Are Saving Tons Of Lives
My Experience With Tea So Far
The Right Way To Use YOLO
Personally I Frown On The Prospect Of Putting A Child In Prison For 2 Years For This, But Whatever
Job Interview Tips
This Movie Must Be Made
It’s Not Peanut Butter, People.
When Social Interactions Get Weird
During a real fire...
She never came back
Die bieber
Superbowl Plot twist FTW
You did NOT just go there
Only w/Gasoline
lol sex
Instant Toyota
I was told there would be tasty garbage.
A warning sticker on a tabloid magazine in my doctors waiting room
Fat guy attempts to kick football… Pops the ball and kids football dreams
Now that summer is here
Because of problems with electricity there was a traffic jam. The pedestrian stepped into the road and started to regulate the movement.
Alan Rickman’s sophisticated sense of humor
Police officer distracts child whose family was in horrific accident where father died.
George Stephanopoulos not being careful with his words on Good Morning America today
God’s plan
It’s like one of my nightmares
This bird landed by my window and stared at me like I murdered his whole family.
Saw this fella on the highway. The sticker on his helmet says "Bad to the Bone"
Only in Ireland.
"well obviously when my tongues out"
That’s Impressive Technology
Genetically, The Sons Are Siblings
Now In Stores: Hawkeyeliner
A Spacial Proposal
Harry Being The Third Wheel
I Would Still Hire A Person With Those Credentials
I Just Pretend
When You Gotta Go, But The Restroom Is Like This
Sometimes It’s Not About The Prize
Name Choices These Days
It’s Probably Full Of Rakes
Ralph, aka Extremely Photogenic Dog.
What a great time to be alive
The real mystery
The difference between cats and dogs. Dog, hide when they have done something wrong, cats are proud of it.
1980 Eruption of Mt. Saint Helens as viewed by climbers on nearby Mt. Adams.
Chris Pratt’s evolution
Naturally wet
Here is a strawberry shaped like a butterfly.
Somebody enjoys their job
F/31/5’9.5" [458 lbs. > 180 lbs. = 278 pounds GONE FOREVER!]
Pushed a lot of buttons to make this video of a mega slide in texas last weekend
This was a wild ride from start to finish
This makes me laugh so much
Got a text from a co-worker saying she was going to be late to work… Ran over a PB&J sandwich.
Media can you please stop
Donald Trump and his son look like the type of people that buy a poor person to slaughter on purge night
the most sincere guy at E3 2015 (unravel)
We all know who the greatest sniper is
Law enforcement should use 4-year-olds to do interrogations.
How to cheat on a philosophy exam
Casual Read
My wife naps like this…
My wife doesn’t know I’m working from home today. This is my wife, working on her novel. Expected release date: 2052.
Two Pakistani Brits go see Jurassic World
Pregnancy according to Bob Ross
This is why you wear a full helmet. My friend was hit by someone who ran a red light. If he had wore a skull cap, he’d have no lower jaw.
My dog is a class A photo bomber.
Every YouTube Unboxing ever
Racoon breaks into alcohol supplier.
The best sleight of hand – so quick, the audience misses half of the tricks
Sonic Redesign
Thanks to all the rain, the water level fits this "No Swimming" sign perfectly.
Anna and Aubrey :) Apparently shooting some movie on a beach. Can’t wait!
Black woman
Self Help Book
Scooter rider deliberately rammed off the road in hit and run. Witness (POV) chases him down.
Ssome of us really cant afford much
Koenigsegg massive acceleration (NEW WORLD RECORD)
Brilliant PBS Ad
And we pay him to do it. We pay him to kill the people we love.
When Finding Nemo came out, people bought fish. When Babe came out, micropigs were the new ‘must have’ pet. Don’t make the same mistake this time around. They make terrible pets and they hate you.
The peas in this pod are shaped like cubes.
Awwww Yea
Saw Donald Trump after a rally in Iowa, he came over to take a picture & then left when he saw my Bernie button :)
Not even WD40 will fix that
Cried So Hard
Tumblr Gets Deep
Funny Pictures Vol.994
Thank Goodness We Aren’t, Right?
Secret Place
This Coincidence Boggles My Mind
Tesla Deserves More Respect
Sit still or I’ll shoot you!
I just want to say..
I am told constantly by girls at school how ugly I am.
It’s The Only Way I Can Do It
The Grandpas Of The Future
What Are Your Thoughts?
Like A Mini Fantasy City
I only have to type half
Friendss fo everrrr
Le wind in le hair